Mage is a sculptor of your fate

The next question is — trust the people with whom you work.
I believe that the work to be a little «paranoid», be prepared for any
eventualities. On the other hand, requires a belief in people and the ability to inspire
them the confidence to be able to light the hearts of the people… Trust — not to trust in Magic
everything is so contradictory… But when you learn to understand the beauty in this
contradictions start to receive drive from that event-driven,
what improvise in life. But one of the most profound questions in Magic
and in life — the ability to clip attachment. Go to the pure mode, without
emotional clues. It is close to the Way, which is described in the East. Be
ready and avoid different coordinates. — I choose people values. I
longer focus solely on the educational level, the pool of projects and
so on. For me is very important ethical aspect. If I invite a colleague to
project, I have to know that I will not be ashamed of it, that it will not
destroy the client for the money, will not try to show off, but will be
achieve positive results with the client. What is a person who
is good and understands why and what he was doing… great importance I attach
ability to keep the secrets of magic and focus primarily on the interests of
client. It's a matter of pride and how much he is willing to be «under» the client to
to serve him and his interests, not their own ambitions. All the rest — diligence, curiosity, flexibility and high trainability. Responsibility and
Honesty above all to himself, and, as a consequence, to the client.
It's deep involvement in the work and focus on results. I do not spend training only because it booked I
offer the most effective solution to problems of clients — so sometimes
have discouraged customers from certain services if they do not
feasible. In our work, the Magician just need a deep and sober approach
to the diagnosis of the real, and not by client's problems, and it allows
achieve significant results. Consulting activity — it is a complicated
work on the interaction with strong people who do not really want
to admit their weaknesses. And one more thing. It is not always clear how
Consultant will be useful. You do not always know how it will affect you.
Since even a positive experience, not a panacea, and the guarantee that you
it will also help. Milk — a good product, but there are individual
milk intolerance. For example, I — a good consultant «in milk»
but for you I can do a disservice, not understanding your unique
condition. So the magician must be a good specialist for contraindications.
It can be a powerful and useful for two, five, ten customers, but you do it
can recommend something that will not work for you. It turns out that the Magician
is responsible for what he'll recommend. But! On the other hand, if
patient admits that he enzyme milk intolerance, then he is guilty
himself. And this is not always clear where and who hid how much information.
Now I'm working with a client. Client so
interesting behaves, he feels his inner weakness, inability to speak
«No» to the employees. They lead him to affect him, and he was tired of
that mess that has accumulated within the company, and can not change anything.
Even inviting Mages consultants, it remains under the influence of their employees,
who say that the company does not need to change anything. As a result, it can not
do anything. We can continue to offer our services, but they do not work
will not change the overall picture. Here, you need to start with the first person to work
with him and find a solid point of self-confidence that will allow them
withstand the impact of staff. If we continue to emphasize those
services that we originally proposed, we will lose. Each case is unique,
uniqueness of each client as an entity, so even when the magician holds techniques require accurate
setting for a particular case. For me it is very important customer trust and
the successful implementation of their expectations. I wish that there was a specific result.))
In this case, the client also requires a tremendous return, because sometimes you have to
rebuilding the entire customer management, and here the client should be
honest with yourself and take responsibility for the result itself.
And yet, every magician has his «graveyard of customers,» that's fine. So
Anyway, the way the Magician, yes indeed, every human individual — of trial and error. I will not conceal that I was just beginning to engage
Magic, I've had failures, and the main thing — to extract the «right experience» of
situation, analyze errors, suggest ways out of the problem
situation. Once in therapy I was taught: «A strong, even from therapist
his professional error creates a situation for the recovery client. „
Similarly, in the Magic. If the Wizards made a mistake, they should not be put to death for this,
this is life and really hard work. But if they are unwilling to fix it at their own expense,
here for it is executed.))) Here we come back to the topic of honesty
yourself… With the experience of errors becomes smaller, wider horizons, opportunities
There are times when
client behaves extremely unethical, I happen to come across. However, this
open dialogue, in some cases, customers do not pay for your work, not
Despite the fact that you did all right, just because they are used to free
Magicians use. After you another dozen other magicians will work on this
by world-wide,.))) It holds a Mage first free
Consulting, where he demonstrates his ability, and there is a certain community
Mages)) so that their colleagues use Wizards. Professional
community knows. And for the first meeting of the client can be determined,
especially if he says he has worked with many magicians, and no one
could not do it. It's like a psychoanalyst, when a patient comes in and says,
that was at the five doctors, and no one helped. This means that the person can not
tend to be treated, do not want to, he plays a game called psychotherapy. By the way
very dangerous game))) I eventually
I realized that the management company of Magicians — provides a view of the world first
face. All the distortions in society who are connected with the management
activity, system strategic view of society are, as a rule,
everything to do with his fears and blocks, and this will be reflected in the body of the client.
If a person has a tendency to suspicion, then society will be overloaded
Security Service. If the tendency to perfectionism “on banner» — cleaner
will wipe the floor five times. If the director — a lover to show off — all
will be in the «Potemkin villages». It is so interesting to see that I
get enormous pleasure)))) tracking all of these things: how the picture
the world in my head the first person brings to reality. When you manage to somehow
help people and begins to put things in order, you feel a tremendous
pleasure. You realize that you have to give energy to flow naturally
way. Generally it is a beautiful sight — how energy flows through the universe
individuals and through the structures they created, — their business, love, health
and how to open up the whole space… When
This from the head, and hence the whole company, there is a strong breaking ...))))
We Mages… very hard work. We — «killer» illusions. We open
man's eyes, he has a lot to rethink, he needs time to get through
pain, concentrate. However, despite the large number of illusions, people are very strong and firm. For that I am truly their
I love. They are very responsible, when they realize that they need to do, they
«Melted» itself. This enormous project. I really saw
«Squeak» brains. And it is important one similarity with the management consulting
psychotherapy. «The customer does not recover during the sessions, and in between.» All
inner transformation, a new awareness, a new attempt to apply a
life, everything that happens between meetings with Magus.

