Signs and superstitions in aviation

plane. Russian plane. pilot. superstition. signs. fighter aircraftMost superstitions arose from the fact that in the unconscious pilot clearly laid the ban: — No! And if the «No!», You want and do not want, then you constantly think about the fear of punishment, and instead of the normal flight, the pilot's normal internal nervous trembling, sometimes well concealed. It all depends on the inner attitude! If himself inspired — «NO», then so be it flying in and out. But if his own before the flight said that everything is normal, so it turns

About superstitions pilots
— Do not take pictures of flying
— Dont fly with documents on vacation
— It is impossible to talk about the old flying accidents.
— Dont say that flying with no accidents and disasters. Can jinx.
— If prior to departure broke omen, the flight you think about it, that distracting and inevitably make mistakes.
— Not in the shelves of aircraft number 13. and if it decided to make such a plane, the plane is the happiest
— It is not advisable to fly in the day of birth. In such cases, the pilot sent to the weekend.
— Do not plan a feast after the flight.
— Dont brag in flight operations.
— Leaving the flight, you can not give someone the keys to the apartment.
— Always take flight in a lucky thing, and nobody talks about it.
— Care for flights to strictly observe the sequence of actions.
— Not in a crew to fly relatives.
But in general, obsessed with omens certainly not worth it, but respect them as much as possible, you should be.
aviator  Russian plane. pilot. superstition. signs. fighter aircraft
plane. Russian plane. pilot. superstition. aviator fighter aircraft
Men of Mystery: aviator and legend ufology
Marina Popovich life is full of mysteries. The world's only test pilot who has set a world record of 101, captain, a member of the three academies, PhD, in recent years she has devoted research of anomalous phenomena that repeatedly faced herself.

Early childhood Marina Vasilieva passed in the Smolensk region. «During the war the Germans bombed us, — she said. — I will always remember the roar of bombers, saw the Germans shot down a Russian aircraft and fired on vyprygnuvshemu parachute pilot… I was five years old, and that's when I decided to become an aviator — to take revenge.»

In 14 years, enrolled in the Flying Club Marina, invent, that she is seventeen. After the seventh grade went to Novosibirsk to enroll in aviation school. First, it did not take: the girl was only sixteen, and women pilots did not take. Advised to go to Voroshilov, who then commanded the aircraft. He asked how old she was, she said, — twenty-two. Referred for study.
Since Marina was from occupied territory, said that the documents are lost, and date of birth written — July 20, 1931. Whereas in fact born July 12, 1937. Only later, when Vasilyeva had experience fighting «MiG», from the staff sent a request to Smolensk, and there in the church found a baptismal certificate, which was the real date of birth… But the official biography of the young women pilots were not correct.

After graduation, Marina sent a design engineer at the Novosibirsk plant Comintern. She then went to flight school DOSAAF in Saransk. «The growth I have been too small for the pilot — says Marina Lavrentyevna. — Flying first were not allowed to skydive. Nevertheless, I made a — I was entrusted with the plane!»

After graduation Vasilyeva was promoted to instructor pilot. At 24, she married Paul Popovich, later known astronaut, had a daughter, Natalia. She worked as a flight commander in Petrozavodsk, and then made sure that was transferred to Moscow.

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Marina had the opportunity to fly with Vladimir Seryogin, who later died with Gagarin. Was a military pilot of the transport link. Then withstood competition to test pilot. In 1964, she was the first among women, could break the sound barrier on a fighter «MIG-21.»

Deciding to continue his education, Marina entered the Kiev branch of the Faculty of electrical equipment MAI.

But the fourth year she transferred to the Civil Aviation Academy. And all this time continued to experience aircraft ...

Upon his retirement, Marina Popovich seriously engage in research in the field of ufology, paranormal phenomena. Wrote the book «UFO over Russia.» I met a lot of famous contactees — Antonio Ribeiro, Jean-Jacques Petit. I am convinced that they are really

come into contact with other intelligence, wrote to his dictation their work.

«At one time, I was fascinated and Cryptozoology — said Popovic. — Went alone with his younger daughter on an expedition to the Pamirs, in search of Bigfoot. Somehow we sit around the campfire and see — hung over us matt star, or rather, a glowing object. And a ray of it leaves the forest. Povisel and left zigzags.

The tents were all asleep head for the exit, and I and my daughter — inside. And at night I wake up and saw someone drags me out of the tent Oksana. Who exactly — I did not see. Oksana then says that he remembers the touch of someone's hands — strong and soft. A group leader Oleg Rumyantsev said that over our tent tended a huge creature.

We were trying to make contact with a snow man. Cut into small squares of paper of all colors, the night spread out on the ground. Asked: „What do you like

color, who are you? “

The next morning all the green boxes are gone. Next is a strange track of very large feet.

I have heard a lot about this creature. According to U.S. researchers, yeti are a side branch of humanity. After the Great Flood on the earth was only a Sherpa people and astronomer who lived in the mountains.

Sherpa took the path of self-knowledge, and their descendants — snow people — have the gift of telepathy, clairvoyance, levitation. Scientists also — our ancestors — went on the path of learning about the world… „

This is symbolic — when a man who has devoted his life to the sky, air, suddenly hits the “mystique». But perhaps aviator profession itself raises questions about the unsolved phenomena of our world?
Margarita Trinity

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