Magic and sex life

Magic and sex lifeMagic and sex life are closely related, and there are practical explanation. During contact men and women is a powerful exchange of energy, and on how well things work depends health partners, and family relationships. It is believed that sexual energy can help a person to achieve certain goals.
Every woman has a magical gift. If you learn to use it properly, you can achieve a lot, almost no effort. Charm — the word itself contains within its «charm», that is, women's attractiveness is based on the original magic.
Love is associated with the invisible forces all religions and teachings, including Feng Shui. If you crave to find your soul mate, but happiness does not find you, do not worry, everything can be fixed. To achieve the objective to increase the area of the house of love. Where is it located? It's simple. From the main entrance to the apartment you need to go to the end of the house, to the right and will be the same «love» zone.

The bedroom should be placed so as to approach it can be on both sides, be sure to clear the room of all the things that even remotely, but reminiscent of the previous novels, and hobbies. You should also get rid of items that are associated with loneliness or are his symbols. For a time, before there is a significant other, get rid of portraits where you are alone, as well as other images of individual objects.

Can repel happiness and a surplus of female energy in your home. What is it? This is when the house is full of all kinds of perfumes, cosmetics and jewelry, and almost nothing that could interest men. From the bedroom you want to remove all the things that, somehow, prevent amorous pleasures. This is the TV, PC, and various exercise machines and other items that have nothing to do with love or sex. In the area of love to get rid of sharp and prickly subjects, from cacti and the corners of furniture.

Now that belongs in the bedroom. Are paired items best symbols of loyalty and love (doves, swans). The Mirror put two candles, set the steam tables on the sides of the bed on them — the lamp. One bowl is not suitable, but the two — well, one statuette — bad, but two — is permissible.

If you already have a partner, but you lack passion and tenderness in the relationship, add to the design of the room red. Slightly lift the brightness and tone of aggression help peach or pink tones. With the colors that you put in your bedroom, you have to be very careful — flowering plants means the many women in your partner.

Arrange the bed comfortable, now sold comfortable and affordable mattresses, beautiful linens. Mirrors is also important to exercise extreme caution: do not place them so that mirrors the marriage bed. Do not let the bedroom debris, dirt, change linens and restore order as often as possible — so you get rid of negative energy.

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