Congratulations in advance man on his birthday

congratulations in advance man on his birthdayAccording to some experts, premature congratulations, but if they do, and not one to cause the head to receive congratulations «high negative», which later transformed into the terrible suffering and misery.

A person who has received the preliminary greetings, maybe in a year and a half to lose a significant amount of public money. Or play them in an underground casino. Or go down to the girls from the night club, ill though a bad «French» disease.

The person who received birthday greetings on February 8 at the time, like a birthday in his March 11, could develop chickenpox or involuntary, and, rain.

It can be beaten, two broken ribs and knock out all his front teeth, and then his wife Claudia Tuganov sudden sleep with neighbor Samuel Natanovich and she will tell her husband about it, grinning and blowing smoke in his toothless mouth.

But that is small change. Man can not advance Happy Birthday, because such can not happen. No greetings and birthday. That is, a person can die, having a birthday, most of that day never came.

Not only that, the reason for the hasty demise of the unfortunate bind it with your premature congratulation. Start gossip, talk, and ultimately responsible person dies on the eve of his birthday will be you.

— Here is the killer, then — will point finger at you relatives of the deceased.
A young nephew of the deceased in the Lord will break you two edges and knock out all his front teeth.

That's the story can happen, and, simply because life likes to throw up these little things to men. By law, meanness, so to speak.

Of course, we live in the 21st century. We have become accustomed to nothing surprising, and the corpse in our entrance with front teeth knocked out in us will not cause much surprise or strong feelings. We just pereshagnem through it and move on. But somewhere in the depths of our consciousness lives something that will turn us back if we crossing the road a black cat.

This is something we did not make to celebrate its 40th anniversary and congratulate workmate or relative's birthday early.

Of course, all this is superstition, which, in principle, should not be ignored. Yet we pay. So, just in case ...

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