Grey magic

Grey magicThe only relevant combination of the words «black» and «magician» — a history of Middle-lands in four volumes. In other cases, like the phrase is some reaction, akin, allergic. And along with this, there are competent people who say so — Grey Magic. And besides, they say, claim to know the meaning of the phrase, and when someone casts doubt begin to weave some verbal lace, where mixed magic sound of all colors, and of course, most often commemorated gray magic. But still, what are we talking about?

As part of the black magic might do good — as a philosophical category, using white magic, perhaps engender evil, again, as a category, because both concepts are relative and depend on the level of perception of events. Attach these magical destinations — resented in a single energy field, which is fraught with a critical shift in balance. And it's not gray magic — so say its theorists and practitioners. And they argue that the magic, it's something completely different, which is still not there. And with this, they claim, perhaps, is to agree.

Grey Magic

First of all, the magic of the colors include inadvertently create a magical design, that is, the person is not a magician, in the threshold state of mind is able to bring together the will and energy, and thus create something good or something evil. But then it becomes a magical spark in the switch, the room filled with natural gas, while the violation of safety rules during repair work on the pipeline. To create this effect, scientific direction, simply spending time, effort and money.

Second, under the direction of this magical sum philosophical tenet of Confucianism, that thing or event, you can have good and bad, so judge it from one point incorrectly. Forgetting that in Confucianism there such things as meditation and non-action, as one of the main states of the true fan of Confucius, while gray magicians are some proactive, using the magic of the right and left, but as if unintentionally.

Maybe gray magic generated by the contemporary world, where the human will, his personal understanding of good and evil is corrected concepts of morality and tolerance, which, in turn, formed the laws of society. Public postulate that «everyone has the right to ...» leads to the fact that the most comfortable life for those who simply obeys. In that case, there is magic and magicians, who, on the one hand does not take responsibility for their actions, but in this case, and the magical practice not refuse.

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