What is it? Psychosis or a Curse? Determining the problem by analyzing your feelings and behavior

Any spellcaster, psychic or witch knows that all people who think to have a curse on can be divided in two categories:
— those who they really can help (cursed people);
— those who they can’t help and who need to go to a psychologist or a psychiatrist.
Aware of the fact that those who have no curse on will feel better due to their help, dishonest esoterics heal both. I never lie to my clients and never try to benefit from their ignorance, so I want to teach you how to understand if you have a curse on or not. To know for sure, read the information below and compare it with your feelings.
1. Change in feelings
Curse: you feel two-way changes in the world. The energies you discharge and receive change. It applies to the time and different situations. Also you feel low and tired. You have a feeling that something bad has already happened to you and that everything’s unreal.
Psychosis: you have a foreboding of evil. You expect troubles as nothing bad has happened to you (magically). Occasionally, you feel something’s changed. For example, you can feel better at night, when the lights are on, or feel worse before the full moon.
2. Body changes
Curse: you have diseases which neither you nor any of your family members (parents, grandparents) have ever had. The way your body looks changes, too. You look unhealthy and pale, are sweating too much, and feel weak. Your groin, armpits and ears may start smelling and no dermatologists can help you.
Psychosis: your body doesn’t change. You are full of energy and feel great. No symptoms of any disease appear. Medical examinations confirm that you’re healthy. Your body smell doesn’t change either. If it does, it can be fixed with antibacterial cream.
3. Mind changes
Curse: you have strange thoughts, desires, fears, obsessional ideas. Sometimes you feel somebody’s presence. You can’t help thinking about death and suicide.
Psychosis: all of the symptoms listed above may be observed. However, while this state is permanent for a cursed person, a person with psychosis sometimes forgets about it and recalls only when something reminds him of his “curse” or when external irritants cause fear or hesitation.
4. Bad dreams
Curse: you see no good dreams anymore. Your bed turns into a hell you get in once you fall asleep. That’s why in the morning you wake up tired and exhausted. Instead of restoring your energy at night, you lose it.
Psychosis: you see nightmares occasionally and they can usually be explained by fatigue, nervous breakdown, hangover or overeating.
5. Relations
Curse: you notice that your friends keep away from you and so do you, because you know subconsciously that there’s something inside you that makes you an outcast. It seems like people avoid you as if they’re afraid of soiling themselves. That’s why they sometimes get aggressive or scornful to you, or are afraid of you having absolutely no reasons for it.
Psychosis: people treat you the way they always have. Your temper’s bad but the reason of all the misunderstanding and conflicts is your inability to control yourself or unwillingness to care about others. When you want and when you need, you can make friends with anybody (cursed people can’t do it).
6. Explaining the troubles
Curse: you can’t explain your troubles. Problems happen to you no matter what you do. It seems to you that there’s a huge wall in front of you that you can’t get over.
Psychosis: your problems can be explained by your laziness, lack of experience, pride, etc. Still you prefer to accuse others than admit your own guilt.
7. Number of negative events
Curse: it seems to you that you’re having a streak of bad luck as only bad things happen to you. There’s no good news in your life. Even if something good happens (sometimes it does), it only makes it worse and brings more disappointment.
Psychosis: you have more positive events than negative ones. The problem is you don’t notice them but focus on your problems. The live you have is a dream life for any cursed man.
8. General energy
Curse: low energy level. Sometimes you have an energy surge but you can’t take advantage of it as it vanishes quickly and gives place to fatigue and depression.
Psychosis: normal energy level. Low energy level may be caused by obesity, laziness, alcohol abuse, fatigue, fear, scandals, chakra obstruction. Things will get back to normal once you give up your bad habits.
9. Dreams
Curse: you can’t dream of anything. By the way, it’s one of the main symptoms of the curse. Lack of dreams and wishes makes you think you’re already dead (physically).
Psychosis: you can name at least ten wishes you have. Dreaming confirms that you haven’t been cursed.
10. Curse: the terrible situation you’re in seems normal to you, so going to a magician doesn’t seem like a way out. That’s why it’s your friends and family who encourage you. You’re more than just a victim. You’re a slave of your problems. It affects your mind and you no longer believe that you can have a better life.
Psychosis: you look for ways to remove a curse put on you, from yoga and jumping over the Kupala Night fire to multiple visits to priests and spell casters. You get angry when someone says you have no curse on and accuse this man of profanation and dilettantism.
Do you recognize yourself? Then you need help: a witch or a spell caster can help some of you, while psychologists or psychiatrists will help others. I insist on you to do the following: if you think you’ve been cursed or have a celibacy wreath on, go to a professional first. Your imaginary curse can spoil your life as much as the real one.
© witch Reddy

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