magical weather control

magical weather control&&Many answers to this question in the negative, because, if such is possible, we would have already lived in the climatic paradise and harvested a bumper crop. At first glance, everything is logical, but in reality, a clear answer to this question is still no.

What to do when the Indian monsoon season, on which the entire crop, and begins to go? To the aid of the Hindu Brahmins, who are beginning to cause rain with ancient Vedic rituals.

Take, for example, a simpler but no less vital issue as predicting the weather. As you know, modern meteorological services can not predict the weather up to a month, much less a year.

And all because of the variety of factors that determine the weather in the area, is in a state of dynamic equilibrium, and determine how and where it will shift the balance is often impossible. This situation can be compared to a sharpened pencil, put to the edge. Can you indicate which way it will fall? Of course not. With weather forecasts are often the same.

However, again, a matter of common sense, this balance can easily be sent to, pushing a pencil. Similarly, and with the weather. For example, if we say the sky with clouds, there is a very real possibility to group them in the clouds and send in the right direction with the help of magic. However, if the court of bad weather caused by prolonged cyclone, then «make» dry and clear weather is very, very problematic.

Weather control easier to manage it at critical moments, when there is not a clear sky, no tiresome rain. In practical occultism it is either the individual with access to a transcendent reality, or organized group of ordinary people who are not psychic. In these cases, most often used methods of associative magic. For example, in order to make it rain, splashing around the water, and to stop the boring rain — lit bonfires around or throw hot ash and embers.

But this is not enough, and the whole ceremony, usually accompanied by ritual chants, prayers, mantras, dance and a variety of treatments that have sacred character — as a reference to a deity or to a variety of spirits. In other words, a person or community is not just mechanically reproduces the order of the sacred, but also live it, feel it, and deeply believes in the power of the rite.

Historical experience shows that this kind of technique for centuries have tribes that are on a lower stage of development in different parts of the world — in Australia and Oceania, Africa and South America. European culture with its dismissive and arrogant attitude to all this magical ability for the most part lost, and her own only a few of the living psychics.

Arkady Vyatkin
Abnormal News № 13 (589) 2012

Rainmaking Old Believers Baikal

The summer calendar Believers Transbaikalia important element is the ceremonial ritual rainmaking. Consisting of several structure-stages, ritual can be performed at different time intervals, depending on the weather.

Ritual requested heavenly moisture carried both complex and the parts can be played throughout the hot period. Materials research expeditions 90s can agree with the G.V.Lyubimovoy «the desire to give occasional rainmaking ceremonies scheduled preventive-character calendar by assigning them for specific dates of the national calendar» (3, p.58). Part of the ritual is performed on Preplavlenie, when the older generation goes to pray to the cross with the icons (which is not only a Christian holiday, but also spontaneously during a severe drought): «Today Preplavlenie we had, we went to pray to the Cross» (West of Ivaylovskoy SS 1941g.r., p. Desyatnikov Tarbagatajsky District, 2000).

Crosses have Semeiskie as cemeteries, located on high ground (prayer / svyaschenodeystviya on mountains or hills — a tradition that goes from the time of worship of pagan gods, in particular, Perun, «dispose of» heavenly moisture).

Ivan Travnik rainmaking ritual performed as a set, and in the way the regulation is observed age: the older generation — visits the cemetery where the graves of watering and / or aircrafts (this process has no strict temporal fix «And Kupalu sweated before, when drought goes hosed. then poured grandmother went Cemetery „(West of Leonova MP, born in 1934, p. Nikolskoye Mukhorshibirskiy District, 2000)), youth — drenched, bathes the children — squirting / hosed and perform zaklichki. In midsummer polyfunctionality water element is the diversity of rituals that involve water. Used its protective properties when facing temporary rule of evil spirits with holy water sprinkled yard, outbuildings. A ritual bath / douche sometimes used not only in the context of imitative magic, but also as a form of purification “after binge koldovok.»

