Fear of astral travel

Fear of astral projectProbably all heard the phrase «astral body», but not everyone knows what it means. Astral body — the human body is an energy, also known as emotional. It carries our essence, emotions and characteristics of our nature.
Astral travel — is unbeaten until the end of technology, though sometimes beyond human understanding and perception. Not surprisingly, they cause fear. Would I go back there? That I was waiting for you? What if I die there ...
Science says that during astral travel ego man is in his astral body, and he is able to realize it. The main difference between the astral body is insensitive to pain and nonsusceptibility ailments.

Traveling, not everyone is able to see his astral body, and those who see — perceive it differently. This may be part of the consciousness, which moves in space or, for example a sphere enclosing a man
How does this happen?
Astral body leaves the physical aura by passing through the forehead, which is also known as the glabella. Return through the occipital region. But people seem to like the emotional body rises above the physical and he will also be returned.
What is it?
Do not be afraid, because there are only a copy of the physical world. Developing your abilities, you will be able to travel to different worlds, different from ours, with its laws and orders.


Certainly, the issue of concern to all. While in the astral world, your physical body is in a state of rest, however, remains on the alert. Response to any threat to the physical world will be immediately — you will return to your physical body immediately. Even emotional instability astral can bring you back.

Can the death?
Do not worry, your astral body is invulnerable, so die out of the physical body is not possible.
Get rid of your fears and get positive emotions, in my astral worlds. Believe me, you will get even more than expected.

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