Tibetan talisman, Tibetan amulet

Tibetan talisman, Tibetan amuletPart of every human culture — the magic. It occurs before the society formed orderly religious systems. Further, if the religion does not deny the magic, they exist in parallel if the same religion denies magical practices, the latest move to semi-legal status. That is, there is in the form of amulets (talismans), and various conspiracies charms. Tibetan talisman (amulet), rather, mascots, like Tibetan magic, there are parallel. Moreover, they are part of the religious culture, their manufacture and use of the monks themselves.

The first Tibetan talisman (amulet), or one of the first, was a metal charm. As a rule, it was a raw piece of «celestial metal», that is, meteorites. It was believed that these stones can not be processed mascots, they should be used is in the form in which they fell to the ground, because it is a gift of the gods. With their help, the gods made it clear to people that they are a huge part of the world, which is much bigger than the planet Earth, and that in addition to people, there are other creatures that people will have to exist in this world.

Tibetan amulet, Tibetan talismanTibetan talisman. Tibetan amulet

Some Tibetan amulet (talisman) eventually became part of the teaching of Feng Shui, and safely used in the device of office space and human habitation.

The most powerful talisman(amulet) which can be seen on clothing, and household items, is an image of the syllable OM, according to the beliefs, it is with such a sound universe began to exist. Wearing such a talisman allows human inner energy to become a full part of the universal energy. This talisman protects a person from external forces and also, protects from bad thoughts and bad deeds.

 It should be noted that in addition to individual amulet, there are several sets. They can be used together or individually, depending on the desire or need. This so-called «eight good character», which includes: an umbrella, a pair of goldfish, the precious vase, a lotus flower, sink endless knot, the banner of victory and the gold wheel. Each of these characters has its own meaning, and taken together, they just represent the integrity of human life.

Over time, some of the items that were part of the Tibetan culture just entered the magical practices of other countries, other cultures. Thus, it is necessary for every practitioner magician, no matter what kind of magic he does is «printing Tibetan monks.» It normalizes the energy fields around people, especially after the creation of the magical designs. Allows you to quickly restore power, reduces the quality of the master negative, and vice versa, strengthens, makes leading his positive qualities.

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