The power of the curse

The phenomenon of curses — one of unknown phenomena of the human psyche. The fear of a curse, especially if it is accompanied by a frightening magic rituals, leading to illness, and sometimes to death. Typically, such an outcome attributed autosuggestion. But this can not be completely written off all cases of deaths caused by curses.

Curdled fear

In 1974, a seaside village in the north of England suffered the curse, which resulted in the deaths of more than two dozen of its residents.

The tragic events preceded the demonstration of a television film about seal hunting, which involved the villagers. In the film, the 60-year-old hunter Len Linehan told the reporter in detail how he was last year with other hunters, and caught to cut more than 300 baby seals.

The film, which tells of the harsh beauty of the local region and the everyday work of its inhabitants, made the audience is not at all impressed, to which its founders hoped.

The very next day after the show on TV and in the village itself was showered with many angry letters from animal rights groups. In many letters the killers of seals threatened punishment of heaven, and some epistles contain curses and threats of damage to the guidance of all residents.

Oddly enough, but the consequences of such massive psychological attacks were not long in coming. Nine days after the film was shot Len Linehan, leaving no suicide note. At his death, the villagers made a dismal impression. All of a sudden they found themselves in the midst of universal hatred.

And when three weeks after the suicide Laynhema died in a car accident, his grandson and the next day after she died the niece of fishermen, village embraced mass hysteria. Residents were sent to the other world one after the other — either the transient illness or accident.

For example, one day in calm weather capsized the boat with three fishermen who were not able to swim to shore. Some of the deaths appeared mysteriously. One of the best fishermen — 30-year-old Colin Rannalsa — found floating facedown in a shallow pond. On the body of the deceased did not have injuries, there was no alcohol in the blood, also known as Colin was a great swimmer.

To soothe residents in the village came the messenger of the Archbishop of Canterbury Canon Henry Cooper. He tried to convince the public that the forces of evil can not overcome the power of God. But the deaths continued. Only six months after the ill-fated film showing frequent death, having walked almost all the families in the village, stopped. Over the next six months, only four died. And only a year after the final show the situation to normal.

Among the deceased were people who did not believe in any curses, no otherworldly forces. And the death of many of the villagers are not from diseases that could be explained by auto-suggestion, but from quite ordinary, but for some reason abnormally frequent accidents ...

Powerful spellcaster

At the time, the newspaper wrote about a similar story, but which had more severe consequences. In 1936 in Nigeria by a strange epidemic began to die, girls and young women aged 10 to 20 years. Local healers had no doubt that the poor little ladies induced curse.

In the end, believe that even the HL Ward Prize, an official of the British colonial administration, who was in the 1930 highest office in this country. Ward Prize has sent doctors to the affected villages, but doctors could not help dying. In many cases, even the doctors were unable to determine the cause of death of women.

The population, most of whom were Muslims, fervently praying in mosques and sacrificed goats, sheep and cows. But nothing helped. Ward Prize says in his letters that a mysterious plague spread from village to village, causing panic among the population and the exodus of many families from their homes.

I had to ask for help from pagan sorcerers from the upper Nile. Those very unusual way «calculated» black magician, navedshego curse on women.

Aides Ward Prize — Dr. P. Robertson and Lieutenant X. Cummings attended the ceremony of «identification Maga.» She wore a distinctly magical character. In the countryside, where a mysterious plague began to spread and gathered all the men. They sat on their haunches in a circle. Before each laid a stone, and drove the peg in the center, which tied the chicken.

Warlock sprinkled the blood of the dead from the curse of a woman cast the spell and ordered hen find the killer. Then he quickly cut off a chicken's head. Headless bird ran, flapping its wings in a circle, stumbled on a stone and fell down dead.

Do not believe in such «instructions», Robertson and Cummings suggested that the sorcerer has to repeat the ceremony 10 times. That was done. 10 times the headless chicken in its death throes pointed to the same man who, at the request of the British, before deliberately grafted from place to place. Envoys Ward Prize and could not find in all of this trick. Black magician was put to death.

But it soon became clear that he, apparently, really was the one who brought a curse on women. Since the death of a sudden stopped. And the speed with which this occurred, the hypothesis on the death of the self-hypnosis: the women stopped dying even before they came before the news of the execution of the magician.

Revenge of the servants of Satan

Around the question of curses do not cease debate. Many parapsychologists believe that the curse is the defeat of the spiritual body of man, and subject to such trouble is not just, but only «decent.» In other words, it is a form of punishment for sins. However, other experts argue: there are many instances where victims of curses became innocent people, including children. And some of these people die without even knowing what it was.

One of the victims of the famous English magician Aleister Crowley, boasted that he had sold his soul to a child of Satan, was Dr. William Thompson. This is still quite a young man refused to prescribe morphine Satanist. The enraged sorcerer publicly cursed him, promising to bring along to the next world. Crowley died on December 1, 1947, and on the same day as a result stupidest accident — a bad fall from a ladder, the ladder — and killed Thompson.

Imposed curses and the other a sorcerer, who had such a gift — Anthony Le Wei. At one time he had worked in Hollywood, advising directors of horror films (well, he worked as a technical advisor to the creation of the painting «Rosemary's Baby»).

In the 1960s, Le Wei founded the sect, worshipers of Antichrist, which has involved some of the actors. Advertising has created an excellent sect known actress Jayne Mansfield. She became the mistress of the latter-day messiah.

But they soon quarreled, and the actress left the sect with the scandal. Then the witch has cursed it by drawing on one of the portraits of Mansfield red line across her throat. Two weeks later, a woman died in Los Angeles in a car accident. When she recovered from a broken car in the cake, it was revealed that she had torn off his head.

Portrait of a brother and other thought-forms

Terrible curse laid on his fellow tribesman an African sorcerer. Sir Leslie Probin, who was at the beginning of XX century the governor of the colony of Sierra Leone, who personally witnessed an unusual skin disease induced, as he was told by a young local native magician.

On the back of the boys were blisters, rashes, bleeding ulcers, formed in the image of the face of his brother, allegedly killed by the native, for which he has suffered such a punishment. The boy died in terrible agony. The sinister portrait, and after many days, was visible on the corpse.

Apparently, people really can affect the health and fate of their fellow tribesmen. Maybe he does it by creating a certain thought forms, or invisible entities that seem to be «glued» to the others and then begin to act on a given program.

This ability is most clearly seen when the negative impacts, or curses. But at least, and perhaps more often, people are created entities that affect others in positive terms, such as heal, protect, warn, advise, and so on.

And these invisible entities or thought forms, committed by a man often unconsciously, operate independently of whether one believes in them, those to whom they are directed or not.

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