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death magic spell for killing person enemyIs a man to give up selfishness and recognize that not he is the center of the world and it is not the crown of nature, and recognizing this, finally, look around, especially to hit its beauty, which is full of life around. Each subject, and the process will gain brightness and own magic. Death magic spell. Even death is no longer just a black, death and magic go beyond route Hospital — morgue — the cemetery.

It turns out that the birth is not the beginning, while the death — does not even final, crowning all. Death Determined sense that you should be able to understand, and the magic of one of the instruments of death, which allows it to gain the most insight.

Birth and death, just steps formed long before man appeared. He only has appropriated them for himself, thinking, apparently, that only through him, they make sense. But if the right to look around, it is easy to see that every moment of life is filled with well and that the first and the second. Born butterfly flower pleased, pleased us and died, down in the ground. But the flower continued to blossom, thanks to the light-winged pilgrim. Land with gratitude the colorful dust that would be in her womb to turn into another form of life. And so on, and so on to infinity. Man in essence no different from any butterfly or the flower. Produced by the light of the laws of nature, and he goes, no shaking of these same laws.

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Why is man so afraid of death? What he fears extinguished on his deathbed? Why delaying his departure so many ceremonies and rituals? Why forcing relatives and friends to mourn, to shed tears, to spend a short century human to remember him?

Uncertainty following the death of ..., well, why the unknown? Vaughn, and are slowly destroyed marble headstones and wooden crosses are all there, under them and no suspense. What man is trying to save as much as possible if you can not keep the body — the memory of it. This is because at some point separated himself from nature, placed itself above it and its laws. A small part of nature, imagines himself the owner.

So let's imagine for a moment that the person does not die. And not just people, let it be observed justice — one in nature does not die. Forever will bloom flowers will always be flashed butterfly, and even mammoths, dinosaurs… and yet not. Not come to any matter of Lepidoptera, or to the ancient monsters of the Mesozoic era. And all because of that evolution stops at the primitive unicellular inhabitants of the ocean, while being immortal. And all because, without death there is no birth, no progress, no development… because you can not shuffle the deck when all the cards are in the hands ...

What, then, goes to the man? Properly take care of her. Rejoice used the printer memory and diseases of old age, failing to translate to look wrinkled limbs trembling inside. Where the fire burns the soul energy, which set in motion the thoughts, desires and passions… There energy that does not threaten the expansion, it will be something, will find freedom and go on the journey across the vast world. And let fly, happy to her.

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