Numerology love
Numbers from ancient times an important and multifaceted role in human life. Not surprisingly, they have always attracted attention on the part of the mind. Among the most ancient people attributed special, supernatural properties, almost every religion has its «sacred numbers.» Some of promised happiness and success, others can cause stroke of bad luck, some favorable to travelers and soldiers, other sacred mysteries. Recognized experts in the use of numbers were the ancient Indians, Egyptians, Chaldeans. Secrets of his teachings entrusted only to a narrow circle of initiates.

According to the «Book of Creation», one of the major works of the esoteric teachings of the ancient Jews — Kabbalah, the world was created by means of numbers and sounds (or numbers and letters). «Examine all things with numbers, penetrate into this mystery and meditate — said in her. Having absorbed the wisdom of numbers themselves become wise. » The authorship of this work is credited with the biblical patriarch Enoch, the Egyptians, he was named Thoth, and the Greeks — Hermes.

The founder of the European doctrine of numbers was Pythagoras. He is credited with saying: «The world is built on the power of numbers.» In his high school knowledge of the properties of numbers is the first step on the way to the esoteric knowledge. Pythagoras book «Sacred Word» is not available, but with principles set out herein we introduce the works of his followers — Philolaus, Archytas, Plato, Aristotle, Porphyry.

Echoes of the ancient teachings of numbers can be found in the cultural heritage of almost any nation. For example, a well-known researcher of primitive cave painting Sahara Henry Lot in his book «The Other Tassili» mentions: «The African herding Fulani tribe number 7 symbolizes the unity of the whole, combining masculine — 3 with a female — 4.» In the Renaissance awakened interest in the ancient teachings, including those about the numbers. In 1533, Cornelius Agrippa publishes «Occult Philosophy» that describes the magic of numbers. Occultists XVIII and XIX centuries., Among which should be made of Eliphas Levi, Theodore Leba, Dr. Papus, Aebarrolya devote entire works studying the properties of numbers, the interpretation of the Book of Creation and other kabbalicheskih composition.

Ancient philosophy of high value and modern scholars (see, eg, the book VVNalimov «Spontaneous Mind»). Giving serious consideration to the three founders of numerology and astrology schools in Moscow. Most major works is «Kabbalah numbers» Absalom Submarine. «Numerology» Sergei Vronsky written more popular. Papers Pavel Globa — «Arithmetic of Destiny» and «values of the numbers.»

The most authoritative contemporary specialist was Count Louis Gamon, better known by the nickname Cairo, for a long time was an adviser U.Cherchilya on occult matters. Its main merit-development doctrine applicable in daily life, they set out in the «Book of Numbers». According to the views of the Kabbalists are formless essence present in all things and phenomena. «Every number we have a force that number or symbol to denote the number expresses not only quantitatively. These forces are in the occult relation between this and the principles of things in nature, they express „- writes C. Agrippa. Any thing has suschnosti.formy and name, and the name — an important link between the substance and form: it is thanks to him that the essence of a thing, plus the form of images. The name is the result of a certain combination of letters, through which it has a numerical value and, thus, is an expression of one of the properties of numbers.
Modern man to influence the numbers more understandable from the point of view of psychoanalysis. Each number in the first place simply to be associated with certain images that are fixed in the subconscious. Each image is in harmony with some kind of activity, traits, and so on. For example, the number 1 is in the mind of the individual image of something: a single person, a separate building, a tree, the sun in the sky. These images are associated with the beginning of any activity with the creative, individual work with a penchant for leadership. 2nd images of the couple, boom, it has a beginning and an end, the balance beam, the crescent moon, and 3 — a triangle, a family of three, 4 — square, four corners, 5 — pentagon, star, pentagram — Arcanum, etc. etc. Since the human mind is shaped, in education account each number forms in the mind of the appropriate image. When the person in the activity occurs with numbers in his mind active sections corresponding to the image of these numbers. The reverse process: a certain image that arose in the mind, stimulates the subconscious areas with images corresponding to the same chislovovmu value. If someone has the same name, date of birth, place of residence, etc., that the other person, it will cause predisposition in their relationship, mostly favorable.

