Broken Mirror

Most modern people do not give much magic mirror values, and treat them as mere commodities. Although for a long time to have magic power mirrors, mystery and mysticism. There are many beliefs and take associated with mirrors, which have survived to this day.
In one of them not look into a broken mirror. And few people think, why not look into a broken mirror?
In general, breaking a mirror is bad luck, and see themselves in the ruins of his — this is very bad. Broken Mirror promises seven years of misfortunes and failures. If an unmarried girl sees his reflection in the mirror fragments, then seven years old she can not get married.
Of course, you can ignore this omen, but for many people affected by superstition is very strong and when the desired wedding day does not come for seven years, beginning to blame the mirror.
It is also believed that when a person looks in the mirror shards, is leakage of energy and life can be split.
Of course, you can not believe in signs, but on a subconscious level it still can not avoid. And if so is it that the mirror was broken, you need to remove it right pieces.
The pieces come from the best to your face reflected in them. You can not clean up the fragments with bare hands, it is better to do it in heavy gloves or take a cloth and put in an opaque package. Dispose of debris, along with the package and will resist the temptation to look at them.
Experts recommend magic poured on the broken mirror glass of water and then clean it unfortunate fragments using a conventional broom and dustpan. The collected pieces of the mirror in any case can not be stored at home. Package with fragments it is necessary to throw, and this incident is better not to tell anyone.
According to the old belief that to avoid misfortune for seven years, broken mirror is better to throw into the river, stream or any place with running water.
Generally mirrors must be handled carefully and keep them clean. A mirror can accumulate and good and bad energy, so look into it just in a good mood. And if the house is an old mirror that survived many unpleasant experiences, better get rid of it and buy a new one.
As for its placement on the wall, it should be located so as to reflect any family member erect, without cutting the head or feet.

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