Red magic

red magic& & RED MAGIC
Red magic — this combination is often called fire magic. It is connected with the fire of the basic magic, esoteric rituals, legends and myths. And most people give it the fire of divine origin. In folk beliefs, there are many legends about the fight for fire and fire rivalry with beasts and gods. Fire has long been worshiped and revered him, and the knowledge passed down from generation to generation.

In the ancient teachings of the origin of the fire of the world is one of the elements of the universe. He acts and one of the elements, interacting with water, earth and air. And in accordance with the work of Heraclitus of Ephesus all natural phenomena are born out of fire, and turn into a fire dying.

Worshiped fire and the ancient Greeks — as the patron goddess of fire Hestia. According to Chinese philosophy, the same fire is a symbol of life, strength and spirituality.

Red Magic

Red magic is in the form of fiery forces of witchcraft read by thousands of years, just when the first ceremonies attended magic fire.

As you know, healers and magicians consciously interact with the spirits of the elements, performing various rituals and manipulation. In this case, the forces are attracted to the magician with the whole space, and it may be the embodiment and a burning candle for fire, and the vessel with water to the element of water, and salt for the earth, and an empty container — for air. But here is to use a more subtle level and realize themselves energy sources and treat the physical layer of one of the elements as a reflection of the strength can not all magicians.

Fire — it is the only element that is not polluted by evil. And with fire can clean things, premises, treat people and restore their strength. And that's why the fire is always present in the temples. In magic systems — such as runes — fire rune Kenaz match of the compass — East. Fire magic is called because of its red color, and its main properties — dry and warm.

Fire is considered the base strength, spirituality and intellect. And it can, how to destroy everything in its path, and to reconcile and soothe. And one of the manifestations of the fire, and as a result — red magic — sexuality and carnal pleasures.

Red magic rituals are usually held near an open flame — the candles, fire place. Any of us can rally the forces of Fire to his aid-for example, through meditation. Often, this is done using candles. But do not forget that by the Fire element is treated as a very willful and living being.

Plunging into a trance, you should feel the main fire inherent qualities — cruelty, passion and indomitable. In this case, in any case should not be allowed to control the elements with you. Why spend the ritual in a secluded and quiet, relax, and ignoring the problems and concerns. Light a candle and focus on the flame, slowly feeling the penetration force and power of fire, his knowledge and intelligence. At this point, you can set the fire and answer questions on them. But in the end do not forget to thank the elements!

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