Basic to man, according to Louis Gamon, is the number of birth. For the development of its properties should increase the concentration on it, that is, live in houses and apartments, the rooms are in harmony with the number of birth, select the appropriate name, the same applies to all dates, numbers, and names found in life. The city and surrounding community should be considered and implemented as a broader octave harmony, the number of your house or apartment — like a more intimate, personal, number or date of the day of the week — as a more direct, directly related to the event, and the date of birth or name in relation to the most itself — as more inidividualnuyu regarding feelings, love, affection, and home life.
Number of name

If the date of birth is not favorable, it is possible to concentrate, for example, including the name or sign of the zodiac. To identify the name or numeric value of any word, add up the values of the numbers that correspond to each letter:

A-1, B-2, C-3, G-7, F-8, D-4, Q-1, E-5, R-2, F-8, S-3, G-3, T- 4, H-5, U-6, I-1, V-6, J-1, W-6, K-2, X-5, L-3, Y-1, M-4, N-5, Z-7
Signs of the Zodiac:

Aries — 9, Libra — 6, Taurus — 6, Scorpio — 9, Twins — 5, Sagittarius — 3 Cancer — 2, and 7, Capricorn — 8 Lion — 1 and 4, Aquarius — 4 and 8, Virgo — 5 Fish — 3 and 7.

In Cancer 2 exercised more than 7, in Leo — 1 than 4, in Aquarius — 4 to 8, in Pisces — 7 than 3.

At the beginning of each character Louis Gamon identifies seven days as the days of these periods are the properties of two adjacent characters. Days of the week: Sunday — 1 and 4, Monday — 2 and 7, Saturday — 9, Wednesday — 5, Monday — 3, Friday — 6, Saturday — 8.
The number and location

Anyone can determine whether city, town or the area where he intends to settle down, for it will be favorable. Everyone can easily detect the presence of his birth in the name of the city or countryside.

Work through the city or area by letter, assigning each a numerical value of the letters of the Mystical alphabet. Put down those numbers under each of the letters of the city, they will put together a number of the city. Continue adding until there is only one figure, which will be a single number corresponding to the name of your city.

If it is a single number is the number of births, then the name of the city, town or district are in agreement with your personality. This effect will be amplified if it is the number of the man is also in agreement with a number of areas. People are the number one easily find that the following cities are best suited to them for permanent residence.

Designed, for example, the name of the city of Manchester: MANCHESTER 4 +1 +5 +3 +5 +5 +5 +2 +3 +4 = 37 = 1.

Other cities that give 1: Birmingham, Boston, New York. People are numbers 1-4 and 2.7 have much more choice than those born under the signs of the other numbers, since these numbers are interchangeable.

People can choose the number 2 any city, the final single number that barks any number of the above-mentioned series, but can be a particularly good name them vyOor, if the name of the city will give their own the number 2, for example, Leeds, Plymouth, Norwich, Brighton.

People can choose the number 3 in Dublin, Moscow, Melbourne, Nottingham, Aevonport or Bradford.

Number 4 people can live in London, Quebec, Montreal, Salisbury.

People can choose the number 5 Portsmouth, Chicago, Vienna. But since 5 — this is the only number that is in harmony with every other number, the number of people 5 can not afford not to be particularly scrupulous in the choice of place of residence, as they are almost as perfectly in accord with any city in which they live, regardless of the number of this city.

Number 6 people can live in Liverpool, Paris, Louvre, Oxford.

People can choose the number 7 Hollywood, Calcutta, Preston or any other city in a series of numbers 1, 2, 4, 7.

Number 8 people can live in Belfast, Glasgow, Bombay. But not all people of the numbers 4 and 8 should be to increase the influence of these numbers, living under the sign of their striking fatality, and select a city with a numeric value of 1, 3, 5, 6, etc.

People of the number 9 can stay in Berlin, Rome,

Toronto. As noted above, the people of 3, 6 and 9 sympathetic to each other and in this way they can choose any city or town, which gives the number of 3, 6 or 9, almost as well as if they were choosing a city with only one “ their own 'individual number.

Note. Keep in mind that the names and names in this book analyzes the English sound. For the Russian people is harmonious Russian pronunciation of words, such as: Moscow 4 +7 +3 +2 +6 +1 = 23 = 5, and the English sound (Meckoyu) corresponds to 3, as described above.

Numbers and Disease
Maintain good health — one of the requirements to achieve success in life. Those ancient scientists who discovered the extraordinary influence of numbers on human affairs, have developed a system which can be used to relieve pain and illness, using herbs and fruits are associated with each of the planets, and thus with the numbers, which were born under the signs of people.

The number 1 people are predisposed to heart disease, circulatory problems, and with increasing active lifestyle — high blood pressure. They also have a penchant for eye diseases and astigmatism. It would be nice if they occasionally conducted a survey of vision.

