About hypnosis

technology equipment hypnosis techniques&&Hypnosis is known to mankind for a long time, it was practiced even the priests of ancient Sumer. In the ancient world through the hypnotic trance was built almost the whole system of prophecy. Used similar techniques are not only dedicated (priests and oracles).

Known, in particular, that the ancient Roman philosopher Apuleius contemporaries criticized the fact that it leads to a state of hypnotic trance of their slaves in order to get a prediction of the future.

Hypnotism — the doctrine of the sleep-like state of the human body, accompanied by a change of consciousness, separation of man from the environment, in the perception of time constraints and the actions of the body. This is either under the influence of strong external stimuli, auditory or visual perception.

The phenomenon of hypnosis has always evoked great interest and attitude was diametrically opposed to the various periods of history. While in ancient times it was admired in the Middle Ages — the fear (his followers were burned at the stake), there is nowadays hypnosis declared part of the global science and hypnotists — doctors, healers.

In modern society, to him also are treated differently, but most of the points of view on hypnosis are the same as we mentioned in the previous chapter in relation to spiritualism.

Some assert that the hypnosis — it is a great achievement of science, particularly medicine;

others — this is a unique human ability, inherited from ancestors, a kind of «voice ever»;

third believe that hypnosis is a charlatan;

fourth convinced that hypnosis is for people with shattered nervous system, as well as the people easily suggestible;

fifth see it as harmless fun (hypnotists periodically hold public sessions in circuses, theaters);

sixth believe that hypnosis is fraught with immense power and features that are hidden in the man and in need of liberation — then people will be able to reach unprecedented heights in knowledge;

the seventh, however, assured that the forces hidden in hypnosis, come out of the abyss, and the person involved in the hypnotic session, intercourse with Satan.

Eighths are hypnotized, as remnants of the past centuries. This is the most common opinion of the townsfolk.

Among the same experts in the field, either by hypnosis, or the study of this phenomenon, dominated by a few opinions:

1). Hypnosis is a part of science.

2). Hypnosis is a contact with otherworldly forces.

The only thing that unites these different groups of doctors and scientists — is that hypnosis on their general opinion — the real strength of a truly vast opportunities subjugate the will of man.


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