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They say they are from India, and some Roma phrases can be heard in Mumbai and Delhi. They say the most loyal gypsy wife in the whole world. Say the gypsy horse to be happy enough and will. And they say that the Roma is the strongest magic. Maybe it really is true, no matter how small gypsy, ten years of age are able to talk to any adult and educated person in any city in the world.

Gypsy songs you can listen to forever, and if a long look in the black eyes gypsy, you can permanently lose memory. Gypsy fortune-telling the most loyal and gypsy curses worst, impossible to get rid of them without the other Gypsies — and this is also a gypsy magic. A lot of things made up, but a lot of truth. Their way of life is too different from our way of life, they are too loud language abundantly seasoned with bright vowels, different from our language, quiet, everyday. And they say that the Roma descendants pilgrims who came from outer space.

Gypsy Magic


Their faith, as a rule, the faith of the country to which they migrate, but someone has estimated that among the Roma most Christians, but in countries where Islam is the state religion — they are Muslim, and so on. Along with this, they live apart, speak their language and follow their, Gypsy, traditions and customs. Hence, perhaps, originated the belief that there is no more magic than Roma. Of the two principles is that magic, maintain their own traditions and dialogue with cultures of different countries, plus a nomadic life, that is, the ability to transmit their information.

With no attachment to certain magical objects, the Roma are still the closest to nature, that is, to the pagan magic. They believe in the spirits of the elements, air, earth, water, and in turn to the magic of one of these elements. They have a lot of will and restrictions, most of which they are now unquestioningly follow.

And the presence of a constant attribute Gypsies — divination. Palm, on maps, using uncomplicated improvised. And if does not get into your gypsy swindler, you will get the most accurate information about your past, present, and mandatory prediction for the future, which is likely and will come true. Of course, part of divination — is a basic knowledge of human psychology. But they do not stay on the theoretical aspects, they use them in practice, and, very successfully. And yet, gypsy very hot-tempered, easily offended their word, even tone, and then after you hear a curse, get rid of that qualified magicians and healers are not taken.


Gypsy love spells 


Generic name amorous rites to practice this nation. Each ethnic group its own characteristics, nuances, rules and exceptions. Gypsy love magic, despite its apparent simplicity, is very strong. This is due to a special energy and egregore nation.

It is immoral to do a  gypsy love spell? Is not it better that it happened naturally? Ideally, perhaps so, but the reality is not perfect. In addition, the spell spell strife. You can twist the fate of man, to make him not live your life, you can slightly adjust, you can just help one person to love another, and love, among other things, be sincere and strong. Love spell — it's a moot point. To some extent, philosophical. It is very, very thin line between good and evil. Therefore, generalization and sharp estimates are not relevant.

To make the gypsy  love spell, have to use a new pot for indoor plants with good fertile soil, and one bulb. First, on a sheet of paper, write the name of a loved one and his desire. On this sheet, place the bulb, forming a triangle of three candles and setting them so that the bulb is located in the middle. Before you put a candle, hold them in their hands, recharge your energy. All leave for three days. Then take the bulb and write on it the name of your lover. Onion plant in a flower pot, fertile land, and next bury that piece of paper, on which lay the bulb, and the name of a loved one desire. Put the pot on the north side and take care of the plant. When will seem to sprout, in the heart of the young man foundation for establishing love. Important detail! During the first kiss myself say, "My soul — your soul. Love me more than himself. Amen. "

Here's another way how to make a gypsy love spell

It should take a red candle and seven corner, you need to plug into the candle. Set a candle and light it, with a photo of a candle, place a loved one. Look at the flame of a candle and think of the beloved and of result that you want to achieve through a love spell. As soon as will melt the candle will fall and needles. When the last needle falls, take it in your hands and say: "Three horses driven my wards. Three horses, white, red and black, carry me through the open field Vardo Turkish through a light pine forest, through the blue ocean salty dashing to the edge, not way neither beast nor man. In the end dashing Gaena shines, the river is flowing, white-sand loose and the wind blows-go, muddying the water in the river, the sand moves. There stands the tower, which sit thirty-three sister-novice, yearning, anguish languish. You should have (name of a loved one) to me missed, could not breathe, could not sigh. I call my power Gaeny binding, give her the keys. " Now this is a needle to seamlessly plug into the clothes lover to about anything without knowing it, he carried it with him.

Gaena — the gypsy moon goddess, patroness of love and lovers. Roma worship his goddess, often turn to her with requests for a happy love.