The main herbs and fruits of one people: raisins, chamomile, saffron, garlic, cloves, nutmeg, sorrel, lavender, bay leaves, oranges, lemons, figs, thyme, myrrh, ginger, barley. They should have as much honey.

10 th, 19 th, 28 th, 37 th, 46 th, 55 th, 64 th years of life will bring them significant health changes in either direction.

Months in which to fear ill health: October, November, January. Of 2 people are predisposed to diseases of the stomach and digestive organs.

The main herbs and fruits of two people: a salad (lettuce), cabbage, turnips, cucumbers, cantaloupe, flax seed, banana, chicory (Individ winter).

11 th, 20 th, 29 th, 38 th, 47 th, 56 th, 65-th years of life will bring them significant health changes.

Particular care they need to monitor their health in yanvire, February and July.

Number 3 people most likely to suffer from disorders of the nervous system, occurring mainly because of conflicts, fatigue. They are also prone to bouts of jade, sciatica and various forms of skin diseases.

Herbs and fruits of three people: blueberries, asparagus, dandelion, chicory, sage, vpshnya (cherry), pears, olives, rhubarb, krgzhovnik, pomegranate, pineapple, grapes, nutmeg, cloves, garlic, almonds, figs, walnut ordinary wheat.

Years of life are important for change health: 12 th, 21 th, 30 th, 39 th, 48 th, 57-n, 66 th.

In December, February, July and September to fear ill health and avoid fatigue.

People of 4 have the likelihood of suffering from mysterious health problems that are difficult to diagnose normal. They are more or less prone to melancholy, anemia, headaches and back pain.

The greatest benefit of these people have the „electrical treatment“ of all kinds, hypnosis, psychotherapy and spiritual suggestions. They should be especially careful to take drugs and to avoid food from early vegetables and uncooked meat or blood.

The main herbs and fruits of four people: spinach, sage, medlar, Solomon's seal.

Years, important to their health — 13 th, 22 th, 31 th, 40 th, 49 th, 58 th, 67 th.

Months when their health is particularly vulnerable: January, February, June, August and September.

Number 5 people tend to overtax the nervous system, are prone to voluntary spiritual and intellectual overload, which in the end do not survive, „live on their nerves.“ They seem to raise themselves neuritis and prone to nervous exhaustions and insomnia. Sleep, rest and peace „- the best treatments for them.

The main herbs and fruits of five people: carrots, parsnips, oats, parsley, mushrooms, caraway seeds, thyme, nuts of all kinds, but especially common walnut and walnuts.

Important years, when to expect changes in the health of either side: 14 th, 23 th, 32 th, 41 th, 50 th, 59 th, 68 th.

Months in which the number 5 people are particularly vulnerable to poor health and to watch out for: June, September and December.
Number 6 people are predisposed to diseases of the throat, nose, and upper parts of the lungs. Typically they differ by adding a strong body, especially if they have the opportunity to live in the open air or in the country where they have plenty of fresh air and exercise. As a rule, those born under the number 6 women are breast disease. Most of the heart to the end of life of the people of six starts to “pass» and this causes circulatory disorders.

The main herbs and fruits of six people: all kinds of beans, beans, parsnips, spinach, zucchini, mint, melons, pomegranates, apples, pears, apricots, figs, walnuts, almonds, daffodils, wild thyme, violet, verbena, rose petals .

15 th, 24 th, 33 th, 42 th, 51 th, 60 th, 69 th years of life for the people of six years, in which their health may be significant changes.

The most dangerous to the possible deterioration of health months: May, October and November.

People of 7 is much more susceptible to all kinds of pain and anxiety on the part of their health than people of other numbers. As long as everything goes smoothly, they can easily overcome any «blockages» in the work, but if they are worried or in their way, they tend to represent all his bleaker than in reality, and easily fall into depression and melancholy.

They are extremely sensitive to their environment and willing to take on any responsibility for those who understand and appreciate them. They are extremely conscientious, doing jobs that interest them. But their body is too fragile for the load, which they themselves saddled as they are much more spiritual than physical. They is very delicate, thin skin, which is due to the specificity of its structure appears bother them easily sweat, sweating, or increased susceptibility to irritation.

The main herbs and fruits of the people 7: salad (lettuce), cabbage, cucumber, flaxseed, mushrooms, sorrel, apples, grapes, juice of any fruit.

