The magic of Atlantis

The magic of AtlantisAbsolute knowledge to transform ourselves and the world is probably not owned one in the world, but one of the most adapted to the conditions of the planet is the magic of Atlantis, traces of proto-civilization which we can find in the works of Plato's "Timaeus" and "Critias", in legends and legends of different peoples, in megalithic structures in the dynamic development of the prehistoric tribes.

Priestly caste of ancient Egypt is always careful to hide the source of their knowledge, but Plato made several references to a particular form of worship of the priests by whom they are called gods - perhaps it was just a solemn ritual of communion with the Atlanteans.

Satellite images and underwater exploration of the seabed in the Atlantic indicate correct geometrical form the foundation remains of sunken cities. Hypothesize that the capital of Atlantis was in the form of huge hemispheres and concentric circles to enhance positive impacts on the environment.

Despite the fact that this amazing race disappeared more than 10-15 thousand years ago, yet today it is known - the power of Atlantis was based on knowledge of the resonance structures of various crystals.

Pyramids built in Egypt was the Atlanteans were designed to focus the power of the crystals. This was done for precise directional beams and due to the very distant worlds and the stars, which are gone and survivors, some members of the ancient civilization in a time of global disasters in the form of the earth's crust shifts, submersion of large areas of land, perennial tornadoes and volcanic eruptions. The drawings are sealed inside the pyramids facts revitalization of Pharaoh with the help of special devices in the form of the vessels. Wands Pharaoh is a means to gain power in the literal sense, as promoted mental control over nearest neighbors and nurtured the occult power of the ruler, revealing his mystical abilities.

Unfortunately, the owners of the great neglected universal power law relationship and interdependence of all that exists in nature and in the end, the principle of "like attracts like", plunged his nation into the abyss of cruel tests. Somehow everything has a cycle: formation - development - power - the decline - the disappearance - the revival of ...

At the time, a talented clairvoyant Edgar Cayce claimed that at the bottom of the world's oceans are still Atlantean crystals, presented to them once an alien civilization. The main crystal was able to accumulate not only the energy of the sun, the stars and the earth, and saving up to a vast spectrum of radiation is not so far discovered by modern physics. Apparently, the power grid crystals retained some of its charge, and it is assumed that the Bermuda Triangle is sometimes shows the character precisely because of crystals.

 Celtic saga protodruid pores talk about the disappearance of ships in the Atlantic near the mysterious island and a brave sailor who spent a few days in captivity by a personal view and found to break free, it's been a few decades.
 The ability to bend time and space to be commonplace for Atlanta and used to extend the life, training opportunities, combat mages in the frozen static present inside the closed contour of the temple. The island nation was surrounded by an electromagnetic trap, which provides complete protection from aggression and penetration of strangers. Undoubtedly, such a system required enormous energy and was an integral, but closed on the inexhaustible resources of the universe.

Knowledge has split into many pieces and gave a powerful impetus to the development of archaic tribes in different continents.

Until now, scientists amazing artificial skull, found in 1927, the young daughter of an archaeologist Mitchell-Hedges in the Yucatan Mayan ruins of buildings. Skull perfect shape made of crystalline quartz, it is not revealed any scratches that may have occurred during machining. Repeat this masterpiece in our time, even with a laser possible - the Atlanteans were applied yet unknown science technology.

The science of healing contained a completely different approach than in the era of chemotherapy and scalpels. Using crystal installation Aesculapius Atlantis was read first full genetic code holographic human suffering cure, and, with universal energy matrix absolute health, fully restores health, adjusted for individual genetic status of the atlas.
Core knowledge of magic that era lost forever due to its high complexity and science, development very steps beyond just started realizing the full potential of the future priest and was similar studies of our time, but at the level of fantasy, because of the work with subtle ripple effect.
Attempt to simulate the rough ancient technology was launched in the U.S. Navy in 1943 with the destroyer "Eldridge", where two of the radiator from the stern and nose of the ship and crew were exposed to technology. The consequences of the Philadelphia experiment for the 180 sailors were truly sad ...

According to the assumptions of some mystics Atlanteans are still hidden in the caves in the state of samadhi, thus preserving the body for a considerable time without the danger of organic change, as this type of Mahasamadhi causes metabolic state at zero. During the conquest of Tibet by Chinese troops have been instances of attempts by the Maoist penetration fanatics in every sacred to Tibetan cave. As a result, some of the soldiers lost their sanity, others before losing consciousness in a state of the most powerful shock. Tibetan lamas are inclined to believe that the cause of action - energy pulse of the defense system of the cave.

It is safe to say that if and where preserved considerable fragments of knowledge of the ancient race, it is, perhaps, the esoteric systems in China, Tibet and India as well as in these countries, they are a complete system of philosophical, religious and mystical beliefs.



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