Weddings and magic

Weddings and magic&&Wedding for a long time was considered not just a ritual, a kind of mystery, surrounded by mystery and enigma. On the wedding day is plexus two destinies and the birth family, the wedding involves a lot of rituals, signs, rituals and superstitions. Before the wedding was made to guess, although girls in Russia wondered long before will gain the status of the bride.

It was believed that the bride Yarrow tells the truth about her life. Immediately after the engagement she had to go into the yard to plant chosen and there is a plant. The night before the wedding shoots had appeared to break, take home and put them under the pillow. Going to bed, she had to turn to Yarrow, to tell how it will be lived in a marriage, and in the dream she could see his future.

Usually in dark involved not one bride, her friends were also a direct participant magic rituals. So popular was guessing on the ring — she had to wrap her hair wedding ring and put it in a glass of water, snow or rain. The glass itself was mounted on a handful of ashes, and then turns — the bride and bridesmaids — looked, what form will the water hair. Guessing this is a bit like fortune telling by coffee grounds, and judged by its results, what would be her husband — walking, drinking, hard-working, rich, poor, or combative.

Modern Bride whole rite is given is simple: you can buy a dress, if you want to order a wedding videography and other measures. A bride in Russia are all ready for the wedding themselves, including woven veil or veil. And during this action was also taken to guess. From the bride's head was taken one long hair, and his neatly woven into the veil. If the hair was not torn and not break — a young life was predicted a happy and long.

It was decided to guess on the character of her husband, to do it in different ways. In winter the bride to go out and cut with a knife snow, paying to hell, to tell what will be the spouse. Then you had to listen to the barking of a dog — if the dog barking aggressively, angrily, then the husband will be so, and if the barking was happy, therefore, the spouse will be cheerful and kind.

Today, as you can easily master any image editors, including Photoshop to take lessons, tarot images seems a bit naive. However, in Russia, did not think so, and the bride were wondering, for example, on the prints in the snow. The bride had to find a plot of untouched white snow falling on him backwards. Girlfriend helped her to her feet, and then watched what turned imprint. If the track was smooth — my husband will be kind and gentle, if snow showered, or get fuzzy, ragged print — husband beat his wife.

Still wondering bride with cock — is the most common in the villages of divination. The bird must be caught and bring into the house, where previously put a cup of water and a bowl of grain. If the cock goes to drink — my husband will be drinking, and if the bird will go first to the grain — my husband will be the economic and hardworking. It also happens that cock rejects proposed or scatter grain, and pours water. It speaks of the poverty of marriage and an unhappy marriage.

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