Gypsy curse


At its core are the gypsies, magicians, they have a very powerful cosmic karma, which protects them. Gypsy magic originated in ancient times, because of the nomadic she absorbed in the magic of the various nations. Over the past century, the Roma have lost a part of his knowledge, but all they have sufficient skills, inherited. In dealing with them to behave reasonably, to avoid over their anger.

Gypsy curse, regardless of the method overlay imposes severe damage of the subject. Substantive damage — this is done with the help of a magic act or hex for an adverse effect that has been built skillful sorcerer or magician. If you met on the street gypsy and not pay attention to it, the answer you may be dusted with a variety of threats and curses. Do not be afraid, you do not happen, because you did not do anything to her. But if you give her the money or thing and regret for what he did or even worse start to curse and insult her, gypsy curse you can not avoid. After all, they have a strong space defense, and all the words you like a boomerang through space back to you.

Gypsy curse manifests a peculiar and unstable. If you do you meet Gypsy and angered, that in response to the received many curses, then you must immediately take a shower. In the shower, imagine how with the water you wash off off all the negative energy you have. Remember, gypsies curse, only if they were paid or hurt.

A man who lives a spiritual life, has a very powerful energy field, so it is less prone to various kinds of curses. It is hard enough to put even the gypsies curse, because he is under the protection of God. Unbelieving people with bad thoughts have weak biofield, such very easily exposed to various curses and corruption.

There are ways to protect themselves from the gypsy curse. Located next to a gypsy woman, his arms crossed and do not remove them until you get away from view. Crossed arms block the flow of energy directly into your body. You can wear a normal amulet against the evil eye and spoilage. If you see that gypsy beginning to whisper something at once to get a mirror and send it to her. She immediately stops his spell and pronounce you will have time to quickly get away from it. As he left, squeeze wallop that will help you protect one of the main energy channels as palm.

 Remove gypsy curse can a father or grandfather. When he got home, his father must pull out of your head of hair 3, each time saying: "Where there is hair — rose ear." Then take a banknote expand it and put it on the table. Then you take the hair and burn the candle at church, while speaking to his father or grandfather (senior): "It was yours, and become mine." So, you take his money, only to have to quickly get rid of them (to buy or exchange the throw).

Try not to talk and not to look into the eyes of Gypsies, do not give them the money (if you pity), and most importantly do not tell them bad words, silence is better to leave as quickly as possible. By following these precautions, you will not be afraid of their curse.


Gypsy hypnosis


In preparing this material, I came across an interesting book director of Experimental Hypnosis PAN Russian Federation, Professor, Doctor of Medical Sciences and psychological DV Kandyba "Russian hypnosis".

It turns out that "even in the lands of ancient shamans and priests have developed specific psycho impact on people in the ordinary state of consciousness. The secret lay in its ability to adapt to the man, quietly bringing him externally and internally, and then, having achieved contact, through the mechanism of innate unconscious imitation, which is present in every person, to achieve the control contacts and charm.

It differs in that it turned out to be a man for a few seconds or minutes you fully obey, not realizing himself. After a few short minutes, a light mist — an obsession as it falls from the person, and it starts again soberly take everything that happens. "

Well, just picture this conversation! However, only at first sight. In fact, the difference is huge situations. In the past, this very psycho had been many elements of the Christian religion and worship of Christ and the Virgin Mary, Mother of God. And she used to accelerate spiritual enlightenment and self-improvement. Folk same psycho was built on the principles of magic and used today mainly as a street hypnosis — a terrible method of duping and selfish deceive people.

That street hypnosis and was recently named "Gypsy", as it is the Gypsies often more successful than others, and began to use it for food on their families. The main secret of their "art" — venturing play only with the chode who responds. Gypsies say, "Wolf foot feed."

So they can walk all day in different places until they find such a man. Often it turns out… Dreaming passerby. It was he completely automatically perform any simple request, uttered in passing. According to Professor Kandyba, "in science, this phenomenon is explained by the fact that in such a state of subconscious hears everything and is capable of addition of consciousness directly come into contact."

Another variation of this technique is the method of unconsidered agreement. It lies in the fact that the gambler tries to build a conversation so that the customer necessarily agree with anything obvious two or three times, then once again it is almost automatically once said "yes" and agree, it is not analyzed yet another proposal. After the "script" used and hypnotists have succeeded, they encode their victims to forgetting all that has happened.

Usually this "charm" is held for 2-3 minutes after separation. But sometimes it works for many years and sometimes for life.





