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powerful jewish spellcaster jewish spells magicJewish magic is traditionally called Kabbalah — esoteric teachings and Jewish mysticism. In general, the Kabbalah is unique history of mysticism. It is not only infused mystical elements, but esoteric tradition supramental higher comprehension and tradition of secret knowledge. If a mystic to understand the practice and theory of the merger with the Deities, only a few of the Kabbalists can be jewish spellcaster. According to leading researcher of this doctrine, Jewish magic spells — a desire to reveal the secret life of God, and the relationship between him and the man.

The Jews spellcaster, however, like other spellcasters have practiced quite actively. And one of the first jewish spellcaster they considered the father-patriarch Laban. In Pharaoh demonstrated their magical abilities and Aaron and Moses.


Jewish love spells and Jewish Black magic spells


Despite the rather harsh ban on all spells of magic and witchcraft, magic traditions of the Jews existed as at the time of the First Temple, and now. And we know these traditions — spit over the left shoulder in the transition of a black cat, knock on wood. We also believe in the magical black eyes. And while we do not for one second do not think that all of these actions have a magical significance. And one of the best examples — the word "Abracadabra." And there is a word on the amulets III century BC

The practice of tradition Jewish black magic were not welcome, which, however, did not prevent people in particularly difficult situations, to ask help of jewish spellcaster and witc. Basically most of the knowledge about the Jewish spells and magic derived from Babylon, where they found numerous documents. It is in their traditional ceremonies witnessed by the jewish black magic — application of curses, revenge spell, death spell. In the Babylonian Talmud tell a lot about the witches, who preferred to live apart from society. Especially dangerous are those women, particularly the elderly, who fiddled on road intersections. The Babylonian bowls were discovered and magical texts. They contained a compilation of recipes curse enemies.

Existed among the Jews spellcasters and voodoo dolls — small figures with tied legs and arms. Most of these dolls were used in Jewish love spells.


Jewish Protection magic spells


An equally important aspect of ancient Jewish magic spells was to protect the house. Room devoted to the theme of protecting the home, the house is designed for the entry that you want to step over the clay bowls, covered with inscriptions and spiraling inverted upside down. This tradition was common in jewish black magic jewish love spells witch spellcasterBabylon Talmudic period, the 5-6th centuries BC. Charmed bowl, buried at the threshold of the house or in each corner, served as traps for demons and evil spirits. The language used for writing spells, different — but the total of all that spells written in the form of spirals, from the center to the outer edge of the bowl. One of the versions explaining the sequence, argues that reading is written such spell caused a demon dizziness. "A more plausible explanation, — the Ori Meiri — lies in the fact that it was easier to write because writing technique. In many bowls there are images of evil spirits with his hands, which is characteristic of all drawings of demons. Their hands are always constrained, and in one of the modern bowls (19-20th century, Syria) images demon is not only connected to the arms, and legs.

In many blogs and forums, mostly eastern, and to this day preserved medieval custom to protect mothers and babies from Lilith by body amulets or sheets with spells such as "Get out, Lilith," and the names of the angels (Sana, and Sansanoy Samanglof), attached on door to the room mother and at the bedside of her bed. Such amulets in different versions are on display. On amulets from Turkey and Iran shows three of the angel. There's even a mascot — "het" (divorce) to Lilith, and the book angel Raziel ("Sefer Raziel and Malachi"), including magical and Kabbalistic texts. Yes, and the angel Raziel is considered a means of protection from complications related to childbirth.


Jewish amulet and talisman


Since the Middle Ages was widespread use of paper jewish talismans to protect homes that are hung on the wall. Jewish protection Spell written on paper by hand or printed, single or four options for all four walls, protect human habitation from the invasion of rats, scorpions, fires and epidemics. Different countries are characterized by different styles of performance, including the design element. The text of the paper jewish talisman from Italy added images tanahich scenes mascot is found in Israel — images of local sacred sites. In the center of a makeshift house hung a sort of huge chandeliers with egg inside.


In Jewish black magic spells to bring people to the jinx, it was simply much he envied. Therefore, the ancient Jews greatly feared the evil eye, and do our best to protect themselves from side effects. Successful and wealthy people tried not to show anyone their achievements. Moreover, this belief was so strong that even in the Talmud, it was stated that 99% of deaths occur because of the curse and evil eye.
Jews have never hidden their magical powers, the Bible simply crammed with descriptions of various miracles. Besides that witchcraft same biblical commandments strictly prohibited.

No paradox in this, but there is a discrepancy in the terminology. We, the residents, under the magic mean any violation of the laws of nature. We equally wonderful and manna falling from heaven, and the resurrection of the dead, and the sudden death of a healthy person after it pointed. And the Jews have other criteria. By itself, going beyond the physical laws they are not surprising. God is omnipotent, and if necessary change the material world as you like. Another thing is that the work on this world can only be in accordance with God's plan. If you make a miracle with his help, so that's okay. But if you distort reality in their personal interests, then doing jewish black magic.


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The only difference in this. Normal human morality does not apply here. For example, the biblical prophet Elisha, who created many good things such as decontamination of rivers, multiplying food to the poor, healing and resurrection, in one scene suddenly cursed the name of God the kids who teased him "bald." And in answer to the curse of the two she bears out of the forest and hooligans tear apart. Seemingly disproportionate punishment, but because… children insulted the prophet, and therefore God in his face. Therefore, since they should be.

And what happened when living in ancient Egypt Jews wanted to leave this country, and Pharaoh would not let them! Jewish leader Moses first turned the Nile to blood, so there dead all the fish. Then he sent down hordes of frogs, which shocked the Egyptians their appearance, and after following the fish dead, then still "stink." Then the Egyptians got to her head locusts, sores and lice. And when all this has not convinced the stubborn Pharaoh, his people struck the worst punishment: in all Egyptian families, including Pharaohs family, the older children have died. After that, finally, the Jews were able to emigrate.
And nothing, black magic, these events are not considered. Now, if at least one toad Moses created for personal aquarium, then something else. Then he would be a jewish blackmagic spellcaster . And so — he was just a soldier of the Lord.


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