How to become a vampire. How to Be a Vampire

People wishing to become a vampire in real life, sometimes do not understand the reasons for such requests and, moreover, are not always aware of the fact that this process is irreversible. Having become a vampire, a man will not be able to go back to normal life. Reject the everyday existence of his society and the door will be closed permanently, even if the vampire repent and expresses a sincere desire to become a man again. It is impossible to be a vampire only on weekends or whenever you want. Such naivete passes quickly, and before his eyes open long gloomy picture of existence, the slave alone bloodlust.

The desire to become a vampire. and how to be a vampire in real life

Many vampires are both successful and wealthy owners of mankind, weaving his plot a secret from everyone. It is easy to dispel this myth, since the Middle Ages, vampires have always been marginalized, themselves on the margins of history, where they had last bit of strength to fight for survival. Today, vampires live far from the palaces in the capital, and in the small provincial town, where people commit suicide from the depression and hopelessness. Some vampires are slowly going mad, while others become depressed, and very desperate even decided on suicide. However, many of them enjoy such a life full of charming melancholy and decay. Modern vampires, unlike their illustrious ancestors, belong to the decadence with greater sympathy.

Tales of vampires have fashionable, not because they really belonged to the elite, but because these same elites have turned into a bunch of slackers and playboy. Looking at their meaningless games, commoners were ascribe to their otherworldly nature of the devil and call them vampires, sucking blood from the working people. In fact, aristocrats 17th — 18th centuries were too cowardly to let the vampires roam freely among them. Some members of the vampire tribe is really present in high society, but their number was so small that about it not even worth mentioning.

The desire to become a real vampire is born out of dissatisfaction with their daily lives, and the image of powerful vampires endowed with mystical powers, it seems very attractive. However whiners and wimps sorts rarely think about the fact that the weak-willed and spineless losers do not want vampires, even for food, let alone anything more. Indeed, the vampire with great pleasure that suck the blood of some buxom athlete than frail bespectacled, pleading on his knees to draw him into a vampire. Disgust known to all vampires.

However, among the candidates sometimes come across a very worthy person, whose motives are highly nontrivial. For example, an old professor, appeared on the verge of death due to terminal illness, persuaded him to draw a vampire, explaining the need to finish their academic work at the Institute. Having lived in the family environment for several years, he disappeared, and after the statutory period was found dead, although his body was never found. They say he is still engaged in the research, right now they do not relate to physics, and biology, and some vampires are watching with interest the progress of his research. Apparently the direction chosen by these scientists, vampires promise any benefit.
The transformation into a vampire

The transformation into a vampire — a long and painful, although it is usually presented as a simple sequence of two bites: a vampire bites a person first, and then gives him to drink some of his blood. In the popular films and books and everything going on, but the reality is irrelevant. The very nature of a vampire requires a deep restructuring of the whole body of the convert, which is accompanied by terrible pain for several days or even weeks.

If a person is too weak heart or other health problems, it is likely to die in agony. Painkillers will not help because the metamorphosis affects the spinal cord and brain. The man seems as if his body is cut into millions of tiny pieces, pull hooks, internal organs and stick needles in my eyes. After the first attack, lasting several hours, starting the second — a multi-day marathon of hellish suffering, overcome with horror that a person expects a third, but fortunately it is limited to two. The third attack, if it happens, is not as intense and just go unnoticed.

Throughout this time, next to the new converts must be a vampire to bite him. He sees to it that his client did not cause harm to themselves or committing suicide. At this point, the vampire is vulnerable because it does not eat and can not escape anywhere. Some say that if you kill a neophyte at the time of transformation, it will die, and a vampire to bite him. In my opinion, this hypothesis gives too much mysticism. The relationship between a vampire and his team certainly exists, but it is purely biological. In humans, &vampire blood, body chemistry changes, and the vampire is forced to maintain these changes throughout the process of metamorphosis. In other words, a vampire, constantly having to «feed» the convert, that he was able to completely regenerate.

All this requires a tremendous effort from a vampire, and not everyone on this venture. At a vampire must be very good reasons to turn a man into silver. Obviously, the vampire will not risk his life for the first comer, so the person who wants to actually become a vampire, should think carefully about what he is willing to offer his benefactor in return. Free cheese is only in a mousetrap, and it's not a metaphor.

At the beginning of the new millennium, some vampires placed ads on the Web with a proposal to make anyone who wants one of them. Klyunuvshih the bait is still wanted by the police, and those who have found long afterwards identified by the relatives of decayed clothing and distinctive signs. When these ads are responding law enforcement officers, vampires sharply curtailed all activity on the Internet. But their place was taken by con artists and pranksters with an «vampire» anyone who is willing to pay up. The man, who believed their promises, risks, at best, losing money, and at worst — to run into a madman, which is fraught with unpredictable consequences.

