Not take photos of your reflection in the mirror!

Not take photos of your reflection in the mirror!Can i make a picture in the mirror?
Sometimes you need to quickly make your own photo. But the house is unoccupied, and time is short. And then many are proven method — photographed his reflection in the mirror. So what? Convenient! You can «play» with the face a few times to change clothes and the image as a whole.

In this case, few people think about the energy component of this action. Because what is a mirror? We used to think that it is a regular piece of glass covered with amalgam and black paint. But it is the visible side of the subject. Like any other thing, the mirror has its own energy. But it is very complicated. Even physicists call unexplored multilayer mirror structure. They make sure that the mirror is not only a reflection layer, and a host of other layers that can perform different functions.

Only with the development of science began to study the physics of a mirror. Their unique features are widely used in space technology, astronomy, and some industries. Science makes a first discoveries about the amazing and intriguing properties of mirrors. What are alone Kozyrev mirrors, capable of «send» human time travel and the universe!

First evaluate the mysterious power mirrors could mysticism. Wizards, witches, psychics used mirrors since their introduction. So it is no surprise that today they have successfully used them in their practices and know exactly what you can do with the help of mirrors, but from what should be abandoned.

Most mystics strongly believe that looking in the mirror should be as little as possible. Especially when it comes to antique mirrors, strangers, set in public places. Mirrors inherent ability to «remember» all that was reflected in them for the duration of their existence. Stored «in memory» mirror information can have an impact on the person who looks into it. If the person photographed his reflection, he may at the energy level to connect yourself with any information, which is currently the mirror «was pleased» to remember. For example, a beautiful blond girl makes your photo and the memory mirror «reminds» him of another blonde beauty, who was looking at him earlier and constantly complaining about fate. The energy level is the superposition of two images, two destinies, which merge in the photo.

Any mirror who witnesses quarrels, crimes and tragedies, injuries, keeps the memory of those events and accidents people. Making pictures, people at risk to pull some of this information and store it on your own photos, with all the ensuing consequences.

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