Free learning magic

free learning  magicMagical techniques are willing to learn many. but Free learning magic usually passed on from generation to generation. And in this case, a perfect match of destiny and the intention of becoming a magician. In fact, such a person is already predetermined, and more — young magician will know the features of a kind of energy, and the development of their karma magic abilities
If the magician begins next free learning magic without the support of his family, then basically, it chooses that for him the most interesting and attractive.
Incidentally, I note a certain pattern among the newcomers. Choosing black magic, people want to do no evil, and to help others, to treat disease and save. This paradox is caused by the fact that such a choice is built on the rejection of Christianity in general. And this view is common enough — if you do not want to go to church — so — you magician. And there was a point of view, mainly due to the fact that many of those who want to become a magician, just not familiar with shamanism, Slavic paganism and Voodoo. And so the choice is black magic is connected, first of all, with the rejection of Christianity.
Free learning magic — the pitfalls of black magic
Keep in mind that free learning magic — black magic, has the difference in terms of the future. The fact that the services of black magicians are expensive, respectively, and the flow of customers will be much less. Many in the black magic and limits — about sex, meat eating, alcohol and smoking. black magic ceremonies, mostly carried out at night, and most of them involve visiting cemeteries and bringing the bloody sacrifice. Are you ready for this?
Dark dangerous practice and technically. The fact is that the maturity of the individual magician are crucial to its security, and to develop a personal approach to the rites of the punishment and evil a human being, at least to a small extent is aware of its purpose in this way. Personal Power, which appears in the magical training, not confirmed with the development of consciousness, can bring great harm to the beginner.
When learning magic should definitely make attention to the adequacy of the students. The fact is that if the study of black magic deepens mentally unstable man, he runs the risk of complications such as not weak or entering of obsession, not to mention insomnia, hallucinations, and more.
Therefore, referring to the free learning magic make sure that you will not act as a pawn in a mentor — make unverified rituals receive retribution from rituals. Make sure that the morale and morality of your mentor matches yours.

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