History. Gypsies - the descendants of the ancient sorcerers
The Roman Empire is unanimously the historians of all time, fell, destroyed inside wealth, idleness and greed. The final section of the Roman Empire ka two parts — Western and Eastern (Byzantine} — approved Theodosius the Great, distributing it among his sons in 395 BC
When Emperor Justinian (527-565) Eastern Roman Empire reached its greatest prosperity. Justinian to attempt to return to Italy, North Africa and even Spain, which had been captured by the barbarians. However, the Byzantines regained ground later failed to keep.
However, when Justinian I created a set of laws, which was consolidated union of church and secular authorities. Ambitious emperor, seeking to revive the Roman world power, has decided to bring under this legal basis. Experts assembled by Justinian Roman law were carefully reviewed and Roman jurisprudence, and evidence of the Roman ships. Commission of the processed material to remove all obsolete and unusable in the new environment.
As a result of their work in a legal set of so-called Code of Justinian, which included the best of the Roman law, captured in clear laws and legal formulas. The creators of the code after the Romans argued that only the implementation of laws can keep order in the country and in relations between people.
This body of Roman law became the basis of many subsequent systems of law. Its rules and definitions are used in the modern law.
Standard at all times
In addition to the laws, the Eastern Roman Empire possessed a large and modern army. The walls of the Byzantine cities saw different invasions — they shook the mob uprising and religious conflict, but this does not decrease the power of the empire.
At the same time the inhabitants of the empire had reason to be proud of — the country was the center of world trade, the product of Constantinople for centuries artisans have become the standard of quality for all of Europe.
Besides the capital, the center of crafts and trade were Ephesus, Thessalonica, Trebizond. Blacksmiths, weavers, jewelers have been formed into corporations.
Here in this blessed and peaceful country with a territory of Persia began migrating Roma. It is believed that the first mention of Gypsies in the Byzantine Empire refers to the year 1054. Source referenced tsyganovedy all, is created in Georgia, "Life of St. George."
According to this source, the Byzantine emperor Constantine IX Monomakh (1042-1054), whose daughter Mary became the wife of the prince of Kiev Vsevolod Yaroslavovych and mother of Vladimir Monomakh, went hunting.
In the extermination of wild animals he helped "Sarmatians, descendants of Simon the magician, called atsingani recognized magicians and villains." These people helped the emperor in the hunt. They are scattered all over the enchanted meat, and the animals have eaten him poisoned.
Constantine wanted to make an experiment on your dog, and sorcerers, atsingani bewitched his eyes a piece of meat. Present at this Saint George cross over the meat, and the dog was still alive.
The emperor, struck by the Holy, offered him to always remain at his person, that is no longer afraid of poisoning. It quoted a source needs comment. In Byzantium, there really was a religious sect whose members were called "atsingani." The official church considered them eretakami. It is from the Greek "atsingani", again tsyganologov words, there was a Russian word "Gypsy" (as well as German Zigeuner, French Tsigane, and so on.)
Mention in the text of the Simon Maga is not accidental and not done for the red words. And detailed story of Simon-mage needs to further understand how the gypsies accepted Christian doctrine, mixing it with the old in their beliefs handed down from Persia and India. In this part lies the theoretical sources of magic and witchcraft, which are attributed to the Roma.
Returning to the subject matter, it should be noted that the Christian religion has long rejected the "alien" magic. However, the confrontation "Magic Christian" and "pagan witchcraft" was already evident at the time of the inception of the Christian mythology and morality.
Descendants of Simon the Magician
It is about the legendary historical figure, of Simon-magician. In the "Acts of the Apostles" (Chapter 8) tells us that Simon, a Samaritan by birth, conjured and amazed people with his miracles. The "pretended to be someone great," and people believe him, saying: "Behold, there is a great power of God." When the Apostle Philip preached Christianity, Simon also was baptized, that is, in fact, yielded a powerful wizard with his magic.
According to traditional Christian version, Simon saw the miracles, make Christian apostles "power of the Holy Spirit", he wanted to get the same effect as transmitted "ordination", and thus "to ferret out secrets", which offered money.
After that, he was cursed by the Apostle Paul: "Thy silver is with you so you will have to destruction… So, in the meantime, this wickedness and pray to your Lord, perhaps, you will be released intent of your heart." Since then, however, the sale of church positions ("ordained") is called "Simon."
In the apocryphal writings of Simon the magician is usually portrayed as an unsuccessful rival Simon Peter (the apostle Peter, who was born to Simon, but Jesus called "Peter" — "stone"). It is a known vagrant story of "wizards duel." Simon the magician tries to compete with Simon, "rocks" and fails, also enters the debate on the foundations of the Christian faith, and again defeated.
