hallucinations&&The general perception in the young mind believed that drugs, especially the lungs, are not harmful — quite normal. Such a view is natural from the point of view of psychology: the person can find a thousand reasons to justify their desire to experience drug-free, even artificial.

Very strongly to this effect seems to help many hallucinogenic substances that are contained in certain mushrooms. Psilocybin — exactly the component that affects the brain outside the box.

Surprisingly, in the 21st century, scientists only guesses form a common picture of the consequences of the impact of these natural ingredients. Only through various tomography brain scientists gradually began to understand the neurobiological causes of hallucinations and other disorders of brain systems.

Various studies have shown that the main cause of the perceived world destructing picture is to suppress the active neurons in the brain that are involved in connecting other important receptor responsible for the different types of sense of reality: a sense of time, physical space, etc. Psilocybin largely insulates nerve cells in the of cingulate and prefrontal cortex.

Experience has also shown that the process is accompanied by hallucinations of a very productive blood oxygen saturation. The positive effects of psilocybin, also expressed by enhancing memory, which in the course of this narcotic substance revealed in full, as they say, the «program.» By the end of the experiment, scientists have learned that the memory in minutes «hallucinogenic flight» mind more than anything was open to the bright memory fragments caused by sensory experience.

In the depths of a scientific phenomenon like a hallucination, and was also studied by healthy 19 volunteers were placed in a special sensory deprivatsionnuyu camera that does not pass absolutely no information. After some time the brain of experimental obviously started to rebuild under new conditions. The absence of external stimuli, probably provoked people different hallucination sounds strange visual images, etc.

Simply put, a hallucination — this is what is only in the subjective world of the person, regardless of external stimuli. In contrast to the illusion, hallucination always appears under the pressure of internal mental properties of the person. The illusion of the same — a mix of real images with a fantasy person.

As you know, the process of a person's death is also accompanied by inhibition of neurons in the brain, causing in some cases border experiences: the tunnel, bright lights, etc. The analogy with the hallucination of life in many ways reveals the mechanisms of brain damage, but does not explain the natural laws of the brain chain reaction occurring in a single human soul substance.

In other words, I think that scientists do themselves at the mercy of «the usual reality», which is only one of billions of ways the brain perception of the objective world.

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