Magic codes, ancient and modern

Recently, the staff member of the University of Saragossa Celia Sanchez Natalias able to decipher the inscriptions on the two lead plates with the image of the goddess from the vaults of the Archaeological Museum of the City of Bologna. Age artifacts is about 1600 years old. According to researcher, they were used for rituals of black magic in the late Roman Empire.

As told Senor Natalias, both tablets contain the image of a deity. Presumably this is the goddess of moonlight Hecate. Out of her head out the snake, which, according to the scientist lady, are an instrument of the curse. At each of the tablets also painted mummy with his arms folded, and the name at the top. As it turned out, the first of them that curse — Senator named Fisto second curse addressed vet named Porcelli and his family. Inscriptions in Latin and, apparently, by different people. According Natalias such magical practice was quite common in ancient Rome.

Meanwhile, in the world there is still a lot of ancient artifacts with inscriptions that have not be deciphered. Take, manuscripts, written on the walls of Egyptian pyramids. Scientists have counted there 4000 characters, each of which has several meanings.
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One can only imagine what was going on. One of the researchers, Lert Skrempton, believes that the Egyptians are encrypted knowledge about the structure of the universe, their cosmology. Many of the characters seem to be associated with the world beyond the grave. Interestingly, the Egyptians did not knows such a thing as «death.» Character, previously interpreted in this sense, as it turned out is common in cosmological texts and means literally «going west.» According to ancient Egyptian beliefs, the soul of man is immortal, and death of the physical body simply «went to the West,» just as the sun for a day makes its way from east to west.

But the mysterious ciphers are not only with antiquity. In 1992, the Philadelphia resident named Bill O'Neill drew attention to the strange tile size of vehicle license plates, laid out in different parts of the local roads. At all was one and the same text in capital letters: «IDEAS Toynbee In 2001, Kubrick revive the dead on the planet Jupiter.» Apart from the main message, some of them add a mysterious contents, for example: «Kill every journalist, I beg of you,» or «obey. Perform.» Tiles were somewhat different from each other in color, but were made out of a strange solid. To the surface of the highway, they were attached with tar.

Bill tried to learn something about these artifacts and inscriptions on them, but he was unable to obtain reliable information. He created a Web site dedicated to the phenomenon of «Toynbee tiles». It turned out that similar plaques detected and in other parts of the U.S., as well as in South America. To date on the tracks found about 130 such sites, and no one has never seen how they appear there.

Toynbee, whose name is mentioned in the mysterious letters, probably none other than Arnold Toynbee, historian, theologian, born in 1889 in England. About who this Kubrick guess, too, no: of course it is a cult film director Stanley Kubrick, who shot the film «2001: A Space Odyssey», which tells about the mission to Jupiter. Enthusiasts who conducted the investigation, found only one point of intersection in the works of Toynbee and Kubrick: first mentioned in the works of the famous philosopher and magician Zarathustra, and the second appears in the name of Zarathustra musical theme paintings…

The researchers concluded that all signs, message carried by one person who is able to travel a lot.

One of the authors of the prospective candidates in the plates is a social worker in Philadelphia James Morasko, who in 1983 gave an interview to a local newspaper, in which he claimed that the dead can be resurrected by taking them to Jupiter. Stumbling on this note, in 2001, a reporter working on a story about the mysterious tablets, tried to find Morasko. It seems that he did it, but the phone Morasko said his wife, who said her husband removed the throat and can not talk.

But another reporter on the phone allegedly responded that Morasko died in March 2003 at the age of 88 years. However, some things have questioned his authorship tablets. First, in the years when there was the greatest number of tablets Morasko must have been about 70. It is hard to imagine that a person in such an advanced age was engaged in such activities and was so mobile. Secondly, the message still found after the death of «suspect.» Maybe he has an accomplice or a successor? Anyway, the author of the mysterious messages and to this day remains unknown.

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