Arabic magic. Jin-Efreet, Marid, ghouls

Arabic magic. Jin-Efreet, Marid, ghoulsArabic magic

Arabian Peninsula, with its continuous steppes and deserts, and severe water stress, it is impossible to name suitable for agriculture. Most of the population nomads whose life is on the road from one oasis to another. Horse, camel caravan pulling bales, several satellites and a huge amount of time ... That's turned a fabulous Arabian magic.

Efreet, Marid, ghouls ... and in fact, all - gin, the second of three beings created by Allah. Jinnah omnipresent and Arabian magic, brim full of them. Some of them live in the air, others live under the ground, some more terrible for a man, others - less, but still, the genie - unreliable ally, and very dangerous companion. Decent person should avoid contact with them as fast as they could. But the magic to it and there is that a person can work with forces larger than its own, so much of the pre-Islamic Arabs was filled with magic, descriptions of how to keep control of the jinn, how to make a poisonous substance to help the man.

Arabic magic spells

Islam brutally suppressed pagan beliefs, causing scattered tribes to the one God and the Koran, but the age-old Arabian Magic won. Jinnah even penetrated in the Koran, Sura Naml ifrite talking about, the strongest of the Jinn. There were other interesting features of these creatures. First, they were mortal, just live much longer, rather than people. And they appeared on earth for a thousand years before man. They, first lived in Paradise, where, for disobedience were cast into Hell, but with cunning, got out and settled close to the people. In addition, the jinn bisexual, that is, there is their own, "privacy", in which a person does not have access. Marriages, quarrels, jealousy, love ... everything is the same as that of the people, only for a few thousand years. And, in the end, the jinn age and die. As among the people, among the jinn were those who took the Koran and followed his precepts, and there were those who refused. With the first still somehow could work together again, very carefully, and the latter have been a source of evil.

In fact, the story about those jinn and were filled with long passages of nomads. And any phenomenon or event, be it a tornado and desert storm, loss of things, and then they find a bug in the way, the differences between people, all without exception attributed to the intervention of numerous jinn who, by definition, did not like people.

Talking about Arabic magic can not pass without mentioning the Arabs love to all kinds of divination. Deciphering dreams, divination on the lines in the sand, to cast stones, the flight of birds, and of course, reading the Qur'an, with the interpretation of symbols or text fragments.

Islam, with its severity in morals and strict observance of the prescribed rituals, partly pushed magic genies. Koran directly forbade idolatry and paganism, and other serious penalties for violations, and she is indeed back, but not disappeared. They are still present in the home, and are guilty of most small troubles that happen to a man. But most of all genies moved into eastern folklore, perhaps, there is no fairy tale in the East, which would not have been present at least one genie.

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