Diamonds from favorite

Diamonds from favorite&&Mankind has come up with more and more amazing things, and — not surprising in terms of technology, but in terms of stunning callousness of new discoveries. Well, freezing bodies of relatives in anticipation of the coming «recovery» is no surprise. As grown in the garden of a tree with a «graft» cells dear departed. Now in vogue wearing gone to another world lovers on your finger or around the neck — to whom it goes. No, not in the form of dried heart or woven from the hair of the dead man necklaces. Of dead now do… diamonds!
Old bones — new stones

Create artificial diamonds, scientists have learned in the 1950's of the last century. Actually, finding that at the heart of the jewel — regular carbon, people guessed that the «prepare» a diamond is quite easy: burn something down, and prepared the foundation for a «girls best friend.» But the brilliant idea to turn into gems deceased relatives guessed not too long ago in Chicago. And who would doubt it? — Business in America is booming. Subsidiaries of the company that offers customers perpetuate «dear and unforgettable» in stone, already opened in 164 U.S. cities. Fashion diamond from a funeral captured millions of Americans. Yet — as elegant! You show finger girlfriend — look, Maggie! This is my ex. And this is — played with stones in her ears — her father and mother. But, take note, the diamond medallions of your grandmother… Lovely!

Of course, such «subtle» fun are not cheap. And at first, the company lifted prices LifeGem so that the people began to be indignant: how so? We did, in fact, give them raw stones. Why so expensive? The company has reduced the prices of their products. But anyway — the smallest (in the quarter carats) gem of a loved one will cost in 2095 dollars!

Latest inventions of LifeGem — a special service for those who were born too late: that is his family buried in those primitive times, when there were available so fantastic creature comforts. Nothing! Do not cry! Unearth your pokoynichki from their bones are obtained stones just as good «straight from the tin!» — Say resourceful businessmen. And exhuming! And relatives are invited to attend the procedure — that really is no doubt about the authenticity of jewelry did not arise. The same goes for a host of animals — many are turning to the Company to make jewelery from the corpses of pet dogs, cats, birds and hamsters.
No limit to the beautiful

Managers of the company LifeGem justified: «Bury man in America with all the traditional rites of today is an average of about 6000 dollars. Normal cremation — about a thousand. So why do we have to do a tremendous gift of a unique job? „And then, every other American who has lost a relative, according to the polls, concerned about the issue:“ What to do with the ashes? „And then we recycle it, and besides, make of it The ornate, and you can order at your leisure — a rare blue stone or diamond with a reddish tint. How long have you been in the jewelry store “Tiffany»? Saw there prices? Well, what are you talking?

So much so, that their bodies to produce diamond steel bequeath — contract of you can do after the death of five, six or even eight of diamonds. Can immediately make a necklace that your spouse — that is, by the time the inconsolable widow — will be worn around the neck, and remember moments of family happiness. Yes, yes, very elegant gift today is such a contract, brought his wife's birthday. This can be understood as follows: dear, now I can not (or do not want) to spend on a diamond necklace a lot of money, but how to die — you get the coveted decoration in the most exquisite setting. I do not know about you, but my wife would have had a stroke, if I even think give her a «piece of themselves» in gold.

However, the Americans — they're different. They have no reflection on the subject. They are still children and bequeath these «heirloom» jewelry. However, a lot of them, and such irrepressible who do not wish to become a mass product. «No! — Says so original. — Do not want to be a diamond! It's corny! Soon everything will be worn on the fingers of their dead. But I'm willing to be… plate frisbee! „

You think I'm kidding? In any case, this is true story! Old Ed Headrick, the inventor of the popular plastic flying disc, died at the age of 78 years, the last will expressed it this way: I wish that I was molded in one of my articles. So what? And grandson of fun, and he is constantly in the open air!

Some cranks bequeathed his ashes mixed with paint and write her paintings that decorate the living room and then family. Others ask to send the ashes to the earth's orbit or on the moon. Most inventive bequeath walled themselves into artificial reefs to around until the end of scurrying beautiful exotic fish. But all this — the amateur. A stone from the dust — is the trend!
None of your business!

Incidentally, the name of the company — in Russian it sounds like “Phoenix: memorial diamonds.» This is no accident: the legend, the phoenix rising from the ashes. And in this case, it literally. From a scientific overtones: the scientist staff of the company may conduct physical and chemical analysis of the dust, to monitor the growth of diamond and its color. Well, you, of course, will be given a certificate which will indicate that the precious stone was once a person or a pet, not a piece of rock in the South African mines. Interestingly, for the production of a one-carat diamond is enough only 500 grams of ash, and «delivery» returned to the customer, not to think of his grandfather make jewelry to someone else.

The process of making jewelry from the dead, by the way, is not so simple — takes 4 weeks to 3 months. On request, the «diamond memory» can be labeled with the name of the deceased and the date of his death, which will be read only under a microscope. However, most clients of this service refused, reasoning as follows: «In the difficult circumstances you can always sell a diamond, although it is artificial, but it has its price, and who will take an ornament with the deceased grandmother or wife? Impractical! „

In Europe, the idea of Americans make jewelry out of the dust yet wary: the services of overseas companies have resorted only very large originals. And the Catholic Church grimly-restraint purses his lips all the same, it's interference in the natural history of Genesis and go, but on the other hand, why not wear his “unforgettable» — after memory?… Orthodox, Jewish and Muslim religious leaders clearly did not approve of the production of «blasphemous diamonds,» not least because it is a sin very procedure of cremation.

But in Japan, the invention of the Americans were enthusiastically. But this religion, perhaps, there is nothing. In this small country a long time no one was buried in the ground — it is not enough and alive. Cremation were almost one hundred percent of the dead, but the urn containing the ashes will soon have nowhere to put. So the idea that the ashes of the departed to the other world in stone that decorate relative — could not be more helpful. In Buddhism and Shintoism is no contradiction with this action — is still after rebirth after death, and human life as a precious stone can be quite decent step on the path to eternal bliss.

In short, the boom of funeral-diamond transformation is sweeping the globe: in 14 countries are already successfully operating branches of «Phoenix», the biggest — in Malaysia and Singapore. Thank God, Russia is not covered. For the Russian soul somehow it still is not human — wear a ring with the late grandmother…

Mikhail Suvorov

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