Years of life, which may occur significant changes in their health that fire that side: 16 th, 25 th, 34 th, 43 th, 52 th, 61 th, 70 th. Months, the most dangerous to their health: January, February, July, August.

Number 8 people susceptible to disease of the liver, gall bladder and intestines. They are prone to headaches and rheumatism. They should give up animal food and live on vegetables, herbs and fruits.

The main herbs and fruits of eight people: spinach, banana, plantain, sage, verbena, mandrake root, celery.

The most important change with respect to health for them will be the 17 th, 26 th, 35 th, 44 th, 53 th, 62 th, 71-th years of life.

Months in which to look out for exhaustion and ill health in December, January, February and June.

People of the number 9 is more or less prone to heat, fevers of all kinds, corn, scarlet fever, chicken pox, and so on. They should avoid heavy meals, try to keep yourself in wine and other alcoholic beverages.

The main herbs and fruits Luden number 9: onions, garlic, leeks, horseradish, rhubarb, mustard seed, tarragon, cheremitsa, ginger, pepper, broom, rape, madder, hops, nettle juice.

The most important years of life, that they may be changes in the health of either side are 18 th, 27 th, 36 th, 45 th, 54 th, 63-n, 72-th years of life .

Months in which to be especially wary of ill health or fatigue: April, May, October and November.

Connection between music and numbers

Numbers and music have a definite connection. People of the numbers 1, 3 and 9 march love, inspirational music, the people of the numbers 2 and 7 tend to be stringy and light wind instruments such as the violin, cello, harp, flute, 'bagpipes, people of six soft romantic love music of all kinds, having melody and rhythm, and people tend to number 5 or extremely original, or unusual music that lies outside the developed musical traditions. People are the numbers 4 and 8, if they have any musical ability or aptitude for music, tend to the body and are often excellent choral singers, but their music always in the background there are melancholy notes, religious fervor and fanaticism.

Due of magnetic rays emitted by the number 9 people, their presence often irritates people born under the signs of the other numbers, except for 1, 3, 5 and 6. People born under the other numbers are very often nervous or uncomfortable in the presence of people of the number 9.

Number 1

The number 1 represents the Sun in the occult. This is the beginning — what all the other nine numbers were created. The basis of all the numbers alone, the foundation of all life — alone. This number represents all the creative, personal and positive.

Personality born under the «number of birth» or some one of his series have in their work the principles that make them work is creative, strictly personal, very definite in their views. As a consequence, they are more or less persistent (stubborn) and determined in everything no matter what they were taken. This applies to all men and women born under 1 (1 st, 10 th, 19 th, 28 th of the month), but this effect is particularly strong if they happen to be born between July 21 and 21-28 August, during the Zodiac, called the «house of the sun», or between March 21 and April 21-28, when the sun enters at the vernal equinox and is considered in this period or polnosilnym sublime. That is why people born under the number 1, in these times must be the quality of the numbers expressed in a particularly strong form.
People of one ambitious, they do not like the restrictions are always trying to break up what may be to their profession or occupation. They wish to become leaders, «head», and the leaders they support your credibility, «set» themselves and know how to get their employees to look at yourself with respect. Number of people one should try to carry out their plans (the most important), and the idea of all the days that correspond to their number (1st, 10th, 19th, 28th of any month, but especially in the period from July 21 to 28 August and from 21 March to 28 April).

Beyond their numbers, the number one people get along well with people born under the signs of 2, 4 and 7, and especially in the higher-born uhazannye strong periods. Days of the week, the most favorable for the people of one — on Sunday and Monday, especially if one of their number falls on that day, such as the 1 st, 10 th, 19 th, 28 th, and some less — it is their turn of 2, 4 and 7. The most suitable colors for the people of one — all shades of gold, yellow gold and bronze to brown. Precious stones — topaz, amber, yellow diamonds, and all the stones of the same color. If possible, these people should be worn on the body of a piece of amber.

One born under the number: Alexander the Great, Bismarck, Calvin, Danton, Goethe, Nansen, Edgar Allan Poe, Brigitte Bardot, Zhukov, Makarenko.

The number 2

The number 2 symbolizes the moon. Moon has feminine attributes of the Sun, and thus the number of people and one of two well agree with each other, despite the fact that they tend to have quite the opposite.

