hypnosis&&Origin of the word «hypnosis» has Greek roots. Hypnos — the name of a mythological god of sleep. Probably pushed outward signs of hypnosis surgeon James Brad give such name of excitation and inhibition in the cortex of the brain.
Due to the phenomenon of hypnosis immediately recall many cases of the application of this psycho in the realities of life. Sources — Official and personal experience. Rare, but there are gypsies, owning something like NLP. Recently, a colleague told a story about his wife, who is taken out all the valuables and money and gave them to the two ladies, being in full prostration due to missing critical of their own actions and off-consciousness. One of the best martial arts masters of the country, are being trained in China, volunteered to sparring with decrepit old man Taoist, who lived as a hermit in the mountains and collect herbs. Fight over before it started — against strong in all respects guy was used method of «poisoned look» paralyzed all movement.

In medieval Japan, instant hypnosis used ninja years honing the ability to elude pursuit, because the stakes were not only life but also painful death. Caught a spy and murderer made «pig» — cut bamboo saw arms, legs and other protruding parts of the body, stopping the bleeding by all means, burned his eyes and pierced eardrums. Upper limit in the application of hypnosis in secret spies of clans, was the ability to influence the psyche of many dozens of people at once, becoming invisible to them. Achieve this level of energy required to have power.

For most citizens, born and raised in the city, hypnosis is associated with performances of visiting uniques in urban clubs, cinemas and cultural centers. There, to the surprise of the public, especially people affected by hypnosis, reincarnated in the great artists and singers… Subjects could psychologically to lose a few decades old and show the child's thinking. Sometimes all witnessed the incredible abilities of manifestation hypnotized subject, which however, could divide immediately after the session.

Mind control is widely used in the civilizations of the ancient world magicians, healers and religious caste. Warriors inspired confidence in his own invincibility and superiority over the enemy, lost all fear of death. Skilled counselors, holding the consciousness of rulers decide the fate of many nations.
Are not left behind and Aesculapius. Anesthetic chemicals had not yet invented, and patients before surgery on the body, are in state blocks all pain impulses of the peripheral nervous system. Therefore, to speak of «mesmerism», as the predecessor of hypnosis, however.

Radically different schemes of self-hypnosis, where she manages a personality and hypnosis, when control of the individual and the subordination produces external force. High moral values, developed intellect, strong will, lack of reflection properly raise the level of resistance to hypnosis. In one experiment conducted by a great Russian physician and hypnotist, a doctor put in hand hypnotize women knife and ordered her to hit him in the stomach. No effect was not followed.

I must say that the use of medical hypnosis to rejuvenate gave very different results, from the marked improvement in the appearance, up to serious failures in the internal organs. Complex biochemical, genetic and energy mechanism of internal balance method does not accept hypnotic sledgehammer. The most successful were the methods of regressive hypnosis, through which the underlying causes of stress were found and recovered memories erased from the memory of the negative outside interference.

& More important than self-hypnosis, actively recommended by specialists in emergency situations, it makes it possible to mobilize in time of danger, to get rid of diseases and free, dormant within each person, hard capacities. Tame your «inner dragon» — their own subconscious fears with post-suggestiff suggestion. Deep dive into a trance without the proper training and assistance from a professional is very problematic, but the usual self-hypnosis can make a revolution in the inner world. Yesterday's obstacles and heavy emotions seem ridiculous and lшпре. You must create a list of «happiness formula» necessarily in the affirmative, repeating them to herself in transport, at work, during a walk. You change your mind with a minus sign to a plus sign, and thus begin to attract positive events.

Everything is interdependent, not only in the universe, but in the human body. My friend, who lived next door, was able to resolve by acute anger management, emotional reactions to the actions of those around him. Those with high intelligence was hard to come to terms with the inadequacy and lack of understanding of simple actions in his view of things, many subjects with which to communicate. As a result of deliberate self-hypnosis in the soul of this man appeared awaited harmony, and biochemical changes in the body caused by the fact that the color of his eyes ceased to be green and became hazel.

& No such clever leverage even the most rich and powerful people to permanently change society as they want, there are too many objective factors inhibiting such intervention. But looking inside yourself for the periodic revision of personal sphere, everyone can see that the world is changing. You can not go wrong if the first step in the transformation of all things will become a regular self-hypnosis and self-hypnosis. Practice shows loyalty decisions, if the goal is not reached, there is always a reason to look in chains ego. Hypnosis — a tuning fork, psychosomatic — a musical instrument, which should be set up and give it a new meaning.

Hypertensive and hypotensive would forget all about his health problems, if they had the simplest experience in the management of his own psyche. On the ground, never appeared to hundreds of thousands of people suffering from gastrointestinal ulcers, which is a psychosomatic illness that is generated by the introduction of stress.

Suggestion — a less tangible form of hypnosis affected by socialization. Effect of 25 fps as political and advertising technology, tricks merchandisers large stores, the constant repetition of the same information from TV broadcasters and everyday, negative contacts distort consciousness. Better to be the director of your life and its rightful owner.

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