How to catch the bride's bouquet

bouquet  brides& How to catch the bride's bouquet
There is such a sign — if you are caught in an abandoned bride wedding bouquet, in the year certainly marry.

It sometimes happens that the flowers themselves literally fly in hand, and long-awaited event and it does not. What's the matter?

This sign refers to the category of mystical. But, as is often the case with mysticism, people know only a «piece» of the action, but that it must be preceded and how to deal with the trapped bunch, are few.

So, you're at a wedding and the moment when the bride is going to throw the bouquet. Each of the participants in this exciting time to perform a few simple steps. The bride should not look back and see where there are friends. It should just warn you that throws the bouquet. Throw it straight to his back. Women applying for this bouquet, the bride should sit, but not crowded, and free.

And now the most important thing. You can not leave his seat in an effort to catch the bridal bouquet — he should fall into the hands of the girl who is waiting for marriage in the near future. It is in this mystery of the ritual, when higher power points to the next bride. Of course, a bouquet can fly to a place where none of the girls will not appear. Alas, this means that they are not destined to marry within a year, and later.

But here's bunch got to you. What's next? The flowers should be kept for a year. First, you can put a bunch of water, and when the flowers begin to fade — to make him a bunch of dry and leave to stand in a vase without water. Of course, it will lose its appeal, so it can be put in a safe place where it will not always catch the eye.

Throw this bouquet can be just one day before your wedding that will definitely happen within a year from the time, as the bride's bouquet was in your hands.

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