Indian magic at the heart of Hinduism

Indian magic at the heart of Hinduism Indian magic
Indian magic existed since ancient times. But now the magic is one of the important pillars of Hinduism. But the most ancient source of the magic of the occult sciences in India is Atharvaveda book, which describes the magical rituals that canonized or vice versa — a cult.

Fundamental to the magic of India Atharvaveda are home ceremonies, where the central part is taken home and life. The book contains healing spells, spells for prosperity, as well as hymns for different rituals. Selection of plots in the Atharvaveda visible beliefs of the ancient tribes of India, and in many sciences — such as medicine, physiology, astrology and so taken was the experience of this book.

Indian magic spells

Help witches in India has always been considered the most effective means in the fight against fate. And unlike the Christians, no Indian sees no sin in an address to magicians.

Out of India, and this way of mythology, like the devil. Indian magic and Hinduism preach the principle of unity of all life, and therefore a clear boundary between good and evil does not exist here.

Indian magicians in their practice using a variety of magic powers. They can bring the same damage, and even beat, and also heal the person or bestow his blessings. But even here the black magicians are not made pariahs. The fact that the Indians believe that our karma can set things right. Speaking in other words, they believe that if the magician leads to damage someone, that person was punished for something he had done in a past life. A wizard with a merely carry the almighty gods.

Not India and separation of the white and black magicians. Moreover — sorcerers, or Veshchunov, stomach in every village, and become a mage can be any pre-mastering the knowledge and finding popularity. The most powerful mages same — not those who have received the gift by inheritance, and who himself purchased it.

Making magic ritual, Indian magician never say that it was he had it. Mages usually say that the rite through his shakti — energy. Shakti energy exists only in and donated asektizma God or guru. But it can be achieved during special ceremonies. But Shakti is never innate gift, it necessarily achieve.

Indian magicians claim to themselves any special powers do not, and receive strength from the spirits. In general, the whole history of this country says that she just saturated with magic. In India there are all forms of mystical thought, all kinds of magic, and all the rites and rituals.

Even Indian art features a magical image — carved in stone grotesque figures, or animals painted on the walls of caves. Almost all of them express the magical ideas. The magic in this country is stronger spells of primitive religions. Among Buddhists widespread belief that certain words or sounds in their repetition, can control the spirit world. These sounds are called mantras known to us.

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