Do angels exist?

Do angels exist?&&Wonders and more. Footprints of Angels

Every day more and more difficult to atheists claim that religious faith is blind, is generated by the fantasies of ignorant people with no scientific evidence. Actually received and confirm trudnoosporimy.

Manifestations of being angels and demons, the souls of men, and other aspects of the invisible world were fixed… technical resources that are considered impartial, and therefore so loved materialists.

& & & & & & & & & & & & & & & & & & & & & & & & & & & & & & &What is the weight soul?

The first scientific evidence of the existence of the soul have been received over a hundred years ago. So, Dr. Duncan MacDougall of Haverhill American city of the state of Massachusetts in 1906, had a number of unusual experiments. It came from the simple assumption that the weight of the body is less than after it leaves the soul.

In his clinic, Dr. McDougall has built a special bed, which was a huge scale with high sensitivity. He was laying on the bed patients in dying stages. Observed mainly tuberculosis patients, which at that time could not cure. In the dying hours they were in a state of immobility — so nothing prevented ideal work balance.

As expected the researcher at the time of death was recorded weight loss. In one patient it was 12 to 45 grams! Reducing weight at death shows that of the people took something light, the ability to separate and soar above it.

The air that came out of the lungs weighed a thousand times smaller. What has separated from the body of the deceased? Experience all the religions of the world shows that it was a delicate matter, the associated non-material soul at the moment of leaving the matter rough.

The experiments have complied with all the requirements of science. He was expelled judgment: this finding did not affect the views and beliefs of the experimenters. And most importantly, these experiments can be repeated and verified in other clinics, and which was subsequently done. The results were confirmed.

The results of his experiments, Dr. MacDougall first published in periodicals, and then in scientific journals. For example, in the journal American Medicine, he wrote: «According to our hypothesis, the proof of the existence of matter associated with the soul, is the necessary prerequisite for the assumption of the continuation of life after physical death of individuality.»

Thus, the study of Duncan McDougall became the first scientific evidence of the existence of the soul. More than a hundred years have passed since then, such evidence has been much. And it became clear that the belief in the existence of the soul — it is not someone's imagination, but a reflection of reality, the existence of which shows global experience and modern science.

The cross on the heart

Two friends arrived at the Trinity-Sergius Lavra and night saw the roof of the building on two bright glowing ball each — about two meters in diameter. One man took a cell phone and was going to shoot, and the other wanted to call the fire department. But for some reason, did not start the fire.

One of the ball, all remained in place. And the second was to be very unusual. Suddenly, he fell into the roof and began to descend deeper into the house, to pass freely through the slab, as if they were not made of reinforced concrete, and from the air. Amazingly, the ball, dive into the house, seen through the walls. Outside, you could see how he overcame the loft upstairs and stood under it. Pausing a moment on the third floor, the ball just was determined to climb up, left the house and soared above him.

So, one ball was still on the roof, and the other was flying higher and higher. Who shot and had to watch for that, and the other. It is unfortunate that most of the time he was shooting low, fixed ball, only occasionally lifting the lens up. Because there, high, something began to happen quite incredible. Fireball split into two parts, each of them took shape of a human body in a luminous white robe. These two luminous beings solemnly raised to the sky…

Commenting on the video clip, a military journalist — Lieutenant Colonel Yuri kitten, who became an unwitting witness to what he saw and shot a short film about him — claimed that they were angels. Their ascension over the house was so beautiful, majestic and happy conclusion that the officer is not in doubt.

However, most of all I was struck by the scientific background of the event. When the angels ascended to heaven around their bodies were visible luminous shell spherical shape with the size of twice the size of the body. The most prominent (or thick) shell appeared overhead. They were kind of pinned down to them. Revealed by witnesses angels were surrounded by the thin cloth, which interacted with air. Occurred, as the scientists say, the informal experiment that no one (at least, of the people) is not organized, it happened as if by itself. As a result, the angels were recorded on a set of images. These pictures and their dynamics can explore experts…

However, I must warn you that this is an extremely important matter. It can be very dangerous to humans, unless it is under the protection of the Church, does not lead an Orthodox lifestyle. Scientists should alert some dark entities that are scattered in all directions from the house when it sank luminous angels.

Yuri Kitten confidently say that this is the devils. They were big, the size of the window, and moved too quickly: the birds do not fly… So if scientists will conduct research film without prayer and spiritual blessings, the face of a hostile force. Then they will not find it (not exaggerating). I know scientists who have suffered (some were killed), engaged in such research without gaining spiritual protection.

But why Colonel kitten so sure that the mobile phone is able to remove the appearance of angels and demons?… Pilgrims who have seen a miracle, went to an Orthodox priest and told him what had happened. He advised them to go to the house and find out who lives in the apartment down to the glowing ball. It turned out that there lived a very devout and pious woman. Seen pilgrims came after her death. So it is likely that instead of a fire they managed to pull off a mobile phone for the soul of the coming of the righteous angels.

The fate of the military journalist Yuri kitten. When asked about the meaning applied to them in the heart of the Orthodox Cross tattoos, an officer said on three occasions in his life. They persuaded the colonel of the truth of our Orthodox faith.

