The expulsion of the devil (Photos and Video)

Many of you watched the movie «6 Demons Emily Rose.» The film is based on real events. We are talking about Anneliese Michel, who was born in 1952 in a small town in Bavaria — Leiblfing, received a traditional Catholic education, her life was no different from other children, prosperous world .....
Once in the hospital, she began a wave of the crisis, it is «making faces» to hear voices, publish disgusting, wheezing sounds after a crisis, she piteously begged doctors to help her, who could not organize its crisis of epilepsy.

In early 1973, my parents decided to turn to the Catholic Church, to pray to the devil to heal the girl. Church noted that she uses neuro-psychotropic, so the expulsion difficult.

In 1974 there was one catolic, who undertook to drive out the demon from Annliz Michelle, but it  banned it. during this period Annliz start more actively abusing their family members to fight with them and bite them in the case… she refused to eat, explaining that Satan does not allow her to do it, she slept only on the ground (floor), almost all the days she spent in growling and screaming, and when the opportunity destroyed church symbols, icons, and tore the crosses broke.

In 1975 catolic  received confirmation that it has allowed the process of exorcism exorcism ritual to Romance.

In one of the prayers Annliz admitted that she have some demons: Lucifer, Judas Iscariote, Neron, Cain, Hitler, Fleischmann (frankiysky monk fallen into the power of Satan in the 16th century).

All 1975 Annliz Michelle took a course of purification prayers of the devil once or twice a week, sometimes her condition deteriorated and he had three men to hold back its aggression against their relatives, but in general it can continue a normal life. In this period of crisis, it could cause injury to yourself, and sometimes she got a cramp, which contributed to a partial paralysis of the legs or other parts of the body

Last krisiz June 30 1976, when Annliz was ill with pneumonia at the beginning of the crisis, she went into convulsions, his face drawn, but Annliz lost consciousness until the last breath had an idea what's going on with it and the environment. the day she died, many suffering the pain.

Her mother and relatives were able to record more than 40 cassettes eksorsist.
The Prosecutor has initiated an investigation involving criminal liability based on 2 catolics medicine diagnosis: psychotic and epilepsy. the girl's parents and two priests received six months in prison.

When listening to tapes in the future, it was found / confirmed by other priests who practice exorcism of the human body that are recorded on the film-debate debate of two devils, who tormented Annliz Michelle, and quarreled over who should be the first to leave the girl's body ...

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