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service magic&&The services required include Magic diagnosis problems with which the magician selects the magical effect to help man to solve his problem. Of course, prior to any ritual, the whole situation to diagnose the presence of a variety of factors — such as the risk, for example. It is the initial and indispensable step, because diagnosis problem makes it clear what action should be taken to address it. Sometimes it happens that the man went to the magician, who in turn helped him to understand himself, and then to the client becomes aware that he is at this stage he can cope, since the inner belief and strength of mind — it is more than half the battle. That is halfway covered, and then begin serious work already with the original wishes, and that person turned to the magician.

Service Magic

The most basic thing that you log in to the magic — a diagnostic work being conducted at the beginning. It takes place in two positions.

The first — an information diagnostics. It is projected for the future of the situation, card guessing the next six months, and identify favorable living moments and vice versa.

Second — it Energodiagnostika. Central to this diagnosis is fine-tuning the energy level, the definition of any effects on the fate and the situation in general.

When you combine this position gives the most accurate prediction of the future and the present, and the future direction for the favorable course of life situations. But all of these predictions are close to a total of eighty percent, which did not a few.

What other services are magic, that can offer you magicians and wizards: the plot for your favorite person, setting up in a relationship, aiming damage, any kind of protection, freedom from alcoholism and drug addiction, and much, much more.

The magic of love — it's a huge range of services have magic, which are vast. How many of mankind, the same love and magic. After all, the feeling of love — one of the most powerful and enjoyable, which is based on the person. The feeling is natural and pristine clean, it's easy to injure. Love — is an everlasting covenant, faithfulness, gentleness, grace and holy feeling now. And then you need to treat with great tenderness to the feeling of love, thus giving him development. And since love is in the heart of man, in the very depths of the human soul, and any actions should be approached with extreme caution. Hurry meaningless and fraught with bad consequences, it is necessary patience and understanding.

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