Exorcism in religion and magic

And this goes back to the Greek word «exosomes» — «The Oath.» The very word «exosomes» means in Latin «Adyure» (adjure). Producing process, ie ekzortsirovat indicated with the spirit or demon to the oath, that ability to call on the highest power to compel them to act that being against the will and wishes, not just banish the devil.
Along with this, it is a manifestation of exorcism has at its disposal indestructible roots in the old religion and shamanic practices conspiracy, despite the ideology of a vague relation to the possession by force from pagans and Christians is excellent.
In traditional cultures, in fact waiting for the shaman ability to achieve positive results in a situation where there are powerless to all the prayers. Such results can „boast“ only special union with the spirits of the shaman.

Some cultures (archaic) was considered as any disease outside interference from outside in the very life of any person. Shamans are divided circumstances that may affect the expression or exacerbation of the disease, two basic varieties. The first of these, it is — a complete loss of the spirit of the patient, significant to maintain the proper form of his health. The second one — getting sick of special spirit that is destroying his well-being. In any case, every disease can be seen as a forced raid party spirit from which to search for protection.
In ancient cultures, in addition to different approaches to the cure of diseases. Some peoples allow the process of healing and allowed to do shamans, other nations — healers, the third — a comprehensive approach. Shaman and medicine man have one thing in common, and it is revealed that they are experts on healing the sick, that they stand out from the mass of the community. But they differ in that the medicine man has at his disposal a rich store of knowledge in the medical fields, such as medicinal properties of herbs and roots, minerals and substances of animal origin. But his treatment also focuses on the „removal“ of the spiritual foundation of the disease. A shaman is identified with the ability to directly access to the spirits. Along with this, and shamans and medicine men exert their influence in the smooth working of healing, which can not exclude other methods of treatment, and offers them in addition.

The views of other contemporaries developed now. In the process of studying contemporary Christian exorcism noticed that not one of the tens of thousands of episodes Deviant only one has a bearing on them possessed by the devil and demanding process of exorcism, all others also recommend heal with medication, ie drugs. In our era, the Catholic Church exorcists in his university Athenaeum Pontificium Regina Apostolorum. Special program for the study includes not some religious items, and still contains, for example, workshops on mental health, that exorcists in future episodes could distinguish the true obsession of symptoms of mental illness, such as schizophrenia. Sort of judgment reflects the Christian proposition that all human diseases are „God's will“ and are usually focused on testing, strengthening the spirit and so on. And so, in contrast to the pagan worldview that disease must oppose, formed consideration that the disease should at least make an attempt to get rid of, as they say — »and come to, God willing." Undoubtedly, such difference is dictated purely features in ideology from paganism to Christianity.

The Catholic Church has been approved by the «Roman Rite» (Rituale Romanum, 1614). He gives orders exorcist be convinced that the victim is actually possessed and is not affected by mental illness. At a time when casting out demons, the priest shall continue to ask questions the victim and her intellectual and psychological present condition. Nor, in any case, it should not give an exorcist victim nor what medicines to give this question the doctors. Sam „Ritual“ calls, so the exorcist could find out whether it concentrated evil spirits from libel or other warlock spells occult.
Unlike the Catholic Church, is the fact that the Orthodox do not consciously prepare priests to read the rank otchitki. Otchityvniem may engage every priest who has received this blessing, and just have the ability and knowledge of the rank otchitki.
There is another point of contact of paganism in this process, they believe that the spirit takes possession of a person to feed, and, of course, that the expulsion of the spirit — this is a common struggle for life and vitality. In a world that is flooded with predators, such a phenomenon — not rare.

