The attack on the brain in magic

This is true, but not quite. All inventions, except for television and computer brain, and there was a physical threat to human beings: a man pays for the increased speed of movement in the space of a high price. And is it harmless TV and computers?
The apartment is dim, the curtains lowered, muttering television, flashes of color image reflected in the mirror. In front of a child is three years old. He sits behind a barrier of special chair. However, he did so not going to move. He is chained to the TV, for a special program for children.
The book is also able to immerse people in the virtual space. We are transported into the world of Oliver Twist or Natasha, but it does not turn into slaves. We are free to think about the text, to postpone it for a while or even set aside an uninteresting book. The book leaves the reader free man, but only freedom of thought can ensure the health of the brain as «featherless biped.»
Golem technological progress could not destroy his creator physically, and he took up his psyche. The attack on the human brain is on all fronts. Music has become a noise aggression. Man, stunned, does not hear the neighbor does not hear himself. Suppose for a while, but it lacks the joys and sorrows of communication. Poor old soul fills the void roar, imitating the sound. Noise Poison kills brain child of Adam, moves it being in a crazy world where there is no trace of the voice of nature: the real music, singing birds, gurgling brook, waterfall noise… And most importantly — no human voice, and there is an iron howling beast.
Apparently, the man differs from animals by the fact that he is able to experiment on himself. It only seems that the basic material for experienced research scientists are mice, dogs or monkeys. No, and here the man sprawled on the bench, his mind is prepared, irradiated, transplanted… And he is under anesthesia, does not see this manipulation of scientific progress on its essence. And will not notice as long as the virtual space, as in the story Bradbury, will not the master of his brain, at his will and over his life, until the process is completed successfully launched raschelovechivaniya person. Well, the next stage of «technological progress» will miraculously survived the fire of the masterpieces of painting, cave and hand the baby with a smile of Mona Lisa. But it is in the best case.

Transient ischemic attack (TIA) — disorder of brain function due to a temporary loss of blood supply of the brain. Blood supply to the brain.
Blood gets to the brain via two pairs of large arteries of the carotid and vertebral. Carotid arteries bring blood from the heart to the front of the neck, and vertebral arteries

pass inside the spine and carry blood from the heart to the back of the neck. These large artery flow into the circle of other arteries, it is separated from the smaller arteries (branches), like the roads of the area. Branches carry blood to all parts of the brain.
The symptoms of a transient ischemic attack:
Transient ischemic attack develops suddenly and usually lasts from 2 to 30 minutes. In rare cases, it lasts for more than 1-2 hours (to the day). Symptoms vary depending on which part of the brain is deprived of blood and oxygen.
If the blocked artery, extending from the carotid artery, the person usually marked by blindness in one eye, or disorders of sensation and muscle weakness. If clogged arteries, which are branches of the vertebral arteries that feed the posteroinferior parts of the brain, the patient will experience dizziness, double vision and general weakness. But besides these symptoms can be other, for example:
• Loss of sensation or abnormal sensations in the arm, leg or on one side of the body
• weakness or paralysis of the arm, leg, or one side of the body
• partial loss of vision or hearing
• double vision
• dizziness
• slurred speech
• difficulty in finding the right word or its pronunciation
• failure to recognize parts of the body
• unusual movements
• loss of bladder control
• instability and falls
• Fainting

Although these symptoms are similar to symptoms of a stroke, they are temporary and reversible. However, transient ischemic attacks may be repeated from a few attacks during the day to two or three at intervals of several years. Approximately one third of patients with TIA stroke occurs. About half of these strokes occur within a year after a transient ischemic attack.
The causes of ischemic stroke.
In ischemic stroke, blockage can occur in any artery of the brain. For example, large cholesterol deposits (atheroma) may form in the carotid artery, dramatically reducing the blood flow: it recalls the passage of water through a clogged pipe.
This condition is dangerous because each carotid artery provides most of the blood-brain. In addition, the fatty substance (atheromatous mass) can break away from the wall of the carotid artery, the blood fall into a smaller artery and block it completely.

There are other reasons for blockage of the carotid and vertebral arteries and their branches. For example, a blood clot formed in the heart or in one of the valves, comes off (becoming emboli), is transferred through the arteries to the brain and settles there. The result is an embolic stroke (cerebral vascular emboli). These strokes are most common in people who have recently had heart surgery, and those with congenital malformations of the heart valves or heart rhythm disorders (especially atrial fibrillation). Occasionally cause a stroke can be a fat embolism. This occurs when the fracture of the bone into the blood stream gets fat from the bone marrow and form a set of emboli, which gradually accumulate in the arteries.

In addition, the stroke occurs due to narrowing of the blood vessels leading to the brain, resulting in inflammation and infection, and also because of the taking of drugs, such as cocaine and amphetamines.

A sudden drop in blood pressure dramatically reduces blood flow to the brain and cause fainting. However, if the reduction in blood pressure is severe and prolonged, it can lead to ischemic encephalopathy. This situation occurs, for example, the loss of large amounts of blood during surgery, trauma, infarction, with a sharp decrease or increase in heart rate and other arrhythmias.

Magic attack.
In some cases, the spirit of the deceased called to he attacked a man — to cause that person harm or force it into submission. In a Greco-Egyptian text is the next way to make a woman / man to obey authority magician. Magician makes an order. (In the brain, eyes, ears, mouth, hands, feet, abdomen, anus and genitals). This magical operation is similar in nature to the attack can be performed insulta.Magicheskaya magician, able to concentrate and focus their energy. After all, it is a magical power psychic energiya.Chtoby draw against enemy magic power are different rituals of violence and destruction.
To manage their energy, mage uses a variety of tools, such as a sword, a magic wand, pentagram, etc. Often the magician establishes communication with the victim, through photography, hair, nails, blood or clothing of the victim. Artificial connection can also be established using any subject related to the victim. Focusing hatred on the things belonging to victims, the magician sets a negative program object magic.

Critical role in magic attack is the concentration of will. In the world of the occult and magic willful attack can be carried out even through the eyes, because the eyes are very strong passions guide the attack — one of the commonly used methods of attack. Such attacks are usually carried out in a state of high excitement. You do not need to make special magical rites and manipulate objects.

Sometimes the energy is visualized as a ray directed at another person. Lyarvy (astral parasites) and elementals (lower spirits), living in the small space, are attracted to the flow of energy and have a magician to help. If you observe a «black position» (abstinence from meat and milk), the destructive force reaches its peak.

The typical way to psychic attack — attack by elementals. In occultism is that elementals can be created artificially, for one sole purpose, and then will be scattered. The power of imagination creates mental images-being, which may take the shape of animals and monsters, invisible to ordinary vision, but differ clairvoyant.

Entrained astral vortex, elementals are worn in space until they reach the victim. Psychic attack victim may feel an inexplicable fear, unpleasant odors, ominous sounds, fire and poltergeist phenomena, call («astral bell '), but more often it nightmares, there are diseases whose cause can not be determined by doctors.

Symptoms of magical attack is very similar to the signs of damage, — exhaustion, cramps, pain in the chest and abdomen, sexual weakness, fever with chills, swelling of the face, but there are not only physical, but also mental pain, hallucinations and mental disorders.

In general, the view of its impact on the human psychic energy attacks can range from the evil eye damage to cause death.

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