Magic sales- the magic shop sales

Magic sales- the magic shop sales& &Magic sales
Gone are the times of barter, when, taking a couple of extra chicken, I went to the blacksmith to replace the bird on a horseshoe or a knife, depending on what I need at the moment. Perhaps, in these times, the magic of sales was not necessary, most likely, it was not simple. But the world has changed, each necessary for us, or not very necessary thing, we're going to a store, a supermarket, a boutique. And here, perhaps, comes the real magic, that it faced, almost everyone in their daily lives. The amount and composition purchased, surprises us at home, in the kitchen, in front of the refrigerator, in which we are trying to put all bought. Magic, or the magic of sales, or our inability to stand up to all this?It's worth remembering, as we choose the first car, an apartment, a suit, a ring for the girlfriend. What we were demanding, to the walls, stairs, ceilings, luster and size, as were followed by the seller, and personally checked finger, whether spoken reality. Perhaps we were ridiculous, but we were careful. it's important…

Magic salesProbably, we should think about in the process, consider it from various sides. Sale occurs when there is a need to buy — the law of equilibrium. Well, first — correctly, the desire to buy. Because we need it, because there is no need in the house makes the house less comfortable with this to correct the discomfort we dress and leave the house, taking the purse — we are ready to exchange some money available to us, to this thing. This is probably the easiest part of the process.And here you are in the store. Katish front of the cart, though, is that we need to, you can carry in one hand. But it's okay, in the end, the cart — this is really handy. Miracles do not start with it, instead of deliberately go to the window, shelves, racks, where necessary, begins bypassing store. There is something nice, and that we've never tried it, and it tried, but a long time ago. Familiar, does not it? Seeking is at the very top, and we could hardly pushing the cart, move to a number of banks.

What happened? We take the time spent money, we brought it home, that may need us, but without it, we could easily do without. Or maybe it is that the essential thing is much more expensive than it is written on the price tag, but we do not have it cheap, we want to pay the exact amount that assessed need. And the thing to «get» weight, we buy everything.

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