Despite such a hapless, says that Simon the magician is able to enter and exit safely from the fire, to throw off the shackles, to change the shape, fly through the air and raise the dead.
He was a contemporary of Christ and began preaching about the same time.
It is noteworthy that Jesus Christ of the New Testament could only "walk on water", that is "tamed" the element of water, while Simon the magician were "subject to" fire and air — the other elements. And both of them can raise the dead. But supernatural powers Simon Maga Christians invariably attributed the results diabolical instigation.
Simon the magician gathered around him followers, who formed an independent sect simonian, and soon appeared in Rome under the Emperor (according to some sources — Nero, that is, in 54-68 AD, on the other — with Claudia, a little early, from 41 to 54 AD).
According to the "Roman acts" there he is to prove his authority over the powers of heaven, and tried to take off and jumped from a high tower. Obedient to him pick up his demons, but the apostle Peter makes them withdraw, and sorcerer of broken stones to death.
Present time and circumstances of death Simonama-ha remain unknown. Separate groups simonian persisted even for two or three centuries, but they are not respected even in Gnostic circles because of abuse by some extreme forms of witchcraft.
It is believed that the system of Simon the magician was presented to them in a treatise entitled Arophasis Megale , executed, apparently in simonian role of "scripture." Of this work remained significant pieces in the book Christian writer Hippolytus of Rome (2nd century AD), argued with various heretical "false teachings."
According to Christian authors, Simon the magician claimed sent into the world by God, as the rule the earth angels became ill to cope with his own business, being swallowed constant struggle for supremacy, and the human race came into terminal decline and savagery. Accordingly, to save the world in a state of radical change only a religious paradigm, prepared and preached by the magician and his associates.
Guided by similar considerations throughout the Christian era to the present day, appear and act more and more heretics.
That his message has been heard and accepted by all people, Simon the magician supposedly appeared before fellow Samaritans, as God the Father, to the members of the first Jewish-Christian general — as innocently killed and resurrected God the Son, and to the Gentiles — the Holy Spirit, clothed flesh. Thus, he has combined the three persons of the Christian supreme Deity.
At the heart of being, according to the teachings of Simon the magician, is a fire, having a clear and secret identity. Of fire by emanations were three married couples: the mind and the imagination, the sound of the name, reason and experience. In contrast to the Apostles of Christ, Simon the magician believed ceremonial magic one of the shortest paths to understanding God.
Because he gained fame as a most powerful wizard of his time.
Thus, the very term for the nomadic people and their "false teachers" Simon the magician, was the first step to the creation of the negative stereotype that has plagued Roma so far.
Extant historical documents show that the Roma living in the Byzantine Empire and the center of the empire, and on its outskirts, then {managed by the central government, the runaway). Everywhere they were able to sell their products and services.
Nomadic people
With regard to their nomadic way of life, then it was just a trip to a very limited area: craftsmen looking for market for their products, artists needed for public appearances. Moreover, Roma were found to be so useful a population that in some places their leaders are given certain privileges. Interesting letters that Gypsies were in 1378 in the Peloponnese and in 1386 on the island of Crete.
Documents are remarkable because they are already specified occupation Gypsies — says it's the master, is busy processing metals. Byzantine sources mention these professions Roma, as divination and animal training.
In the earliest sources say snake charming, then the emphasis shifts to drive the bear. Very interesting to mention that the snake charmers passing guessed — they spoke to the people in the crowd: "You were born under a good star, and underneath are the poor." After this introduction, they began to tell fortunes.
Roma women in that era went from house to house, doing divination. It is also known that the production of sieves and sieves were most important activity of the Byzantine Roma. Still, the main trade was at that time blacksmith.
Nomadic as such, was not due to an innate "desire for change places", it was dictated by the nature of the stern Roma employment, and the availability of documents (letters of privileges) the lifestyle of many encampments was actually a semi.
And this has contributed, as we previously pointed out, first of all in detail the behavior in the civil law of citizens of the Eastern Roman Empire. Byzantine laws do not recognize the way of life, the ongoing Roma crime and chased them only on a national basis.
"Convenient" national minority"
In general we can say that the Gypsies were "comfortable" minority against the warlike barbarians. They do not take up arms, not seize territory by force. Already in the Byzantine Roma came in the first contacts with Western Europe. This occurred during the beginning of the time of the first crusades.
Because of its geographical position Byzantium became a gathering place for the Knights, departing on foot in Palestine. And behind them and followed the nomadic Gypsies, entering, so in Palestine, Syria, Egypt, and later in North Africa.
