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Recently, media reported, as in Brazil, a young man, suspected that it was possessed by an unclean spirit, relatives brought the tortures to death. Unfortunately, in Ukraine, too, sometimes exorcists to cast out the devil does not stop at any means.
41-year-old resident of one of the villages in Lviv region Basil (all names in the publication changed), this healing nearly cost the lives of so dangerous a way of exorcising demons came up with the priest.

As suspected relatives of the victims, «besonositeley» he tipsy psychotropic drugs, mix with the wine for communion. After drinking a dangerous cocktail, people often lose the remnants of the mind.

«I gave the priest, gold jewelry — and his deceased parents'

— What is wrong with my brother, I suspected last summer — said Basil's sister, Oksana.
— He became moody, withdrawn. He could get up during dinner and pour the food directly on the table, at the same time… howl. At night, ground his teeth, muttered something unintelligible. We live in the village, where nothing can not be concealed. People notice the strangeness of his brother, began to fear it. And my husband and I began to be afraid of: we have a small child, and then live-in father's hut with his brother.

After Christmas, a neighbor advised us to turn to a priest to exorcise the evil spirit of Basil. Stepan's father greeted me with a good brother, asking questions about life, wondered why Basil did not marry. I saw that my brother questions cause irritation. To relieve stress, father ordered a meal, he asked dine with him.

During the feast, regaled us home made wine, pour a little white the same. In parting, Father Stepan has blessed us and invited to come to church on Sunday and promised to serve „a lot of interesting things ...“

Near the church apart from the other worshipers had gathered a handful of people who were recorded on a proofreading (healing prayers). Their father has invited to the temple, where he first communion wine, and then started the service. At the end of many of the „wicked“ were to rush, to get on all fours, screaming and crying. And Basil tore his clothes and cried, rolling his eyes.

Oksana, she said, clearly satisfied that „the presence of the devil.“ After all, normal people to behave well can not! The assistant priest had „possessed“, and Stepan's father was laying his garment and something to read. Exhausted „client“ then fell to the floor.

— Basil out of the temple as if on cotton legs and literally collapsed in the car — continues to Oksana.
— House slept almost night and woke up and complained that in the mouth and head cooks are like iron. But the following Sunday was waiting impatiently. The ritual was repeated. This happened several times. Sometimes my father would call us or come by himself. At the same time always carried a bottle of sacramental wine — Cahors wine, pour a little brother, and read prayers over him.

After these sessions, Basil became calmer and slept for a long time. I tried to thank the priest, gave him the money and for healing, and the church. Stepan's father willingly took the cash, but do not give up the goat's milk, and the pig. Increasingly, began to repeat: „The devil is not afraid of silver, and gold is afraid.“ Hint: collect gold to cast a large cross and the chest, putting it to the crown of suffering, „seal“ demons.

I gave the priest, gold jewelry — and his deceased parents, leaving only a wedding ring, a gift from her husband. In the next session again asked his father, Stepan gold. I had to run to the neighbors, they cajole some of the chain in debt. My father went away, forgetting an opened bottle of sacramental wine.

My brother has long been addicted to alcohol (he was a bachelor, working in the village there, so that the life he did not work), and all drank the wine. After a couple of hours he became ill, we called „fast“. Basil admitted to hospital on a drip. In the morning came the test results: severe poisoning… psychotropic substance.

The doctors asked my husband that Bob made. But he had never drank no pills! We just shrugged their shoulders in bewilderment and did not immediately remember about that bottle. A suspected something was wrong when my father called and categorically demanded to give him wine. Another thought: Wow, what kind of pettiness. I bought the wine of the same brand, drove. But his father, Stepan began shouting that he needed was the wine which he had forgotten: that in it a special power.

In life, has not seen a priest since yelling and swearing! Explained that his brother was all drunk. My father said, they say, an empty bottle should be immediately burned. I rushed home, found the bottle and burned it with garbage. She told her husband, and my Bogdan decided to find out what was wrong. His friend asked the church sexton, and he intimidated: „Father Stepan mixes in the church for communion wine, psychotropic substances, so he had a lot of parishioners, and that all believed in the virtue of his exorcisms.“

We learned also that my father several times was in mental hospital, where he was treated for alcoholism. But the church authorities turned a blind eye to the behavior of a priest, because he considered him one of the best parts of exorcism. It's a very good income!
»An hour later, after the session if I fell into the abyss, and that he did not remember"

— At the hospital, I spent a few weeks — recalls Basil.
— Cnachala was in intensive care — the poisoning was very strong. After discharge, immediately wrote to the prosecutor a statement of undeclared use of psychotropic drugs clergyman. From the prosecutor's office came the answer, contact the police department to combat drug trafficking. But police found no evidence that the poison between my sessions, and proofreading is a direct connection.

Do not destroy my sister when the bottle could be sampled. But the priest, when I am communion, has always brought an opened bottle and a small plastic cup, and then takes it. A lot of wine is not poured out — about a tablespoon. After that, prayed. After the session I desperately wanted to sleep, I felt the dryness of the mouth, was tormented by visions of ...

An hour later, like falling down a precipice, and that he did not remember. My sister told me that even getting on all fours and barked like a dog. Then he fell asleep. So was 11 sessions. Stepan's father has promised to heal when he pohlopochet that I was accepted to Zhovkva monastery. I'm really tired of the fuss, but the fact that our father was the victim of «performances», discourage me want to go on this path.

It is said that the monks are taking psychotropic drugs to numb the worldly desires. Who knows, maybe it's true. The church of the monastery hold many secrets… recently learned that one of the priests did not want to Lviv inveterate deceased villager, as he did not give the money to repair the temple. The priest refused to relatives in the funeral service of the soul «debtor», can you imagine? And here I want to prove some kind of poison ...

— In a criminal case my client was denied — said lawyer Andrew Panas.
— So we are now preparing a civil suit for causing moral harm and injury. Indeed, Basil does not leave the hospital. I gather the crumbs of information about other victims, because my father for many years Stepan has ekzortsistskuyu activity. Some of the «possessed» has died. What — do not know ...

The fact that Basil was not a simple poisoning, and doctors have confirmed.
— When a person takes psychotropic drugs with alcohol, his nervous system is destroyed, — says the therapist Anastasia Mishina — while earning two mutually exclusive signals — one to watch, the other — to sleep. In humans, half-asleep state alternates with hallucinations, they behave like animals. And this behavior is wrongly considered a sign of possessed.

Perhaps someone from the mental hospital doctors advised lechivshemusya where my father how to make a miracle worker. And he regularly writes prescriptions for banned drugs ...
— Exorcism — action (prayers), aimed at the expulsion of Satan, a man possessed, — says Vladimir's father, a priest of one of the churches of Lviv.
— Obsession with the devil can manifest itself in different ways. Sometimes a person begins to speak in an incomprehensible language, screaming, howling, barking ...

It happens that people, even believers, some are obsessed with addiction — alcohol, drugs, gluttony, lust for power, pride. And this obsession can be their credo. Therefore, the church with these people to work and pray for them, that they have overcome sin. Not every priest can perform exorcism.

Assigns an exorcism bishop, a priest who has such power. And the exorcism begins with baptism, because man is born in original sin. And do we use exorcism, each time reciting the prayer «Our Father»: «Deliver us from evil!». Mastering the devil is accompanied by a violation of the human nervous system. And if the priest knows how to help, it will help.

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