Sex life spellcasters

best spellcaster sex spell real workSpellcasters — people are different from other people's altered consciousness, living on their own, as they know, magical law. Let's see, how are these " Spellcasters " to sex.

Spellcasters &no hurry to lose her virginity, and they did not have an urgent need for sex. Physiology is designed so that the body produces substances which inhibit sexual desire. In addition, the preservation of virginity — an important stage in the development of the Spellcasters .

Preserving virginity, you live longer. Observed that slower aging virgins, they produce substances that inhibit this process. For the same reason, the magical rites used the blood of virgins (SIC).

During sex is an exchange of energy with a partner, Spellcasters &this exchange is not required, the magician must protect energy for more important things. Energy of the virgins stronger and brighter, so it is easier to perform magical acts. There are three types of Spellcasters &in their relationship according to sex:

1. Spellcasters who completely refuses to have sex, this saving energy exclusively for magic.
2. Spellcasters who has sex with a partner who, during the exchange of sexual energy can supplement its own energy.
3. Spellcasters who has sex, as to block access to their energy, pumping only theirs.

Spellcasters sex is somewhat different from the usual. They can influence the energy partner without touching it, thus bringing him a lot of pleasure. They feel a partner so deceive them, to simulate an orgasm, no way. During orgasm emit large amounts of energy, and if it does not fraud.

In man there are two natures: one sleeps during the day, while the other is awake at night. In other words, there are two worlds: the world of the day and night. Between these worlds in one's life is something connecting them. For example, sex. If one realizes the essence of desire in the same world, it takes place in another world, because it's still a man.

Normal people everything that is happening in the world of sleep, is unrealistic and quite scary. You can dream to do anything: fall, die, break the law, and so on, and it will not affect the peace of the day. Spellcasters all the more significant. Dream world is so real that they can fight to get back into the world of the day. Sex in the world of sleep also has other more serious consequences.

Everybody has heard of the so-called «virgin birth.» Many believe this is fiction, the other — a divine miracle. They say that it is in fact, just a lot easier for girls to find a man for a father than to prove the virgin birth and not be like everyone else.

There is even an explanation for this phenomenon. Spellcasters know that if work on the energy body, it will influence the physical body. Energy transmitted information on the new man, just affect the woman, as if physical contact through DNA. Then the body will do everything himself, started to bring the process to the end. True to do this is given only to the higher beings (gods, angels, demons), and your favorite Spellcasters .

We encourage you not to hope for a miracle. Do you want to have a baby? Then you just need to buy bedding, find a loved one and plunge him into the wonderful world of sleep and share the love energy. That's all we wanted to talk about Spellcasters &and sex.

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