Free book of magic

free book of magic&&The spoken word — it is a bird released from the cells of the heart — so vividly expressed east so our desire to speak with loved ones. Book — the Garden of Eden, where you can see birds of rare beauty. At any moment, you just need to reach out and get it you need a book, a novel, a collection of poems. Maybe you need a magic book for free? Maybe you seduce not only beauty, but also the wisdom of these mysterious birds, the ancient sages, for example, did not share the wisdom and beauty. Penetrate the mystery person or an entire civilization, learn to read the secret signs of destiny, anticipate, predict, confront and come out on top — this is, hence, to live. And although not yet possible to be born at once and experienced, and insightful, and wise — all this takes time.

But there is a magic book that can be read right now, in fact, you've already opened it and — this is our site. Now, line by line, page by page, you'll have to join the knowledge and experience of generations, you dive into the world, seeing it not only outside, but inside, its complexity, all of its internal communications, comprehend the mechanism of interaction.

Magic book to read

It would be nice, of course, have a magic book. Even very large, even huge, but that it was all right, everything. You open content're finger down — found, opened and read the text, and of using, depending on the situation. Yes, here's the problem — there is no book, magical knowledge, grain, scattered a great many pages and pages for a variety of books, but the books are not on the same bookshelf, and not even in a bookcase. Different languages, different countries, different times — unfortunately, it is impossible to gather all the knowledge under one cover. More precisely, it was not until the global information network — the Internet.

A lot of people are working hard to organize information you like, to translate from one language to another, making it available in electronic form. Well, this time, the beloved and familiar book, modified, but now it is no longer possible to hide in the trunk, lay rags and close to the castle — the book escape to freedom. Let the electronic page, but they are still pages that you can read all their myriad, and everyone can find exactly what they need.

& And this is all in full measure to the magic. What exactly are you looking for? Ancient, Slavic, Chinese, Egyptian, Indian, modern? White, black, love, and energy? The magic of the earth, grass, fire, finally, the magic word? Amulets, talismans, rituals? All here, all in one place.&

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