Magical dedication. Magical consecration

magical dedicationIn all ancient religions practiced magical initiation. And now this ritual is not less important. Kind of dedication to go through every single mage.

The word initiation literally means «dedication», «entering into something.» Any person known some initiation ceremonies. For example, in Christianity, is the rite of baptism, in Islam — circumcision. This ordinance symbolizes human faith, for the birth of his own religion. Magical initiation is significantly different from these rituals, but is roughly the same function. Initiating a magician — a way to get an ally or another force. But also has the dedication and several important aspects. First, the initiation — it is a conscious act, which says that a person deliberately takes the path of magic. Secondly, it is a test for the latter-day magician. On its concentration, will power, on the course of the ceremony will depend very much in his future life. Third, magical initiation discipline man, makes him part of something big and important. After initiation of the magic is no longer a hobby hobby, a way to achieve some personal goals. Fourthly, the dedication — is a complex challenge that can take advantage of with not everyone.

Most mages recognize that each of them need a few initiations. Everything mentioned above is true for the first initiation, the initiation itself. But in life will be even more dedications that mark milestones in the development of magical abilities, describe how the person was able to grow spiritually, to hone their skills. Each new initiation — a celebration of the transition of the magician in a new, higher, level of development.

 Each school has its own magic, honed over many generations, the rite of initiation. If the magician is a loner who does not belong to any of the existing schools, he chooses the ceremony, which is closer to his heart. For example, in Indian schools of magic Kalaripayyat initiation is born magician. Before the ceremony the one who will be initiated, maintains a strict fast in order to kill the will of the flesh, to cope with them. Then in the very day and hour of initiation teacher and two of his best students for a long time beat and humiliate the initiate. This is in order to quell the negative human emotions: pain, hurt, fear, and humiliation. During the first part of the ritual, the adept bound with ropes, so he can not resist. Itself initiate understands how useless can be a physical body, it is just a couple entwine ropes. After that, the student must give their agreement or disagreement, to become a member of the magic school Kalaripayyat. If so, he gets to try the special concoctions of herbs from three different cups, one of which represents the Good, the other — Evil, the third — a special way. That broth that does not cause disgust initiate must drink to the end. Only after the Master has the right to tell him which way to his new apprentice, and helpers at this point remove the ropes and pick a style member schools up. Initiation rite ends with the adept help wear traditional Indian costume: a sari for women and dhoti for boys.
This is just one example of the initiation. But they are many. For example, in fairy tales or myths of the world's people, we often find a description of the rite of initiation. Just about the most famous magical initiation rite for the residents of the European countries is «Faust» by Goethe. Mephistopheles and Faust is knowledge transfer, but before that require the execution of certain actions. But this is a simplified description of the initiation.
Any magic initiation involves direct contact adept with one or more spirits during the ceremony. Very often, the novice at the time of its «birth» to the world of magic sees precisely the entity that will help him all the time. In other words, thin body image of the invisible bond and gains strength over the years. During the initiation of human energy structures undergo a series of irreversible changes.

In Tibetan monasteries initiation involves several stages. First is the long training, severe restrictions in routine life, many prayers. For a certain amount of time a student is sent to a kind of limbo. Deep underground, built stone bags — casemates, the entrance to which for a long time walling. Through a tiny window students pass the rice and water. Last days before on the future monks do not eat, so they are in a deep state of trance. At this point, their spirit travels the subtle worlds, looking for a unique way. A man is in contact with the spirits, communicating with them. Typically, these tests lasted forty days. If the student passed the test and stayed sane, he is honored to meet with Lama, who will determine the future path the student, as well as a profession, he should devote his life. Usually, the latter-day monk Lama tells what career he will, what tests will meet on the way.

Any magic initiation involves «baptism» magician new name, which would be in the world of essences. It only needs to know the name of it (in some cases, the name selects a teacher who, therefore, also knows the new name). The name should describe the new magician to be his friends, and eventually become a family. The fact that the name is not known to anyone, creates an additional level of protection. That's why magicians who were initiation ceremonies are substantially independent of damage, they can not jinx it.

Magical consecration — is not only a sacred ritual, it is also a celebration of the body and the spirit. Usually initiation rite ends a great celebration. Adept altar decorated with flowers and plants, brings gifts to entities that appeared to him at the time of initiation. His community covers rich table in its spiritual tradition, honors and praises the new member.

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