methods of miracles

methods of miracles& &In essence, you can open any of the books, which is dedicated to success, and the first thing it will be discussed is the importance of proper mental attitude to achieve the goal. In other words, the only thing you really need for that would be a millionaire — is to believe that you play it.

If you do not believe, there is a lot of scientific evidence of this. Here is one of them.
One of the most current techniques in medicine in many cases is the use of the placebo effect to cure the sick. In addition, there are private clinics where treatment is carried out mainly on the application of this method. They say that the placebo effect was suggested by a pharmacist from France, Emile Coue, it is in response to the persistent desire of the client to sell the medicine, which is to be a recipe let him ordinary vitamins, noting that these drugs are not worse.

Surprisingly, the next day the patient came in and reported that the medication helped. Well-known saying «all our diseases — a consequence of the nerves.» But if the soil of most psychological diseases, it can and it should be treated so, the same method.

Another well-known fact — you need a lot of time to repeat the lie, and she immediately ceases to seem obvious. In this case, an effect of the unconscious. And if the words of the miraculous power of the pharmacist medication, still able to perform a miracle, it is possible and what your own words that are repeated over time with the right mood and faith, can easily convince the subconscious. Remember the words of the Bible: «In the beginning was the word ...» After all, if think about what is our belief — should be told that this opinion, and the parents.
Judgments of others, which we heard in childhood, when our mind is not ready for critical reflection, are ground on which we build our lives.
And if the family is that poverty is not a vice, it justifies his inaction and complete not desire to achieve their goals, then there is nothing at all strange in the fact that today we are not easy to believe that we have a chance to remove from pedestal Bill Gates created his own business, which will be ten times the size of Microsoft.

Emile Coue, reflecting on the magic power of the Faith, which is not going was transferred to the patient thought about self-suggestion and created a formula for success. And it sounds like this: every day, always and everywhere, MY is doing better and better.

Simple repetition of the formula got to his feet a lot of patients around the world, and gave us confidence total losers. Discovery of the mechanism of independent programming to make a great revolution in the psychology of success. A huge number of psychologists are similar formulas for success, their repetition is for the love, money, happiness.

What would these formulas take effect they must be repeated at least a hundred times, several times a day. So what happened? What has happened is that you have written for a decade or more optimistic claims for all sorts of occasions, come up with some rituals as they need to be read, which would give it a bit of mysticism and earn billions of dollars, and its status as a Priory.
But such formulas really help.
But the most effective formula will be different — those formulas that you have written yourself. Those formulas that are written with a particular life situation, specific desires and specific purpose. As it is clear that the more accurately you move the focus, the more likely to get the desired result. No need to complicate their own lives. «The concept is simple,» also simple formula impacts on their own lives through a change in consciousness.
Remember, just the fact that you are given a «mechanism» that can change not only your destiny, but the whole life of your loved ones. The most important thing is to believe in it and apply. Repeat every day for one hundred times its own formula of wealth, or to repeat the formula Cue, you'll have a month to break the deadlock, and a year just reach impressive results. But it is necessary to do it all every day. If you can not discipline yourself, then, what kind of massive success then we are talking about?
I want to graduate from a Canadian millionaire M.Fishera words:
«From you I expect only faith. It looks like it's on the way a skeptical person tries to trust God. If God is in this world, then by faith you have everything but if not — you have absolutely nothing to lose. „

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