time for magic rituals

time for magic ritualsTo magic ritual went to maximum effect, all matters and used accessories and ritual objects, and time of the ceremony. Traditionally magicians used the lunar cycle, knowing him, you can properly calculate a favorable or unfavorable for the rituals. Moon phases, to some extent affect the living things that inhabit our planet, according to the position of the moon changes, and energy.

Practice shows that the work of magic best on the growing moon, this period is also favorable for the beginning of any enterprise, regardless of whether they are related to business or personal life, the magic or creativity. Also on the growing moon useful to engage in normal everyday chores, including repair, or begin construction.

Any good magician, of course, must be wristwatch (and the more professional magician, the better, ______, for example). Why? Because of all the rites and rituals directly penetrated the times, and how dates back to the people, depends on its relationship with the energy flows, as well. Especially important for magical events are 24 hours, when the moon is the most complete, the most vivid. It is important not to miss this point, if you want to concentrate all our efforts on something. All the rituals to attract money, love spell will be successful in this day.

In these same day effectively helps to get rid of damage and removing the evil eye, negative energy helps drive element itself. Each planet is, in principle, on any given day has the greatest impact on us. Given the influence of the planets, and the time of day and the position of stars in the sky, mages can significantly increase the energy applied to the different rites, improving the result.

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