People of 2 by nature gentle, kind, with a rich imagination, impressionable, artistic and romantic. Like the people of one, they are very creative, but not very much for putting his ideas into practice. Fundamental properties of their character much more belong spiritual than physical sphere. These are those who were born of the 2nd, 11th, 20th, or 29th of any month, but their characteristic qualities are particularly hard if they were born between June 20 and July 20-27, ie. in the period called «the house of the moon.»

People of 2 should strive to implement its major plans and ideas in those days, the number of which are in harmony with their own: priority should be given to these numbers, like 2, 11, 20, 29, and particularly favorable period from June 20 to 20-27 July.

Days of the week, the most happy or lucky for them — Sunday, Monday and Friday (Friday is favorable that is ruled by Venus). This is particularly evident in the case, unless the day falls number harmonious with 2 and 1, 4 and 7.

Error that people should be wary of the number 2 — it samoistoschenie, work without rest, stay in a state of insecurity and uncertainty, the lack of perspective in their plans and ideas, lack of self-confidence. They are very prone to hypersensitivity, too easily fall into depression, despair and melancholy, if not in a happy environment. How lucky colors they should wear all shades of green, from the darkest to the lightest, light green and cream and white. They should avoid all dark colors, especially black, purple and dark red. Happy stones for them — pearl, moonstone, all pale green stones, and they should wear a piece of jade (agate), preferably directly on the body.

Born under the number 2: Ednsson, Musset, Ibsen, Sophia Loren, Bing Crosby.

The number 3

The number 3 in the symbolism associated with Jupiter, the planet that plays the most important role in astrology and numerology in all systems. This is the beginning of what can be defined as one of the main lines of force that runs through all of the numbers are multiples of 3.

People having 3 by the number of birth, born 3rd, 12th, 21st or 30th of any month, but the number 3 is especially increasing its influence in the so-called «period 3» with 19. February 20 — 27mar-ta, and from November 21 to December 20-27.

Number 3 people, like people of one very ambitious. They are never satisfied, if a subordinate position. Their goal — to rise in the world, to gain control and power over others. Nevertheless, they are different in the execution of orders, like the order and discipline. They readily obey orders themselves, but also insist that their team performed. People often reach the number 3 to the highest levels in any profession or field in which they reside. They often occupy a dominant position in the army or navy, in government, especially in positions that require trust and responsibility, as extremely conscientious in the performance of their duties.

A common mistake is the commitment of these people to the dictatorship, the desire to impose its laws, their persistence in the performance of their own ideas. That is why they are often preying many enemies, though they are not inclined to quarrel. People are extremely proud of the number 3, do not like to be in debt, seeking independence and chafe against any restrictions.

They are encouraged to carry out their plans in the days that harmonize with their own number, such as the 3rd, 12th, 21st or 30th of each month, but especially when these dates fall on a «period of 3.» Days of the week the most successful dlya.nih -. Tuesday,. -, Thursday, and Friday, Saturday — the most significant. These days are particularly favorable if the number falls to them, giving 3, and slightly less favorable when the point of 6, 9, etc.
Number 3 people are in the greatest harmony with people born under their own number 3, or by the numbers 6 and 9. How happy, «successful», they have to wear the color purple or purple, shades of mauve. A dab of color should always be with them, and in the room in which they live. All shades of blue, crimson and pink are also favorable for them, but it's the secondary color for the people of the number 3. Lucky stone for them — amethyst. They should always have it with you and, if possible, to wear on the body.

Born under the number 3: Lincoln, Churchill, Kipling, Darwin, Mark Twain, Mendelssohn, Voltaire, Peter 1, Stalin.

The number 4

The number 4 symbolizes the planet Uranus. It is believed that Uranus is associated with the sun, which represents the number 1, and the occult symbol of Uranus is written as «4-1.» People of 4 have features that differentiate them from the rest of the character. It seems that they consider all things and events for all the opposite point of view. In its deliberations, they always tend to take the opposite position, which is always formed around any opposition. In this they are cashing in a large number of secret enemies who constantly work against them.

For them, it is natural to begin to consider its proposed things or events from the opposite point of view to others. They instinctively rebel against any rules and regulations and if they can not act on its own, reverse the order of things, even in the public and government sectors. Often rebel against the official authorities and establish new rules and regulations, both in private and in public life. And pulls them in all kinds of reforms, and, being quite stable in their views, they are very hard to make concessions and agreements.

