Women's magic

Cute witch, it is time to narrate to you about how you use magic in everyday life. It is important to realize that every thought and movement of a woman is magic. Her look — in the future. You know a lot and you can see ahead, but not rarely are conscious of it. We are able to see the other worlds. Therefore, we often cry, for no particular reason for men, weeping. We feel that our house will soon be anxiety, and we respond immediately, while for men, nothing has yet happened.
Dear men, reading this article, try to understand women. Find it harder than you. They do more. Try to support them when they are bad, because women always reciprocate, gratitude and love.

Down to business. Of great importance to anyone, and especially for women, is meditation in the morning. It can be a cup of tea in the morning, a prayer or a song. But it must necessarily take place without moving, on the spot, without anxiety and worry on the part. If you do not have time for meditation, get up earlier, but do not act absurdly, meditating on the run. Meditation awakens from a dream, introducing vivacious state, filling the ac power closer to the energy of the universe. If the wrong day to start, then everything goes downhill.
People often wonder how to increase their own power sensitivity? The answer is meditation. It must be remembered that the morning and evening meditation differ.

A second, but equally important aspect of a woman's life is hygiene. For many, this may seem obvious, but to write about it is worth. A woman should create around harmony, beauty and ladnost. The woman does best harmonize the environment. It makes no sense how old you are, whether you are 15 or 85, you always have to give presents to all the beauty and harmony. Home is in the morning washing. How you do this daily morning ritual, you decide. But always remember that water is also a body that trembles with the greatest honor, to help you, goddess, transformed, dear woman. Need washing up, to greet the water, gently asking your body to charge the health, beauty and vigor, because it is the most powerful element.
Of your home no one deserves to see you unkempt and unwashed. Washing not only cleanse the body of impurities physical. At night, we do astral travel, and return to his body in the morning, carry particles of the world. In his ocheredb they accumulate over time to get up in the morning is getting harder, harder to perform common employer's business. All of these symptoms will remove visualization purification of the spirit and energy. Is not it magic? And what to say about the song, performed in the shower? So people are meditating, thinking about it.

Careers for women is in the form of how to implement themselves in society. Woman is able to streamline all, and not infrequently it is not enough for the family of the total capacity of its disclosure. But if it falls apart a family, husband and children are hungry, a woman has the right to work. The first and most important duty of a woman is the family.
But many women do not work and in the affairs of the house can see the whole meaning of his life.

The following discussion focuses on the magic at home, we are creating every day. Is to maintain harmony in the house, no man will be able to create such e comfort and warmth in the home, as a woman. Dirt, crumbs and dust — it is not the only trash in our house. All the people who visit your home, including yourself household, leaving the energy waste. After some time, they accumulate and materialize in the trash, which drags the hostess with one loft to another. Go now and get 2 boxes. On one of them write to throw at someone else. First of all go to the living room. According to open all the cabinets, chests, dressers and shelves.
Pull out all the trash, accumulated there. Trash absorbs your home, you are forcing themselves out of it. In your home will not ever order, if you now do not go and do not throw everything at once! Once the box is full, that says to throw out, shake all over. Out of the box «to give» all things give to orphans, to the charity, or simply discard. Do not worry at the fact that things are a waste of gifts. For you should be important to the harmony in your home, and not passing offense.
Do not read on paper, if not in compliance with the previous point.

After all the physical stuff removed, I will teach you to get out properly. We need not only soap, water and a rag. In your opinion, why are our mothers and grandmothers always cleaned very day? You read in the dark evenings, when the light bulb? No, it is not about that at night can not see dirt. The secret is simple. In the morning and throughout the day the sun is shining, it nourishes us with his energy and forces to clean our house. Fire — also the elements, but is born from the Sun, not the matches. The second element of the air which we also need.

Open the window a little wider, ask Stribog clean your home from all kinds of mud. Next in line water. Ask, as well as for washing, to help clean up your homes. If there are flowers in the house, you need to ask the Earth to the growth and vitality of your plants. Elemental call before starting cleaning. Elementary cleaning will save your home from a variety of ailments. You can then proceed to a typical washing the floor., Dishes, vacuum cleaner. Do not get mad. As soon as you began to feel irritated, stop everything and go to the bathroom. Clear the dirt dumped on you, or you will not be able to continue to work productively. Type in a bucket of cold water and pour a powerful stream at a time on the water with one hand. Dial again and pour. Now you can begin to work on.

An important aspect of our life is to maintain the health of our loved ones and to improve it. We do this almost involuntarily.
Ladies, we'll have the greatest power that is sent to us by mothers and grandmothers. We often repeat certain magical practices, but they are not always aware of it. You must learn to search out more than the existence of physical objects.
You surely do certain things, they all knew, but did not fully thought about their full appointment. Each has its own wisdom. But there is a cardinal rule: do not make life a meaningless routine. Always try to think, dream and visualize!

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