In New Religions semantic load obsession described differently, it's going within such as, „the struggle between good and evil,“ God and the devil, and fixed on the next bite uymischami hell fortress of God's world, as the Basil: „Knowing a lot about his Contrary impotence of God, the devil tends to sinful image of God, the man himself. “ Along with this, Christianity claims, and will argue that with God's help everything from small to large, Christians will be able to triumph against the demons. And the devil because of Christ's sacrifice has lost power over them. However, precisely this inability to Satan to prevail in direct protivobore forces Satan to search detours attacked openly, through cunning and deceit to take possession of people.
For all that, even in ancient cultures to conform that the spirit is the assistant exorcist, from what is the name and face are all acts required to be in the spiritual hierarchy of the highest position than that of the evil spirit, and the shaman, in turn, was considered the more powerful than it was a post sacred spirits who help him.
Christianity, using the name of the Son of God in the action to expel demons, uses the same principle. Elsewhere it is listed that the obsession in general can not be cured by conventional methods, it is a fact, not detected disease and play a role here is, a kind of phenomenon.
The current religion divides the concept of „disease“, and the leaves on the answer to a direct question about the reasons for its occurrence, and „demoniac“, ie obsession. Traditional cultures had no information of such units.
Correlate with ethics, the stumbling block of shamanic practices found that the shaman has an impact only if there is a plea for help from the sick (in the case where the sick little child, the request must come from the parents.) And no manners not to try to prevent that would be good for the other person. This approach is based reclines understanding of what the main purpose of the shaman in alleviating suffering and pain, and not the preservation of life of the sick in the regular reality any pay. Shamans have anciently found in his travels that the average world is realistic torture, and subsequently occurring hearted presence of laws, „the presence of predators in reality.“

Though from a different point of view, the approach of the Christian religion consists in the fact that „snatching“ the demons will probably make in each case. Sure, because it is part of the confrontation of „good and evil“ may, of course, to date, it also translates into reality only with the consent of a family member possessed. In the most ancient Christian church in the rite of baptism or Jews or Gentiles traditionally fit removal of these evil spirits that were imposed, it is the opinion of the Christians in the soul of all the Gentiles. In the Middle Ages exorcism also been an integral part in the rites for the baptism of children. In our time in the church's existence exorcism, as noted by the Vatican Council II, lost prehistoric significance, are stored in the sacrament of baptism, what frees one from printing sinfulness. In view of the present church itself exorcism is possible to commit only with the blessing of the bishop, without which any religious rite, and yet, otchitka turns into „action against the canons,“ which adversely affects both the caster and the patient.
Ranks of exorcists as they adds to the very lowest ranks of the clergy, to the share of which there are besides them were ostiarii, readers and acolytes, manifested in the Catholic Church at the beginning of XVI century later the Council of Trent. Originally, this name did not have nothing to do with the current perception of the word „exorcism“ as the intended method of expelling demons from the possessed and was in communication with the sacrament of exorcism. Ceremony is held in the sacrament of baptism to cleanse promulgated people from original sin.

Initially, administer the sacrament was a debt of exorcists, however, later became a sacrament, like baptism, to make priests.
In the Middle Ages, some priests even recommended show exorcism rituals in public squares, causing demons Lucifer Nambrofa, Bechet, and Nashtarota Nabama descend. Naturally, a kind of nation-wide performance was not terribly much worried about those from whom „expelled“ the devil, and are fit were only for propaganda purposes, once again, persuading powerful church.

The reality of human responses and spirit that surround it, and is certain to religion and magic. However, the current religion, departing from the miraculous image of the stable interaction per se, says „possession“ of the exceptional detection kliffotic forces opaque world, significantly narrowing the range of interactions. Putting disease „physical“ manifestation, „indulgence of God,“ people narrow their horizons.
But magicians revealed that, although any disease may be seen as an invasion from without, however, this does not mean that she should oppose, only directly contact with the spirits that caused it. Those magicians unquestionably distant from the concerns about the disease as an „education“ and believe that it is necessary to carry on with what you want her rivalry means.

Moreover, the very reason the „norm“ and „pathology“ magicians most extensive than mediocre in his right mind, which is natural for religion.
Individuality magicians carries abyss manifestations, which are often valuable, not starting due to something abnormal, the magician must ask ourselves the usual question, „What happens in this case with the Force.“ And if it appears that the phenomenon can lead to a stable long loss of power, then it can be considered pathological.

Existing pragmatic sense and know, first of all, the practical value, magicians approve that the image of the disease or possessed woman as „invasion“ or „totality of symptoms“ can be equally effective and depend on the abstract case.
along with it, in the fight against „impenetrable“ manifestations better use „impervious“ guns, because magic is found in the present as the successor quackery, not shamanism.
And when the spirit is banished, as all utilitarian miraculous actions exorcism must have support with appr

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