The first case — a meeting with her mother Eugene Rodionov, who under torture and threat of death did not take off a cross. The militants cut off his head, and his mother has long sought his son's body in the Caucasus, lying at the feet of «warlords», suffered terrible abuse and still found the remains of Zhenya and buried him in his homeland.

The second case — the meeting on the mountain road Orthodox pilgrims with militants. They stopped the bus and ordered everyone to pull off a cross. Most pilgrims did — their crosses thrown into the abyss with scornful words: «This is what is your faith.» But some of the crosses are not removed, and did not shoot them. The bandits released all. After this pilgrims looked into each others eyes, and most importantly — the «eyes» of their conscience?…

And the third story — it's what we've been told. Filmed on a mobile phone of angels for the soul of the righteous helped Yuri kitten finally believe in the reality of the other world, the existence of God and the soul, in the transition after a person's death to eternal life — unless, of course, he wanted to her.

For the sake of blessed eternity stands to suffer any meal in my life time! Because military journalist is realistic to get the rebels and tortured, Yuri Kitty advance to prepare for this — did a great tattoo on the heart of the Cross, «that the decisive moment is not broke, do not give up.» A cross can rip and throw it away, but this Cross — only to pull together with the heart.

What else need proof of the existence of the soul and the angels, if their vision is so strengthened the faith of the person that he is ready to give life for her? Do not sacrifice their lives for the sake of fantasy.

Angels sing «Cherubim»

Until then came the technique! Type in the Internet «Singing Angels on Athos» — and you actually hear. Angels singing. Now this case calmly discuss on television priests and laity.

But this did not happen immediately. Having a huge audience of media disinformation tried suppress the news, and many would not have known anything about it if it were not for the Orthodox media. Thanks to them, the event caused a lively discussion among inchurched people.

And the news this concept: a thousand years the congregation had to believe in the word of eyewitnesses, Vouchsafe to hear angelic singing — and now he may be willing to listen to all, because it is… written on tape. And to define their attitude to unearthly phenomenon.

The plot is simple: a pilgrim came to Athos. At night, he left the hotel, I saw the light in the near the temple, and coming closer, he heard coming from the open windows singing. The servant of God has decided that there is a divine service, but found that the doors of the church closed. Then he looked through the window and saw… the angels! Winged «people» dressed in white began Cherubic Hymn. Shocked pilgrims ran to the hotel, grabbed his tape recorder, he returned to the window and recorded the end of angels singing.

What happened next is in the movie «Singing Angels on Mount Athos» does not tell: is attentive listening to the song of the angels and full discussion. Master of Theology Archpriest Dmitry Predein explains why angels «not dopeli» Cherubic. They stopped on the verse, «the life-giving Trinity Trisagion Hymn pripevayusche ...». And then had to go to the words: «Every now put aside worldly care.» But angels have no worldly cares, they do not need to delay them. And the absence of these words in the Cherubic Hymn confirms that it really angels sang.

However, the parties did not attempt to confirm the reality of writing angelic singing. For them it was not in doubt. They discussed other issues. Could come in the form of demons and angels sing the Cherubic?

Father Dmitry talked about the perfidy of the evil one, which may take the form of angels, to deceive the people. Creating the illusion they want to destroy us. Those who are seduced by them, fell into relaxation — mental and physical, and some even died. But what is the devils perform the canonical church singing? After doing so, they would confirm the truth of the foundations of Orthodoxy. But if they were singing something new, heretical, urging us to take it…

Father Dmitry explained that church singing requires exalted state of mind, which is not the devil. Their «music» — this cacophony. Therefore the demons completely unable to sing the Cherubic and any other church song.

But why would the angels sang to the man and gave himself to record on tape? It's superior beings, they control people's behavior, and if a pilgrim, not knowing why, recorded their songs, so it was necessary for them. Angels do not do anything in this world for a reason.

Archpriest Dmitry Predein explained that Greece is now in the process of secularization of church culture: it is adapted to worldly standards. In particular, the introduced «Partes», when the melody is divided into parties that perform different voices. In Russia, the process began over two hundred years ago. A Greece longest Orthodox countries stood on the ancient Byzantine chant. And, according to her father, Dmitry, people have shown that «the angels is more convenient and maybe even more enjoyable,» perform church services is ancient Byzantine chant.

Master of Theology does not draw any conclusions, but it is, in my opinion, is obvious. People who want to save souls, to emulate the angels. And when they sing, as in ancient times, so as to do and contemporaries. This is not just «nice», but salvation to people.

… When I listened to the tape recording, I have no doubt about what the angels sing it, although before I had never heard of them. Like the voice of women or boys, but the singing is such power, as if sung by men. And most importantly — an extraordinary joy, the great triumph, ineffable bliss, sounding to these voices. People do not sing. Such delight is only in heaven, where no worldly cares where angels see and praise God.

Let «briskly believers» pilgrim blamed for the fact that he dared to write the voices of angels, without any blessings. I repeat, this was possible only because they allowed it to him.

Wandering around in the dark, fell into sin, we suddenly saw the light and got the good news of a better world. The news that he really exists, that life is beautiful, and we can get there, if we listen to our older brothers — the mentors of the angelic world.

They show us a different world with their light, their singing, their shining images.

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