As the soul chooses the conditions of birth

As the soul chooses the conditions of birth&&Selection conditions for the birth does not depend only on the future of the child. Both the child and the parents are involved in deciding when and where it will appear in this world. Specific state of mind of parents attracts a certain type of soul, and vice versa — a certain type of soul chooses a certain parent.

Karma operates correctly

For example, if someone robbed the bank, then this is the karmic law, and not subject to another bank robbery. As well as karma dictates who will be in the bank during the robbery. All these events will be painted by the minute according to the karma of all those involved in the process.

You may ask, «Does this mean that I deliberately wanted to be the father of a child with multiple physical disabilities?» Optional. This may mean that you need to experience this situation, taking the role of parent for your spiritual growth.

And this particular child needed such incapacity and it is such a parent, you have to climb to the next step of development. All these conditions are thought over.

In addition to the efforts of the prospective parents and the child, who chooses the appropriate conditions for the impending birth, there is another factor.

The soul can not take care of herself, where she embodied. There are certain higher forces that act on behalf of the Lord. They arrange everything in this world.

These forces control the physical features of the future of the body: the shape of the nose, eye color, hair, and body type, and everything to do with it: our parents' nationality, their gene pool and much more.

Working with what we might call the karmic board, they are arranged in the shape it in such a way that a certain soul was honored by it kind of birth.

All this — part of the experience, which the soul has chosen for itself, attracted consciousness certain parents.

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