The most popular magical service of the 21 century is a business curse (trade curse, bankruptcy curse

Many people know about the existence of such curses as a loneliness curse, illness curse, ill luck curse and a poverty curse. However, pretty much that’s all they know. Such magical ignorance can be rather dangerous. For example, running a business being unaware of the fact that there is an extremely effective and at the same time very simple business curse is irresponsible, both towards you and your business.

I want to repeat it: this curse is very easy to cast. While a beginning magician or a self-taught witch won’t be able to harm a businessman, a man with a strong energy and deep magical knowledge can do it by performing just one ritual, using the victim’s personal thing or picture to curse the businessman, or a picture of the business (office) to curse the place where the business is run and block the way for customers. Once the ritual is performed, the businessman will notice changes in his business leading to its decay.

Business Curse Trade Curse. Signs Symptoms

- if a businessman is cursed, people won’t trust him, as even thinking about working with him will cause anxiety. Customers will stop coming to his store despite its low prices, quality products and convenient location;

- his employees will become lazy, start lying, stealing and forgetting to fulfill important tasks;

- the businessman will have memory problems; he’ll start forgetting about important business meetings and fulfilling important tasks;

- the businessman’s intuition will abandon him; he’ll walk past profitable deals;

- the businessman will start losing money (sometimes literary);

- legal issues (tax audits, fire inspections, labor safety inspections, sanitary inspections);

- other problems, including property loss, road accidents, family problems (divorce), heath problems, addictions (drug or alcohol).

In other words, the businessman who’s been cast a business curse on, will live his life with a “not”: not being able to earn money, not being able to multiply it, not being able to find new business ideas, not being able to count on his business partners, not being able to receive profit…

If you’ve always been a successful businessman but suddenly find yourself striking a bad patch, or if you’re a beginning businessman who has been suffering losses so far, contact me. Perhaps, after a reasonably-priced diagnostics, I will discover a curse cast on you and remove it (I’m sure you won’t mind)… of course, if you’ve actually been cursed.

Is it easy to become a victim of a business curse? Who cursed you?

A business curse can be cast not only by your rivals or your business partners. It can be cast by one of your former employees who think you treated him unjust in the past, or your lover or spouse (upon learning about your infidelity). As an experienced witch, I can assure you that a woman will have her revenge even if it will leave her husband or lover penniless.

A curse can also be ordered by your old friends who proved to be less lucky than you and see it the only way to calm their envy down. Even someone from your family can go to a magician, if for some reason he thinks that you owe him, to ask him to curse both you and your business.

Any person can become a victim of a business curse. Besides, this curse can be hidden sophisticatedly. For example, it will allow you to earn some money (not much) but prevent you from earning, let’s say, a million or more. It seems like everything is going well and you are about to make that deal and nothing can stop you, but the deal breaks down at the last minute and you fail to earn anything or even suffer losses.

Note that a cursed businessman sooner or later starts suspecting that something’s wrong, he’s reached a deadlock and there’s no way out.

What can a powerful witch do to bring luck back into your business?

If you’ve been diagnosed to have a business curse on, stay calm and don’t panic. A powerful witch can remove it so it won’t be able to affect your life and your business anymore. But that’s not all a witch can do. She can also send the curse back to that rival or enemy who had it cast on you. If you’re familiar with the laws of magic, you know that the returned curse will be several times as powerful, will be more difficult to remove, and will make the life of its sender a disaster.

Of course, I’m not encouraging you to send your curse back. I just want you to know that there’s a way to punish your enemies, which is safe and fair. Moreover, if you ask me for help, I will not only remove your curse, but will also create a super-powerful protection around you. That way, whoever tries to cast another curse on you, will be cursed. And don’t be afraid of the consequences. It’s not you who’s started this war.

Also, you can ask me to cast a curse on your business rivals, disturb their collaboration with their business partners, curse the participants of a business meeting, break business contacts, cast a poverty or bankruptcy curse.

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