To the people of the number 4 includes all those born on the 4th, 13th, 22th or 31st of any month. Most clearly expressed their inherent individuality if they were born in the zodiac during the «Sun and Moon», namely, between June 21 and July 20-27 (Lunar period) and from July 21 through August (the period of the Sun). Not that the people of the number 4 easily find friends. But most of them are attracted to people born under the signs of the numbers 1, 2, 7 and 8. They are rarely as lucky in business and undertakings framework of people born under the signs of the other numbers. As a rule, they are more or less indifferent to the issues of accumulation conditions. If they get the money, and they are usually surprised by all manner of application and the benefits that are on this.

They should try to carry out their plans and ideas in those days, which corresponds to the number of them, namely the 4th, 13th, 22th or 31st of the month, but especially if these days fall on their 'strong period ": from June 21 to July 20-27, and from 21 July to late August. Weekdays most happy," lucky «for them — Saturday, Sunday and Monday, especially when these days have» their «number or the same as the something from harmonious with it — 1, 2 or 7.

The main drawback of these people is that they are too stiff and too sensitive. They are easily vulnerable to their feelings and tend to feel lonely and abandoned, almost always fall into depression and melancholy, if not successful. As a rule, they can be very few real friends, but in relation to the little that they have, they are very loyal and attached. However, they tend to side with the loser in all matters and disputes, which are themselves involved.

As happy colors they should wear the so-called „penumbra“ or halftones, and color of the „electric“. Most of them are suitable electric blue and all shades of gray. Their lucky stone — sapphire, light or dark, they should wear it directly on the body.

Born under the number 4: Byron, Faraday, Bacon, Daudet, Conan Doyle, Kant, Schubert and Wagner.

The number 5

The number 5 in the occult symbol of the planet Mercury in all of its characteristics is variable, not constant, movable. To the people of 5 are those who were born on the 5th, 14th, 23rd of any month, but their characteristics are especially pronounced if they were born in the so-called „period of 5“ — from May 21 to 20-27 of June and from August 21 to September 20-27.

Number 5 people easily make friends and get along well with people born floor signs in almost all other numbers, but the best of friends for them — those who are born under their own number 5. Number 5 people constantly in a state of spiritual tension. They live on their nerves and seems also looking for a reason for excitement. They are quick in thought and in the decisions that are impulsive in their actions, they hate any long and hard work, it is natural for them to try to „make money fast“. They have a keen sense for money, extracted by means of creativity and new ideas. They are natural-born players, speculators and, as a rule, always willing to take risks in all matters for which they are taken.

These people are amazingly flexible. The most severe impacts are recovering surprisingly quickly, it seems nothing can Davletov over them 'for a long time. Like their symbol — the mercury that predsgvlyaet Mercury stroke of fate did not leave any marks on their character. If they are good people, you will remain the same if the bad — all the sermons of the world will not have the slightest effect on them.

People are the number 5 should strive to implement their plans and ideas in those days, on which the number of their own, ie 5 th, 14 th or 23 th of any month, but especially when these dates fall in the „period of 5.“

Days of the week, the most favorable for them — Wednesday and Friday, especially if they have „their“ number.

The main drawback of these people is that they are often harassed by the nervous system to the point when they get to nervous, „disruptions in the worst manifestations, and under the influence of the slightest pressure can easily lose their temper, irritable, unable to tolerate other people's shortcomings. Their lucky colors — all shades of light gray, white, and all the shiny materials. Because they are easy to agree with people born under any numbers, they can wear all shades of any color, but they are best for bright colors and they should try to wear dark colors as little as possible. Their lucky stone — a diamond or diamond, as they are happy ala all the shiny things. They should all finish with platinum or silver and, if possible, wear-products iz.platiny diamond directly on the body.
Born under the number 5: Shakespeare, Fahrenheit, Karl Marx, Mesmer, Richelieu, Talleyrand, Eisenhower, Einstein.

Number 6

Number 6 in the occult symbol of Venus. To people having 6 as its sign under which they were born, are all born of the 6th, 15th or 24th of any month, but special effect number 6 has on their life if they were born in the period called “the house of 6», namely from April 20 to May 20-27 and from September 21 to October 20-27. As a rule, all the people of a charming six vrezvychayno. They attract other people, are loved, and often cause worship the standing below them. They are very tough to implement their plans and can seem relentless and stubborn, except in cases where they are imbued with deep devotion, in which case they become the slaves of those whom they love.

Number 6 people are more prone to so-called «mother» and not sensual love, although it is thought that Venus has a great influence on them. — They seek out romance and perfect in all his affections, but in some cases they are very true the intended qualities of Venus 

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