Demonic possession and people

People possessed by demons, always scared — they sought to free from the devil, and often quite violent methods. Just to save the immortal soul, and the body is not so important… The history of exorcism, bloody and frightening, riddled with mystical secrets and unexplained phenomena.

Who are the «demon-possessed»

Preserved chronicles the first centuries of Christianity, and many of them are described by people possessed by the devil or demons. If this happens, the person starts to wander aimlessly at night, finding peace, fighting in appalling convulsions, shouting words in a «satanic» language. It is believed that the devil can take over a person in two ways: through the damage or send down a curse.

The priests tried to help the unfortunate, the strange and sometimes cruel rites «exorcism» or exorcism. Currently, there are many cases of the real demon possession, all of which are documented and have many eyewitness accounts, so do not believe it is possible ...

French epidemic of «obsession»

This event occurred in 1610, when in one of the usual Provence convents began unusual. Two nuns were victims of horrific attacks, making everybody think that they possessed by Satan himself. Against women began to hold special ceremonies, which were expelled from their «diabolical nature», but all attempts to cure them were in vain.

One of the nuns claimed that cursed her Marseilles priest — a Louis Gaufridi. The second horror told that the same priest to blow her legion of demons. After his stories both women got to the inquisitor, who was a denunciation of «sorcerer.» Inquisitor in court saying that women fought in convulsions, and Beelzebub invisible hands trying to strangle them, twisting their joints and drive in an unusual «besprobudny» dream.

Nuns unanimously asserted that Gaufridi eats small children, seduces bride of God and doing other horrible things. Under torture, the priest confessed everything, including a pact with the devil. A man's life ended in the same way as the majority of the accused of Satanism and witchcraft at the time — it was burned at the stake.

Malaysian challenge spirits

This story takes place in 1949. In those years, the fashion for evoking the spirit was rampant, and one child named Ramli also decided to try to contact with otherworldly forces. He did it, but after that the soul began to haunt him, and the most terrible ways: knocking on the walls, whispering something invisible nails scratching the floor. After a few minutes, all decreased, but unusual events did not leave him.

One night he heard a crash, who started from the icon on the wall, and then he heard footsteps and sighs. Such went on for many nights in a row, and the parents decided that the «visitor» — a spirit of the dead boy's grandmother recently. But caring for a relative like this soul was not: a child vanished things, his chair overturned, clothes flying through the air.

After a couple of months also changed Ramli, his voice was anguished, hoarse and almost otherworldly, that frightened his parents hurried to take him to the priest. He decided to do an exorcism, after which the demon-possessed ceased to be the seat of the devil. Exile lasted more than 10 weeks, at which time the child receives an amazing, superhuman strength — he could scatter around holding his people.

The ritual was a success — the boy could not remember anything that happened after 2.5 months, and calmed down. The devil will not bother the child, and he was grateful for all that he became a priest and devoted his life to God.

Exorcism in America

In 1991, America spent exorcism on a girl of fifteen, and the priest involved in it, was still young and did not have the necessary experience. He decided to do it alone, hoping to be able to resist the demons. The session was held in the house of the girl, and her mother was in the next room until I heard terrible screams.

Upon entering the room to her daughter, a mother froze in horror: the priest's body was torn to pieces, and the girl herself was unconscious. When he came to, she could not remember anything but the devil's voice that commanded her to kill the priest.

In addition to these cases, there are plenty of documented evidence on which the film was shot and written scary horror novels. Every phenomenon of the devil in the human body is dangerous, both for the vessel, and for others, and there is no escape from this ...

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