Wedding dresses: superstitions and traditions

Wedding dresses: superstitions and traditions&&Wedding dress takes pride of first place in the bride's wedding dress. According to ancient tradition is what to wear to the wedding dress of any color other than white, it is not a good sign for the bride, which promises an unhappy family life, because that's what the white color is a symbol of innocence and purity. According to some other customs, blue and pink dress can be worn safely.
Creating your own wedding dress for a very serious matter, as any wrong move could presage a great calamity. Some old superstitions claim that you can not try on the wedding dress before the wedding. But, if the bride is trying on her dress before the wedding, it should not look at myself in the full length mirror. In our time, the bride to try on the dress before the wedding. But there is one way around this is superstition. The bride can try on her wedding dress, but not the whole outfit.

You can, for example, do not wear gloves or shoes and superstition no longer valid. Another superstition which portends misfortune is that if the groom sees his bride in a wedding dress before the wedding. This means treason in the joint, married life.

Their preference of wedding dresses, brides should pay well silk material. Because Satin lead to failure, velvet — to poverty in the future. Under no circumstances should dress should not be stained with blood. Also not that it was a copy of someone else's dress. Do not choose a dress with a picture of grapes or a bird. Signs of happiness — do not zip up the last zipper in a dress until the last moment of the ceremony. Also a good sign — to invest in a shoe bride coin, it can ensure the future prosperity. There is a sign pointing to sew a bride in a dress a few of their hairs.

The finishing touches are the attire for the bride veil and bouquet. The bride should remember that before the wedding she can not try on a veil and gown together. Veil worn as a talisman to hide the beauty of the bride from evil spirits before the process of the wedding. After all the evil spirits can influence the decision of the bride on her way to church. Veil should not be folded up until the wedding ceremony is over. Wedding Bouquet is a symbol of fertility and sexuality. It is usually associated with happy ribbons on the bouquet.

Choose a wedding dress — it's very interesting procedure. No less interesting selection of accessories to it: veils, shoes, gloves. It is very important for the bride, especially the young, the view of her mother. In the world there are many superstitions on the subject of manufacturing, fitting and wearing wedding dresses. Although, nowadays many people are superstitious, is to listen to some age-old traditions that will help make your wedding even more happy. And do not believe that there are people who do not want a little more luck on their wedding day?

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