Punish the enemy with magic is real

You hurt, or someone does evil to you? While many people find that they need to forgive all and no one else to keep the evil followers of black magic believe differently. If you do not want to punish  enemy with magic or any other means, you risk to be known as a loser all my life, and life to take on the fate of the head.

But what if you do not want to fight, hold court, and other active activities? Then you may well punish the enemy with magic, but only if you really need to solve a serious problem. Minor problems are best to resolve on their own, without the magical way. In critical situations, as when you have a lot of pressure, or there is a threat to your life, and the like, it is possible to resort to black magic.


Punish your enemy by black magic


To punish the enemy using  Black Magic offers a host of possibilities: it could be the return sorcery, by which your enemy will be the same fate, and the magic directed against gossip. You can plug your enemies using magic mouth gag neutralize caused you harm, and more.

Reversionary witchcraft - it is one of simple ways to punish the offender. To do this, take a simple sewing and darning needles. Then tuck a small needle through the eye of a large, and that it does not pop up, tie a black thread. Then a spell: Needle your long, my - is short, it's your business - the evil, my - good. Your evil pierces, you're everything to me for cooking, all you did for me, all my back got, now, this minute, and for ever. Then slide the needle in the threshold of his enemy.


Shadow magicfor punish enemy


There is also a way to deal with his enemy, and, very strong. Just step on his shadow and say: Anderatum Veera, CAS verom.

 If you do not know who is your enemy, you can still find it with mirrors. To do this, light a candle and sit with his back to the mirror. Take another mirror in her left hand and look at your reflection, saying, at this hour, on this night between two mirrors, between the two worlds, show yourself, my enemy, for truthful words. As soon as you started to see and say: You are not the way, you are no roads and in all places, and on my doorstep. Then spit in the mirror, break the stone and discard the pieces.

Do not forget that all the methods of punishment should be applied only enemy in retaliation. For the first attack, unless you have additional knowledge, they do not fit - you can only, therefore, draw the magic against himself. Therefore, make a decision about the magical rites after a careful analysis of the situation. If among you there was only a minor conflict, resorting to black magic simply impractical. In these cases, it would be better to improve and develop their own resources and capabilities that can help you get out of this situation winner.

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