How to call a good spirit?

It is believed that a person comes to the evil spirits. However, it is not. Good spirits come to us at least, and maybe more evil.Good spirits are on different calls, they talk openly with us. They can come when a person is awake or come to him in a dream, to answer the question with which he turned to him.

In order to bring the spirit, first, you need to prepare for it yourself

Second, prepare the external environment according to the called spirit. It is necessary that the magician for a time was prepared with regard to religion in this great mystery. He must confess, outwardly and inwardly repent and cleaned daily washing of holy water. During all this time he must be chaste, to refrain from a very calm spirit, as far as possible away from the domestic and social affairs. He should pray as he finds it necessary, daily, sunrise to sunset in a place where there are invocations.

While wearing the sacred vestments of pure linen, he turns to seven times daily to God and the angels to sin, as stated above. The number of days of preparation and exercise usually equals a lunar month, other Kabbalists hold forty period.

For those who intend to do the evocation, we note that we must first choose a suitable property, decent, closed, isolated from any noise and no one has visited. This can be a cave, a canopy, a crossroads, a swamp, a garden, an island. Magician and his assistants are in a row, saying the psalms and prayers. The first student holds the censer, and the second — the book, the third — pen, ink, and smoking, and a fourth — a pot of coals. Or it could be home. Conjure him and sanctify, and then arrange it located east of the altar or table covered with a white, blank canvas. On each side it should be on two consecrated wax candles, forced to burn all the surgery. In the middle of the altar lay a sacred contract, which we continue to say, it is covered with a shroud or a clean cloth, which will remain closed until the end of the term. Right there, nearby, kept pure and holy smoke oil for anointing oil, and then, and more needs to be consecrated. Incense burner is placed at the top of the altar. After its lighting and blessing of flame and incense must renew every day in prayer. Clothing should be long out of pure linen, covered front and back.

Worn on the head band of white linen in the form of a miter. Front it should have a gold or gold-plated plate with the name of Tetragrammaton. All this should be sanctified and blessed by a known ritual. In this sacred place you can enter only after a bath, clothed in the garments and barefoot. Upon entering, it is necessary to sprinkle themselves with holy water, kindle on the altar of incense, then got up on his knees before the altar, we must pray as mentioned earlier.

Preparation period ending on the last day should be held to a strict regime. The next day on an empty stomach, at sunrise, it is necessary to enter the holy place, observing the rituals described. First — to sprinkle, then — fumigate, anoint your eyes and forehead crosswise consecrated oil, and at the end, all bless. You can then open the sacred table and, kneeling before the altar — to pray.

After graduating from the invocation of angels, those who wish to come, should be released after the decent and favorable reception.

The table is designed to bring a good spirit, sometimes produced from a known metal or a new soft wax suitable form and color. Or, if it is a charter, it must be clean and with decent color.

How to call good spirit

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External shape should be rectangular, round or triangular, according to indications of numbers. It fit the divine names as major and minor.

In the middle of the table is drawn hexagon, which is depicted in the name and signature of the planet or the main spirit under management is called a good spirit. Placed around the hexagon as pentagrams as we call spirits. If only one call, then we should not represent less than four pentagons, which is inscribed the name of the spirit or spirits with signatures.

This table should be during the waxing moon, the day and the hour assigned to the spirit. If in this case we will call upon the favorable planet, the result will be even better. Table prepared in such a way must be consecrated at the following rule. Such tables are devoted to the challenges of the good spirits of any discharge. We can be a way specific tables, adapted to a spirit, according to the rules laid down for drawing pantacles saints.
Now we give another way, more lightweight.

A person who wishes to obtain a good prediction of the spirit, must be clean, sober and before confession. With access to the clean and bright room, covered (pasted) around a white canvas, in the resurrection on the Moon Mage should enter in this room in a clean white clothes for his blessings and curses. It is necessary to outline the scope, taking this hallowed coal, write at the edge of the circle the names of angels, and on average — the highest names of God, the four cardinal put incense to perfume. Then, when fasting, we must enter into this circle, after a bath, and, standing in the eastern part, the right to read a psalm.

Thus it is necessary to burn incense, and at the end of the holy angels plead name to honor, educate and discover what they want to know. So it should arrive within six days, being an empty stomach and after daily ablutions. On the seventh day, the Sabbath, as fasting and bathing, to enter the circle, pokadit, consecrated oil to anoint the forehead above the eyes, hands and footprints on my knees, say the same hymn to the divine angelic names. After that, getting to his feet, start walking from east to west in the circle until you feel dizzy and fall within the circle. Then you go into ecstasy, in which should be a person who will usher you want.

In the circle corresponding to the four corners of the earth should stand four consecrated lamp, and the fire shall burn all week. You also need to fast — abstain from all food, drink only pure water. Each time, going in a circle, it is necessary to have a gold plate on his forehead with the name Tetragrammaton.

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