Ritual evocation of heavenly water and swimming is to Ilina day. The fact that the surface water from Midsummer to Ilina days most suited to bathing (in the same strict standards can swim only in this time period: «Previously to Ivan not swim and was strictly — from Ivan to Elijah — swimming» (Rec. of Varfolomeyeva AM, 1928g.r., p. Nikolskoye Mukhorshibirskiy District, 2000)) due to the mythopoetic concepts of the water element and the temporal interval. The reason that you can not swim after Elijah, in one embodiment, written in c. Nikolsky Mukhorshibirskiy district, is: «I know that my grandmother used to say:» I came Ilya and can not swim, have antlers wet. "" (West of Leonova MP, 1934g.r.).

In the image of the ban appears deer, found in a ritual game Semeiskie marked FF Bolnevym in the winter calendar. The parallels in the major solar cycles are not accidental, since the deer — being correlated with the sun. Solar symbolism of the animal, in the opinion of the Golan, is associated with a myth, dating back to more ancient than the Bronze Age of the fact «that the sun moves across the sky on the horns of a wonderful deer being chased by a pit, by the end of the day overtakes the deer, why is the sunset and the night „(1, p. 39). Lowered into the water antlers symbolize cessation year solar activity, therefore, is limited and swimming (apparently some of the sources are from the time restrictions of sun worship, as totem).

Sacredness of the temporal interval (calendar holidays are usually associated with important agricultural periods, which in turn is based on solar and lunar rhythms), facilitates communication with the ancestors, which may affect the sending of the rain. At the highest level of communication, which may “direct» appeal to the otherworldly forces are coming «intermediaries» between the world of the dead and the earth — old playing in the process of communicating with the dead in the Old Faith traditions a special role for the entire calendar cycle (eg, elderly people usually served in the days of parental liver and / or money).

In times of drought actional side ceremony — watering graves, walking on the mountain, and so on; verbal component — prayers for rain, an appeal to the ancestors and to hristiaskim saint for help (lamentations, sayings) are made by the older generation. Pagan miroosoznanie (please ancestors send down blessings) — modern life Believers Transbaikalia.

In the dry summer of 2000 Semeiskie Tarbagatajsky, Mukhorshibirskiy and other regions of Buryatia requested life-giving water for their fields and gardens. In some cases, a request addressed to the newly deceased (optional calendar confinement): «She's dead — came, and was buried — there was no» Fenya Mr. Duck you'll make sure we send you must exceed, not for our sake, for the sake of babies "" (West of Kravtsova A., born in 1929, p. Nikolskoye Mukhorshibirskiy District, 2000).

The dead man, who went into the category of ancestors immediately after death, can affect the life on earth and processes occurring in it. The structure of small genres, in particular saying, the image (in particular, the image of the deceased), accessed by sender — is the foundation of the narrative, in the future construction of the formula used ceremonial folklore. Most commonly used in the ritual rainmaking small folk forms, where the significance of each word having zagovornye potency. Folk-word — a special category, «that stores and updating cultural memory» (5, p. 64), included in the ritual field it «gets kind of reality, as it materializes — narrator character and risks triggering events described in the product (or deliberately it does) „(5, p.66).

Word is endowed properties fideistic communication, interpersonal communication opposite (sort of conversation with the other world). Causing heavenly moisture mediator uses verbal text, the ability to activate the powers of heaven and earth, hence affecting the deep layers of the human mind, keeping the archaic symbolism. In small folk forms combined sign systems with Christian and pagan semantic levels.

The petition to the Prophet Elijah — Religious symbols mirouporyadochennosti present archaic image of the Mother of damp earth (“help damp earth mother» (3, p. 58)). Desire umilostlivit its revelation moisture arises from the view of the earth as personified first mother of all life, giving food for their children. Modern views of Old Believers of Buryatia, as people are directly associated with this element, depending on its fertility, the land is still among the most important values.

NA Mironov, Shapovalov (based on the 90 years of the 20 th century)

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