Rowan - wood druids

Rowan - wood druidsRowan time immemorial authorizing the magical and healing properties. Our ancestors believed that the dashing and witchcraft bypass house, near which grows rowan tree. Its scarlet berries convened at current grouse and grouse, and mountain ash tinctures and decoctions and still widely used in folk medicine.
Interestingly, in Norse mythology, the god of mountain ash is associated with Thor. There is a story about a curious and sly god Loki took the goddess Freya's falcon feathers, decided to fly into the yard to the giant Heirred.

However Heirred saw that under the guise of a falcon hiding Loki, locked him in a trunk and three months starved. Then set free, but with one condition — that he tempt him Torah without its defensive attributes — gloves, a belt of strength and Staff. Loki did it, but to «visit» Thor decided to visit the giantess Grid that, fearing treachery Heirred, lent their Torah gloves, belt, and staff ...
Heading to Heirred, Thor came to the river Vimur the greatest of all rivers in the world. Using a belt of strength, he got to the middle, but he noticed that the water was coming, and very quickly, and that he was to the shoulders in the water ...

Flooding was blamed Heirred daughter, who was standing on the rocks and watched as Thor fights abyss. Picking up a stone from the river bed, God threw him into a young giantess, making the dam. After this, he soon found himself at the beach and to get out, grabbed a branch of mountain ash.
So the Scandinavians came saying «Rowan — saving Torah.» In fact, rowan helped not only the Torah, but to pull over to a belt of strength Loki seems to tremble with its own betrayal and its consequences… In addition, the Norse beliefs, Rowan is a symbol and reflection of the necklace of Freya, the beloved of the god Odin ...
This tree, according to popular belief, can order your life, make it reasonable, healthy start. Envy and damage will bypass a house, near which grows rowan.

Especially valued so-called «flying rowan». This tree, grown from seeds dropped by birds. Most often, it is growing on the mountain, on the wall or roof of the house, and sometimes in the other tree. According to the inhabitants of Scandinavia, mountain ash bat — the most powerful amulet against evil forces.
For example, going on a road in the dark, it is necessary to chew a rowan berries. Otherwise, evil spirits can bewitch the traveler and prevent him to move. Protects from mountain ash and flying devil. And she has a wonderful ability to specify the hidden treasures. To do this, cut the twilight rowan twigs ...

Druids worshiped sacred rowan tree, arranged in honor of her first tenday festival in May and September. And in Russia the national consciousness has preserved for us for two holiday in honor of the mountain ash. The first — the so-called «Ash Day» since the arrival of Christianity called the Day of the Holy Cross. Celebration of his fall in May, usually on the third or 13th number. In olden day it was decided to make a home armfuls of rowan branches.

There are regions in Russia, where it survived the pagan holiday «Ash birthday.» The first time he mentioned at the end of plowing, revealed when the leaves of mountain ash. After sowing celebrated flowering ash, and in the fall, when the ripened mountain ash, celebrated the New Year — as you know, he used to coincide with the harvest ...
The last time Ash festival was celebrated in the winter, when the berries become hard and sweet, really mature. This marked the preparations for the new crop year. Thus, «Ash birthday» celebrated four times a year. With the advent of Christianity, the celebration were accompanied by the ringing of bells, which was called the mountain ash.

By the way, the priests do not mind this pagan rite, but rather recommended first baptized Christians make crosses of rowan tree.

As for the healing qualities of mountain ash, everything comes into play — and fruit, and bark, and leaves, and buds… And the fruits are picked after the first frost, and the crust — or in the dead of winter, when it is considered that the tree is asleep, or spring.
Rowan usually use as a general tonic. It is indispensable for anemia, exhaustion, nervous diseases, is good as a diaphoretic and laxative. Rowan leaf juice cures dysentery, berries help high blood pressure, treat rheumatism, gout, urolithiasis. Rowan strengthens immunity, improves vision, helps with liver diseases. For those who want a natural way and without risk to health to reduce weight, is to drink a decoction of the ash.

Associated with mountain ash and national signs. Thus, it is believed that if the leaves turned yellow early, expect a cold winter. If the tree bloomed late, autumn is dry and warm. If Rowan lot, autumn cold fall, most likely, rainy… «Ash» will be considered by the people some of the faithful.

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