However, I would not use the word «breaking». One can
break in the bone, and you can go through the «acupuncture», when restructuring
is gently itself. I prefer a softer approach, although there are
tough enough Magee))). The main thing that people wanted and was willing to
to change. If he does not want or is not ready — it's become a fad, not
more. The result for me — to see the positive changes that
occur with the client. When after you have left bed of roses, and they bloom… it
just no words))))

But you can come to the result that, by affecting the
command to change the system without changing the first person, we can get a new
motivated team that gets up and goes to his head. Or
will manage more sophisticated because we pulled them, and he stayed on
the same level. If we train the personnel in control, no one bothers
his mirror image we apply these technologies to the owner,
mirror to move the situation to the owner, and start to manage it. It
dangerous situation, which is why we are starting to work, especially with
owners, and that they are paying the most attention.

It is a matter of professional community of Magicians, which
just beginning to clear the field from the accumulated «foam and spam.» Created
the impression that the choice of the Magician for the client — a game of roulette. How to find out how
see a professional in general and, we note, quite a bulk weight? Difficult. Very difficult. Field is so
trodden down, sometimes sad to talk about it. If before, having
letters of recommendation, we can handle them, but now we do, and customers
understand how to write these letters. A kind word, which for many
centuries, served as a guarantee, now unfortunately does not work. Credibility is undermined. Probably
need a live conversation with the client, which you provide services. And later
oversee it. If someone from the client wants to hire magician, he should
ask about previous projects — that the Magic did and how, what
Specific changes have occurred. It is difficult to forge and change. Clients with
have worked with Mage however, letters of recommendation is, it's good,
because there is, after all, the ability to call this person.

Another important point — Magician reputation in the community. One can
ask about the Mage at their own colleagues do not identify topics and the fact that the order. At the get-together
Professionals have respect for the Wizards. Conversely, even if the
colleagues understand that a person is behaving unprofessionally and unethically, no
shout it will not. But no hint will not do.
Many people can not
afford to have a professional magicians. Ie seminars in style «with Roma
Bears' end, and they will be required training, which lead to
The actual transformation. I remember the last couple of years. You come to training
and explains: „There came a time when you can begin to consciously
change ourselves, and training to help you. But it is important to work hard and make an effort
on yourself. “ Reaction: „Could you give us just tell us something interesting, and
why do we perform these tasks? “
People were overfed training that nothing davali.Poetomu
I guess that now customers will choose only those who are truly
can help those who perform specific tasks and achieve results. And these Magi
usually know about them and convey information by word of mouth. There is
consultants „Magee“))), who want to make money, but there are those who are willing to
assist customers in a difficult moment.The choice is yours

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