It was during this period for languages nomads received the first communication skills with Western Europeans. While following the Crusaders looted the local population; Byzantine diplomats struggled to hold the first campaign of the Crusaders in the "official task." Later, however, the Knights found it more profitable to attack his Christian ally.
Split faith and peace
After the church split in 1054 were for the Orthodox Byzantine Catholics heretics. Subject schism interesting in itself for anyone professing the Christian religion, but we are interested in it from the point of view of the impact of this issue on the perception of the world Christian converts — Roma. Therefore, and in order to further understand the story I consider it necessary to elaborate on this issue.
In the history of the Christian church split in 1054 — the event, after which the final was a division of the Christian church in the Roman Catholic Church and the Orthodox Church with its center in Constantinople.
In fact, the differences between the Pope and the Patriarch of Constantinople, began long before 1054. However, in 1054, Pope Leo IX sent legates to Constantinople, led by Cardinal Humbert to resolve the conflict, which began closing in 1053-m Latin churches in Constantinople.
However, to find the way to reconciliation failed, and July 16, 1054 in the Cathedral of St. Sophia papal legate announced deposition Kirulariya Patriarch Michael and his excommunication. In response, on July 20 the patriarch Kirulariya anathema legates.
The split has not been overcome so far, although in 1965 the mutual curse were removed but, in my opinion, for the vast majority of our contemporaries, the exact cause and reason for the split is unknown. But in the ideological-religious strife has been 150 years, and in 1204, the participants of the Fourth Crusade (Catholics) instead sail to Palestine, besieged Constantinople, took it by storm.
The decline of the great state
Further events were tragic. In the struggle of Catholics and Orthodox Christians state has entered a period of decline and crisis.
The territory of the Byzantine Empire began to decline, the living conditions of the poor, which include Roma dramatically worse. Then the eyes of the leaders of the Roma people to the threat of a large and protracted war appealed to Europe. That most likely the main reason of the first wave of migration of Roma or start a so-called "Great Gypsy campaign."
But here's the question: "What are the Gypsies in the early XV century, went to Western Europe?" modern tsyganologiya suggests that it was the usual camp. True, there is an alternative statement that camp, go to the "Long March", was unusual — it was a conglomerate of people with adventurous psychology.
This conclusion is not accidental. We have already described the profession Roma Byzantium. All in all it was working people: craftsmen, artists or trainers. Meanwhile, records and documents of the European countries do not record the sessions of alien crafts and performances with animals!
From the beginning, and the next few decades, immigrants from Byzantium involved only begging, divination and petty theft. This version has the right to life, for the honest working people (as dictated by their psychological warehouse) hoped to adapt to everything and stayed in their homes. They are not ready to go back where you came Latins Crusaders.
Orthodox Gypsies
We emphasize again — the commitment of Roma to divination in Byzantium did not lead to any repressive measures. Maximum, the researchers found, the statement of the higher clergy, where parishioners were forbidden to let in your house fortunetellers.
Of course, this is not an anti-Gypsy law of Western European sample. Punishment, and that is not secular, but spiritual (temporary exclusion from communion), threatened a customer a fortune — with these same gypsy could pursue his trade freely. Thus, these measures were a manifestation of the ordinary for the church "to combat superstition."
It is clear that the lack of repression, and is proof that the Roma did not give much concern to the authorities. I will say more: the very small number of references to the Roma in Byzantine sources proves how well they have grown into a new society for them.
If the situation has evolved differently, it inevitably would affect the internal politics of the state, and certainly would have been recorded by local authors (as recorded all potentially significant on other issues).
Thus, we can conclude that crime in the Roma environment was not higher than that of other peoples of the eastern empire. In addition, the Roma adopted Orthodoxy began with the Greeks and their fellow believers.
Then, on the stage of history there is a new powerful force — the Ottoman Empire. In 1453, the Turks took the Byzantine capital, and by 1500 almost all the territory of Greece, Bulgaria, Transylvania, the Crimean Khanate was under Turkish control. Turks expelled all the Christians of the few remaining commercial centers. What was the strongest impetus for the further migration of Roma in search of freedom and markets for their goods and services to Europe.
Roma, who left the Byzantine Empire, hoped to use the psychology of the Catholics in their favor. These emigrants were not simply this: their leaders have been prepared beforehand fraudulent version intended for the rulers of Western European countries.


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