How to become a vampire? The Vampire Bite

There are three basic ways to become a vampire: by another vampire, the vampire with the help of magic, and by an innate predisposition to vampirism. Consider the first of them. Technology transformation of human into a vampire by another vampire has been described by me above. In principle, the process to occur without the forceful intervention of a convert, and the entire burden of responsibility rests on his patron (literally in the blood-Tel). With the exception of unimaginable suffering, the strength of superior drug-breaking, and the risk of dying, never reaching the long-awaited final, nothing complicated about it. It is much harder to find a suitable vampire and get him to pay you. How and where to find vampires, I already wrote in the article Vampires in Russia, so I will not repeat. As part of the reasoning, it is a difficult and controversial issue, but a few tips you can give.

First, never threaten to expose the vampire. In words, he agrees to help you, but in fact just kill you. Second, do not try to seduce a vampire and make him love me. Vampires are not too emotional, so they are annoyed by attempts to squeeze them out of sympathy for a potential meal. If the vampire is really falling in love with you, then turn on the first request. Third, do not offer money for his vampire protection. Vampires consider themselves superior beings in relation to people, and such a mercenary simply angry.

Vampire fulfill your request only if you see the benefits of your transformation for yourself. This means that you should have the knowledge or skills that are useful to him in the future. Promise to serve him faithfully and are not held. A vampire knows that nothing will prevent you to run away from him after the deal is done, and would not even listen to your vows of eternal devotion. Action is needed on the circumstances. You can try to drive the vampire into a trap, and promise him freedom in exchange for treatment, but it is very difficult and almost impossible to do alone. Another thing, if a vampire got himself in a difficult situation from which you can not get out without your help. In this case the bargain. The main thing is never, under any circumstances, do not believe the word vampire. Conscience — this is the first human quality that vampire dies.

 Vampire spel,  rituals become vampire. How to Be a Vampire and Vampire magic

Since the transformation of human into a vampire through the exchange of blood has always been too difficult and risky process, were developed in ancient times safer technology transformation based on the use of vampire magic. Over time, they were lost, although it is believed that some of the older vampires can still remember them and be able to apply in case of need. Unfortunately, finding this vampire-witch today is incredibly difficult, but it is a good chance of running into some quack-vampire who attract you tricked into his lair and kill it.

Even though you will discover a detailed description of this ritual, you will not be able to use it as practicing vampire magic can only do vampires. In addition, the mention of vampire magic is rare and full of vague explanations that, frankly, do not explain anything. Whatever it was, but to meet a vampire, mage, you can only if he wants it. In order for such a meeting occurred, you must pass a series of tests and solve many puzzles left by the vampires, witch for those who have expressed a desire to become their pupil.

We are talking not about to become just a vampire, and how to get to the highest vampire elite. This task is so difficult and dangerous that untrained people for it is better not to be taken. Education in the vampire-witch can last for centuries, full of humiliation and atrocities beyond human imagination. Ordinary vampires only drink human blood, and vampires, witch use all the victim's body without a trace, and do so with such sadistic brutality that bystanders of their practices were going crazy with fear. Vampires, witch are afraid even to their colleagues and try not to deal with them no general business.

Natural vampire

The third and final way in which a person can actually become a vampire, is a long tedious practice, strong-willed transformation. Some people are naturally endowed with the potential vampire, who can exercise under certain circumstances. Sometimes these potential vampires are taking over this, because in the everyday life of their behavior is different from the ordinary, but it is a mistake. Potential vampire — it's not a vampire, even though he loves the blood and is allergic to sunlight.

To become a real vampire, a man must find a corresponding ability to develop and implement in practice. It may take several years or decades. The one who ventured on this path, waiting for the tedious daily exercise, appropriate diet and a complete lack of understanding from friends and relatives. Besides facing the vampires that have become established in the bite are similar to the «nugget» with disdain, although sometimes much inferior to them.

To realize the potential vampire uses many techniques from yoga and tantra, especially those related to changes in the properties of the body and the acquisition of superhuman abilities. Sometimes the vampire nature is manifested in a person under stress or well-known substances. In the first case it is necessary to understand and fix. In the second case, a potential vampire can only help a dark shaman who hold all the necessary rites with appropriate substances, or without them. But this is only a preparatory stage, the candidate will continue to move forward on their own, without relying on anyone over.

Vampires do not exist Institute of mentoring, but the potential vampire, who has realized his true self, can try to find a teacher from a number of natural vampires. Under the guidance of an experienced mentor, the process of self, will be much faster, maybe just a couple of months. The danger of this approach lies in the fact that the vampires are facing do not like vampires natural, and sometimes killed them simply out of jealousy. There is a belief among them, according to which natural vampire blood has magical properties, so do not be surprised that almost all natural vampires were killed, and no one left who could potentially help the vampire to be realized in full force and effect.

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