White magic consequences

white magic spellI want to warn you about the possible consequences of white magic. Sometimes, the problems seem to be completely insoluble, and there is thought to help from the outside, on the effects of magic on a negative situation. In this regard, I am, witch Reddy, it is my duty to warn you against the irresponsible use of magical powers, and rich black magic.

Evocation, damage, curse, various charms, spells, and other assistance in solving your problems are not given as a gift, but somehow paid, and paid dearly. That is, for the support you have to pay someone a witch.

You have to understand that anything to do with the higher powers are not as safe as we would like. But, if you take it yourself, not being versed in magic, you must be aware with what you are dealing with and how much risk. Magician knows how to take you to the flow of negativity, to pay to the other side and dispose of. You, without preparation, without having knowledge, not only did not solve your problems, but over and pull even more trouble. Remember that the actions taken by you, can affect your health and even life itself.

Before you do a ritual, you need to understand the causes of certain events. Maybe put a curse on you, and you, without realizing it, are attracting negative. Places worth checking out, perhaps next to you is a vampire that has an effect on you, to energize your energy. In this case you will cleansing the chakras and personal charm. But sometimes the problem is deeper, and the spell or curse not imposed on you, and on your loved one. This is really dangerous, because the effect of damage can break his fate. In this case, the witch need help
Properly remove a curse or spell, easy, whatever may be said on this. You can — and all of these are magicians — throw or seal imposed on you spell. But for the complete removal of a curse or spell love is complicated magic ritual.

Attention! Not every witch is ready to do so because of a number of spiritual ritual restrictions.

Curse at its core — the action of black magic and a dark side. And even if an adult can not resist these forces, imagine what will happen to your child! Therefore, you must remove the curse, but can not do it themselves. This ritual is safe in one case, if it makes a witch and has sufficient knowledge and understanding of what it does. The negative effects are possible, and this should be remembered.

Do not make yourself the magic rituals to avoid fatal consequences. Communicate to start with knowledgeable people. This can be done online or in a real dialogue with people you trust and whose competence is not in doubt. doing black magic rituals, you move away from God and come closer to the Devil. Choose one thing and follow his path. I'm not trying to dissuade you from the road to the devil, everyone — his own. But, you can not serve two masters, and change nobody suffers. Play by the rules, not be without protection and the dark and light forces.

Upon the occurrence of adverse effects triggered destructive program, and it is difficult to remove. May appear apathetic to life your loved one or you yourself, because everything that happens to him, affects you. Powered by a destructive program eats you, and you will like it's notice but are not aware of, take for granted what is happening.

What is a destructive program? This is specifically imposed curse, spell, mental or magic. These phenomena occur when trying to do magic rituals amateurs. Proceeding incrementally, destructive program will pump your vitality, change your aura, so that will be all light rejection. Start trouble and difficulties different plan of love, work, and this may relate to health and family — that's where clearly visible traces of a destructive impact.

But, this is not the worst. It is terrible that is social degradation. You will not see around you no good, nothing pleases you, and in the end, you start to accept it as the norm, considering all the blame for their troubles. Here is where the movement begins in a circle, where each coil diameter is reduced ...
Contact me, do not miss such a precious time. I can remove the curse, any destructive program to free you from this terrible burden.

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